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Gerard Butler

'Who's Brandi Glanville?'

1/27/2012 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Gerard Butler really did have mind-blowing sex with "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Brandi Glanville -- as she proudly claims -- he doesn't remember it ... asking TMZ, "Who's Brandi Glanville?"

In case you didn't know ... Brandi -- Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife -- recently appeared on a talk show, announcing she once bumped uglies with Gerard for an entire week ... and it was so good, she rated him an 11 out of 10.

But either Butler has so much good sex, he can't remember every bangmates's name -- or Brandi's lying. Both are equally plausible.


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What a d bag! He is just bitchy that she went public with it! Loser.

965 days ago


Funny, Leanne and Eddie had that same answer when asked if they knew who she was!

965 days ago


Brandi's gutter trash. Nobody should reveal their sexual encounters, especially on tv. Perhaps if the other partner knows and agrees with the revelation, okay, but still tacky, tasteless, slutty. The guy gave the best answer, "who is Brandi?" If such an encounter actually took place, odds are he really didn't even know her name.

965 days ago


Basically, that's his way of saying "if i knew then what i know now"...........

965 days ago


It looks like he was walking along, minding his buisness, head down----and he's suddenly involved in this foolishness.

965 days ago


I honestly don't think he remembers. This guy, who is a very good actor, gets a lot of women, most of those are a lot hotter than a 40 year old divorcee on a reality show. I must admit Brandi has a great body, mostly for her age, but she is over the top. I do think she is 1000% x better than the manly, nasty looking Rimes

965 days ago


This dude can get hot young chicks. i don't see him slummimg for old women like this

965 days ago


What ever happened to acting like a lady? To be spouting off about ones sexual escapades on television when you have young children is pathetic. No couth, no class. I don't blame him for saying what he did. He's probably regretting the day he ever met her, IF he actually did meet her.

965 days ago


It was obviously a setup from the get-go. Andy Cohen knew the answer when he asked the question because they had discussed it before hand. As far as fame whore moves go it was classic. As for Butler, I don't give a sh*t whether he did her or not but he denied HER to teach her a lesson.

965 days ago


Is it any wonder why Eddie left her? Brandi is a liar. Brandi is a skank. I believe Gerard Butler. Who?

965 days ago


HE'S LYING....I don't like that Brandi chick very much ..BUT... I do remember a little while back seeing pics of them snuggling and being very close in a bar..I *think* they were spotted a couple times

965 days ago


Whther it is true or not she made a baaaad mistake bragging about it on TV.

965 days ago


I think that brandi pulled his name ut of thin air and figured that because she was flattering him and knows he can be a flirt (considered a ladies man) that his ego would have him go along with her lie
and now in my mind she has egg all over her face as they say

964 days ago


By the way, she wasn't bragging. She was asked a direct question and answered it. No big deal. Next!

964 days ago


I got it! That black man in the photo is his lover and he didn't want to upset him. Sources say right before this photo was shot, they were walking hand in hand. sweet.

964 days ago
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