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Dr. Conrad Murray

Asks Court

To Get Out of Jail

1/27/2012 3:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray has just filed legal docs asking a judge to release him from jail pending appeal.

Murray claims in his legal docs he has a legitimate basis to appeal his manslaughter conviction.  Among the grounds for appeal -- "improper exclusion of defense evidence and witnesses that resulted in violating the defendant's State and constitutional rights to due process, to present a defense and to the effective assistance of counsel."

Murray's lawyer also says, "He has exhausted virtually all of his available resources."

Murray is asking to be released on no bail pending the appeal.

If released, Murray says he plans to live with his baby mama Nicole Alvarez -- and would be willing to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet.

Murray says he would also seek employment to support his children -- though it's unclear what work that would entail ... considering his medical license has been unceremoniously revoked.

To illustrate his dire circumstances behind bars, Murray's lawyer says the ex-doctor is housed under "maximum security" conditions -- isolated in a solitary cell, and escorted around the jail facility with his hands chained to his waist.


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Delusional, Sociopath at it again. Just take your punishment and shut up already.

You put yourself in jail Connie, no one else did. You did this to yourself. Had you made a simple call to 911, maybe you would not be in the situation you are in. Had you just stayed in the room and monitored your patient, maybe you would not be in the situation you are in. Had you just simply not gotten so greedy and practiced the Voodoo medicine you practiced, maybe you would not be in the situation you are in. Had you gotten your patient to a sleep disorder Doctor like any other Doctor would have done, maybe you would not be in the situation you are in.

But you chose not to do any of this. You chose greed and fame over your duty as a Doctor. And now you are paying the price. Michael already paid his price by trusting a quack like you.

Nope, you need to stay behind bars where you cannot hurt anyone else with your Sociopathic ways. And that includes your poor kids that you could care less about anyway.

1002 days ago


He is someone that can actually be productive in society, though he can't be a doctor any more, there are other jobs that unlicensed doctors can get. He's not dangerous and not likely to flee. Besides, I think it would be punishment enough to have to live with that half wit Nicole Alvarez.

1002 days ago


Poor, poor Dr. Lazarus. Betraying and killing Michael while getting his money and friendship has exhausted him. Now he wants to live with one of his bitches in which he invested so much money.

1002 days ago


To those who think Michael Jackson got what he wanted, I say, let old Connie out and let him start a propofol drip on you then leave the room! Conrad Murray's RECKLESS actions regarding the administration of propofol in an inappropriate setting, hell, it would be criminal to administer it in a medical setting without the proper equipment. Keep his arrogant arse in jail, let Baby Mama use her "instrument" to get a job, his children are no more special than any other convicted felon's children that are hopefully being cared for by at least one responsible parent.

1002 days ago


If every criminal wrote a letter and got released, everyone would be screwed.

1002 days ago


STILL shows no remorse! Says it all.

1002 days ago



Conrat, just go sit quietly in you cell like other convicts and wait for your 4 years to slowly pass by.

1002 days ago


I thought of donkey sperm when I saw this story

1002 days ago


Hey UnWell

You miss me not being around or somethin? Coz everytime I look at a board you are there talkin crazy crap about MiMi.

Get over me already and move on.....

1002 days ago


OMG Conrad Murray is a whiny baby. Do your time; you were found guilty by a jury in a court of law. Wahhh. He's desperate and, therefore, dangerous. He would do anything for money ...

1002 days ago

Rainbow Heydrich    

LMFAO. Does he really think that's going to happen? Baka.

1002 days ago


Although many convicted felons are released pending appeal, I think Murray is a flight risk. Isn't he from Trinidad or something? What's the status of any extradition treaty with them? He has no reason to stay in this country, when he can split and work in a foreign country. He can always mail a child support check.

1002 days ago

Deborah O'Donnell    

What an insult to humanity and doctors everywhere! can't you just put him on death row for maximum stupidity? take your punishment like a man, and My god don't worry about your baby momma she has probably found another doctor to knock her up and provide for her maybe one with a MEDICAL LICENSE!

1002 days ago
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