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Gerard Butler

'Who's Brandi Glanville?'

1/27/2012 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Gerard Butler really did have mind-blowing sex with "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Brandi Glanville -- as she proudly claims -- he doesn't remember it ... asking TMZ, "Who's Brandi Glanville?"

In case you didn't know ... Brandi -- Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife -- recently appeared on a talk show, announcing she once bumped uglies with Gerard for an entire week ... and it was so good, she rated him an 11 out of 10.

But either Butler has so much good sex, he can't remember every bangmates's name -- or Brandi's lying. Both are equally plausible.


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Brandi Glanville is ugly, I wouldn't admit to doing her either

970 days ago


Didn't know Ryan Howard was Gerard's bodyguard

970 days ago


How shameful of him! She should now give details and shame him. And after she gave him an 11!

970 days ago


Very douchebag.

970 days ago


A match made in heaven!! LMAO She is lying and well of course I wouldnt know who she is if it wasnt for the housewives show. But she shows her true colors on that show. Easy to see why her ex eddie left her! What an embarrasement for this guy gerald, no wonder he claims he does not know her!! He probably only remembers her lady partner who was probably the best part of the threesome.

970 days ago


Huge fan of Gerard Butler. A few points: seems to me Brandi wasted no time "celebrity name dropping" who she was intimate with. I wonder how Gerard really felt about that since he has films being released in which garbage like this distracts from his profession. Point #2 -Gerard, you are single and good looking guy who seems to want to find someone whose compatible and beautiful as you are to settle down. You also come across as someone who is serious about your work ethic and wanting to master your craft as an actor. My suggestion: stay focused and don't let one night (or in the case, one week) of bliss interfer with your ultimate goals of happiness and success with your personal life and career. Most of the media hype about your "weekly romantic rendezvous" are most likely BS anyway, but it misdirects the focus on your talent and leaves the public forming opinions and name calling instead of being able to appreciate your gift as an actor.

970 days ago

video slacker    

How is he the jerk in this situation. If someone you slept with discloses that fact for publicity, I'm guessing you wouldn't be to keen to encourage that kind of behavior. This seems like a way to suggest that they keep their mouth shut.

970 days ago


I agree with Mumra's comment below. He probably didn't want to get into his sex life with some moron paparazzi type chasing him around. I also agree with Mimi and others who commented on his lack of tact saying, "who is Brandi..." when he could have just said nothing. With that said, he was probably trying to teach Brandi a lesson for opening her mouth. She is pretty free spirited and unfiltered and was put on the spot, so I feel sorry for her. She has endured enough public humiliation from her ex and evil Leann Rimes. Of course she wasnt lying, but she is definitely regretting being so candid right about now...

970 days ago


and this whore wanted people to feel sorry for her when LeAnn took her man...Shes a slut and deserved everything that was done to her!

970 days ago


I'm sure he f*cked Brandi, but because she blabbed about it on WWHL, he said "who is Brandi Glanville." Also, I'm sure he doesn't kiss & tell. Why would he admit to any laisons to a tabloid/papparazzi?

970 days ago

who dat    

There must be a shortage of straight guys in Hollywood, if this guy is considered a hot piece. He looks like a slob.

970 days ago


My bet is that she is a big liar, trying to become famous for her foul mouth and sex.
I wondered when I heard her say it why she would expose a tryst with a famous person
on TV. She is pure trash.

970 days ago


If I was Brandi, I'd keep it classy, be a huge hit on the Housewives show, then when her cheatin' ex comes sniffin' back. . .f*ck him (with hidden cameras rolling. . .a la KarTRASHian-style) and send a copy to homewrecker LeAnn Rimes.

970 days ago


Classic. To him it was a common-as-dirt pump and dump. In her puny brain it rocked her world and fed her delusion that being banged means she's got high value. "What a Fool Believes"...she sees. In this current slut culture, her value is about that of a disposable towel, and you can bet during the entire (alleged) week, he never even bought her a cup of coffee. And all Butler would have said when he was done using her to scrape the barnacles off his wanker was "Next". Let's hear it for "empowered" women.
I'll also point out there are nearly 7 billion people on earth, as a result of maybe 40 billion sex acts, so getting banged hardly makes someone special. Common-as-dirt.

970 days ago

Liar Liar    

She's beautiful and he's ugly and fat...nasty pig!

970 days ago
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