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Gabriel Aubry

Keeps Nahla Close

1/27/2012 10:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry Spends Time with NahlaGabriel Aubry kept a tight grip on his daughter Nahla this AM, in the midst of his battle royale with baby mama Halle Berry.

We're told Gabriel left his house to take Nahla to her pre-school.

TMZ broke the story ... Halle is trying to temporarily strip Gabriel of all contact with Nahla while police investigate a criminal child endangerment complaint against him ... for allegedly pushing the nanny while she was holding the child. Gabriel is also being investigated for battery.



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URSilly: about a minute ago
You are rude and abusive on here. Are you the Nanny or Halle herself, lashing out at others because people don't buy into the manipulation going on here.

Team Gabriele. Halle is just a vindictive spiteful selfish woman and her nanny is no better.


I guess you believe that it's "APPROPRIATE" to support someone who obviously has "SERIOUS" issues with "CONTROLLING HIS TEMPER" simply because he's "WHITE" and Halle Berry isn't. His former business partner has indicated this much. Lashing out at the nanny was a "BIG" mistake that Ole Clueless will live to regret. Now, he going to have to walk a much more "DISCIPLINED" path which in the long run will do him a world of good. Frankly, "YOUR" opinion of me IS NO MORE "RELEVANT" THAN A PIECE OF USED "TOILET PAPER"!!! I DON'T HAVE TO POST "ANYTHING" ON THIS SITE TO PLEASE "ANYONE" EXCEPT MYSELF!!! NOW, PUT THAN THAT IN YOUR "PIPE AND SMOKE IT" WITH MY MOST "SINCERE" BLESSINGS!!!

946 days ago

Fat Mike    

What a beautiful family! He should go for full custody, as it's obvious to all and sundry that Halle Berry is a nutjob.
BTW, the 2 dislikes on nearly EVERY comment makes it pretty clear that Halle and her publicist are reading the comments.

946 days ago


This little girl loves her daddy It's all over her pretty face! Shame on Halle for trying to stand in the way.

946 days ago


**SARCASM ON** Poor, poor baby! She looks miserable! She's obviously terrified of that mean, angry looking man. Oh, how sad! **SARCASM OFF** Grow up, Halle. You didn't make this beautiful baby by yourself.

946 days ago


Halle's behavior is thoroughly disgusting. She has made public attempts to try and slander her ex,who has every right to see his daughter. This is not the work of a woman who genuinely thinks her ex is a bad father. This is someone who selfishly does not want to work out a parental agreement that works for both parties... Because it doesn't fit into her new plans. Grow up and act like a mother, not a diva. Show him some respect, he's just as much a part of the child as Halle is. That doesn't mean he has to like the mom either, and the way she acts,that will probably be a long time coming.

946 days ago


from reading the comments, it seems that no one is fooled by Halle Berry's lies and attempts to cut Gabriel out of their daughter's life. Halle just wants to get on with her life with her new fiance and it is just inconvenient to have to work her part time schedule with her daughter. Shared custody and having to answer to someone is crimping her style. If she has complete custoday no one would scrutinize her for taking off with her daughter and going to Europe with her new man and not bring Nahla back for
Gabriel's visits. She has tried that before. If anything about Gabriel is true it would show that she is a 3x loser; 2 husbands that cheated and she says Justice beat her (which I do not dispute), 1 baby daddy that she alleges is a bad father and violent (not that they are broken up) and now she is engaged again.

946 days ago


Sincerity, call your local mental healthy office. You have some issues lady. Sure hope you do not have a child nor are allowed to be around one if you do, you sound unstable and have an anger issue.

946 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

someone needs to feed this ass hat a mug full of donkey semen. and then rest it upon his head at 60mph. i'm just sayin...

946 days ago


Why do all of Halle's relationships turn bad? She must be the she does all she can to prevent the child's father from being with her? While she parades a new man around town........? Shady if u ask me!

946 days ago


She's an evil, vindictive, psycho, witch. She got the light skinned child she wanted and now she just wants to make the daddy out to be the bad guy and cut him out of her daughters life completely. I suppose she's already played the race card, too, saying he 's called her the dreaded "n" word.
The accusations of physical abuse come out now. Next she'll say he's some kind of pervert. She sure isn't fooling the public, based on the comments registered here. Let's hope the courts are not fooled either, for the sake of that precious child.

946 days ago



I'm not the "ONE" who "MALIOUSLY" abused "ANYONE"!!! I guess
"YOU'LL" have NO PROBLEM paying Gabriel Aubry's bills when his
"Custody Rights" are reduced or completely "REVOKED"!!! ROFLMAO!!!

946 days ago


when Halle broke up with black men, they were called dogs and losers. Now that she breaks up with a white man, suddenly there's something wrong with Halle. White people, especially white women, think black women are at the bottom of the barrel...what's he doing with her. I believe Halle 100%, he's nothing without her.

946 days ago

elvira walker    

This seems to be Halle Berry's MO after breaking up with her men. Destroy them. She should grow up for the sake of her daughter. Halle Berry is a brat.

946 days ago


Beautiful girl...gorgeous hair.

946 days ago


Halle Berry is a psychotic hose beast

946 days ago
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