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Dr. Conrad Murray

Asks Court

To Get Out of Jail

1/27/2012 3:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray has just filed legal docs asking a judge to release him from jail pending appeal.

Murray claims in his legal docs he has a legitimate basis to appeal his manslaughter conviction.  Among the grounds for appeal -- "improper exclusion of defense evidence and witnesses that resulted in violating the defendant's State and constitutional rights to due process, to present a defense and to the effective assistance of counsel."

Murray's lawyer also says, "He has exhausted virtually all of his available resources."

Murray is asking to be released on no bail pending the appeal.

If released, Murray says he plans to live with his baby mama Nicole Alvarez -- and would be willing to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet.

Murray says he would also seek employment to support his children -- though it's unclear what work that would entail ... considering his medical license has been unceremoniously revoked.

To illustrate his dire circumstances behind bars, Murray's lawyer says the ex-doctor is housed under "maximum security" conditions -- isolated in a solitary cell, and escorted around the jail facility with his hands chained to his waist.


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cry me a river. he is better off in there were people cannot hunt him down.

1000 days ago


Who are the 38% who feel the Dr. should be released? Do you think the Dr. didn't do anything wrong, really?

1000 days ago


There are no such witnesses and no such evidence. He was allowed to drag up Klein's Demerol prescriptions, and they turned out to be a no go. He elected to not take the witness stand himself. His own expert witnesses were driven into the ground by prosecution. It was clear to everyone that Michael could have died ANY night of the six weeks Murray gave him propofol.

What does he want to say that his lawyers didn't say? That in his opinion Michael was so unwell and unhappy - and yet he (Murray) refused to let him take a break from rehearsals when Ortega, the director, wanted it?

Murray is no scapegoat. If someone with the right knowledge and ethics and equipment had been in charge instead of Murray, Michael would still have been alive. Regardless of what his family did.

1000 days ago


I saw that someone mentioned that Snake Sneddon. That sorry excuse for a human being has crawled under a rock and hasn't come out since he retired. And especially since Michael's death. That man needs to be investigated for the bull**** that he did not only on Michael but on others.

1000 days ago


Very well said aston.

1000 days ago


Dr. Conrad Murray Wants Release From Jail While His Appeal Is Pending


1000 days ago


The doctor convicted of killing Michael Jackson has asked to be released from jail, pending an appeal that could take a year to be heard.

Dr Conrad Murray said in court papers filed in Los Angeles that he would agree to electronic monitoring or other conditions.

But he asked to be set free while he appeals his conviction for involuntary manslaughter of the singer's 2009 death.

Murray, 58, was sentenced to four years in November after a six-week trial. Witnesses testified that he was guilty of gross negligence for giving Jackson regular doses of the powerful anesthetic propofol as a sleep aid, and failing to monitor him.

According to his defence attorney on Friday, Murray is being held in a solitary cell and has his hands chained to his waist, or to a table, when he is allowed out.

Attorney J Michael Flanagan wrote in a declaration to Los Angeles Superior Court that Murray's sentence "is very severe" considering the cir***stances of the case.

Mr Flanagan wrote that Murray's conviction stemmed from "an unusual situation, a close friendship with Michael Jackson and a desire to assist him through a difficult situation. Dr Murray may have made wrong choices and not have exercised good medical judgment at times, but he never intended to injure anyone."

Murray, who pleaded not guilty and did not testify at his trial, said in the court filing that he had been told his appeal "will take well over a year before an opinion is rendered".

He asked for his request for release to be heard by the court on February 24.

Murray last month asked for a publicly funded lawyer because he could not fund his appeal himself.

He said in Friday's papers that he would try and find work to support his children if he was allowed out.

Jackson, 50, died in Los Angeles on June 25, 2009, from an overdose of propofol and sedatives just weeks before a series of planned comeback concerts.

1000 days ago


How many multiple personalites you got UnWell????

MIght want to seek professional help for that some time.


1000 days ago


I was afraid the judge might leave Murray grounds for appeal by not allowing certain defense testimony. I doubt it would have made a difference in the long-run, other than to slow the trial by a couple of days or a little more, but it might have saved the state the high cost of having to retry the case if the Court of Appeals grants Murray a new trial.

It's not just about the relatively short length of the sentence that is at stake for Murray -- it's his need to overturn the felony conviction in order to get his medical license back.

1000 days ago


from mimi..
Dr Conrad Murray said in court papers filed in Los Angeles that he would agree to electronic monitoring or other conditions..

oh good ...because he is is such a great bargaining position..LOL
when he gets out he will probably do another do***entary about the conditions in the county jail..
no hot baths, just showers ,no HBO,.... only vanilla ice cream..the horror of it

Flanagan must have tanked again when he came up with this crap..

1000 days ago


they wont be overturning anything for murray imo..
it doesnt matter if mj was broke stressed or what ever..he was supposed to MONITOR his patient at all times and broke so many countless standards of care that is was criminal..
the reason he is in jail is all his own doing..

1000 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...Hey should have thought about all of this before you signed on for the on earth do you think ANY human could survive what you did in a domestic bedroom????? ..lil lone a fragile exhausted drug addicted man????? grateful your able to walk with ur hands chained up in front of you...think about where your patients hands are tonite!!!!!!

1000 days ago

mac the knife    

really.. Moo-ray is such a wanker!!!

Judge Pastor is till presiding? he's mnot going anywhere.. unless it's the state pen..

Moo-ray is hard of hearing & understanding.. anyone with 2 bits in their heads will know-- after Pastor's closing statement.. he's just getting off.. & any 2 bit lawyer Mooray has now will just play him & keep his hopes up-- why should the lawyer care? he's getting paid regardless.. & jobs are tough nowadays!

1000 days ago
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