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Rumer Willis

At Demi's House

During 911 Emergency

1/27/2012 1:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rumer Willis
was at her mom's home when Demi Moore went into a semi-conscious, convulsive state.

If you listen to the 911 tape -- around the 00:54 mark -- you'll hear the caller ask, "What is the address Ru?"

What's interesting ... Demi was clearly smoking something and, we're told, inhaling nitrous oxide with her daughter right there.

Rumer, who is 23, was partying with Demi just 2 weeks ago in Hollywood.


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Routine LA Monday night another washed up actress parties with her daughter and her friends trying to be the cool mom. How embarrassing for Rumer that her mom couldnt handle her **** and lost her street cred

945 days ago


Looks like another Dina Lohan, partys at the clubs with her kids and does drugs with them. What a looser. Why is the youngest even allowed to be with her? Trashy family like the Lohans and Kardashians. No morals or shame. Guess money can't buy class.

945 days ago


I knew it, this is one dysfunctional family,she was doing drugs while her daughter sits and watches or they are doing whatever together,MOTHER OF THE YEAR.I had a few people give me a reply that I was cold for not being nice about demi s pitty party ,I said I feel for someone that doesnt have a job ,a home, food ,a family, well this spoiled brat has it all,she cant deal with her age ,shes almost 50,and Ive seen teenagers behave better then her ,there is no man that will make me starve to death, drink, do tenny bopper drugs ,grow up demi,get help,but most of all act your age ,and stay away from a camera ,eat a truck load of hambugers .and stop partying with you daughters ,why are these idiot parents being friends with there kids ,you dont become there friends till there taught right from wrong and there adults.and even then you dont do drugs and go nightclubbing with them ,all this over a immature man and a woman who cant look in the mirror and realize your getting older,it happens to all of us,when you accept it ,life gets better,its not the end of the world,unless you want it to be.

945 days ago


This is a bad way to try and GUILT ASHTON into coming back he should stay away and go as far away as he can..

945 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

What is it with celebrities that makes them unfit mothers...well, not all of them..but it sure does have its bad apples.

945 days ago


Yikes! That is not a good picture of Rumer.

945 days ago


Give Rumor some pocket change Demi to go to a beauty shop and get that dried bird nest done, looks nasty. That color hair is a nightmare .

945 days ago


That picture pretty much says it all. Snorter/Red Nose.

945 days ago


Leave this woman alone!

945 days ago


Demi's youngest Daughter Tallulah turns 18 on February 3 of this year. Next Friday, by my calculation. Unless the CPS people are very aggressive, this likely will not result in any sort of investigation.

945 days ago


I blame menapause and cougar fatigue. The humiliation from all this will be very difficult for her.

945 days ago


I find it interesting how at the beginning of the call the block out the address but then towards the end, they not only say the address but you can hear directions to the house. That seems like an invasion of privacy to me but I could be wrong.

945 days ago


Let's be real it is horrible to be intoxicated around your kids. That is when your kids are KIDS!! Who cares when they are adults. Nitrous isn't addictive as far as I know so why the treatment route (maybe something else) I'm not sure. Hollywood types like pro-athletes and trust fund babies aren't like real people they never have that depend on yourself make decisions about what to spend money on lean years. This makes them like grown up teenagers! They still sound and act like teenagers!

945 days ago


Bruce and Demi have been divorced for a long time. Bruce has a life, is married with a baby on the way. That's where he is.

Stop trying to blame Bruce or Ashton, it's all on her. No one made her do it. If she did it in front of her daughter (who cares how ugly she is or not) it's very wrong. She should be ashamed of herself.

I still wish her the best in getting better.

BTW: Those 911 workers should be FIRED ASAP! WTF?~

945 days ago

Miss Greta    

If Rumer were a boy he'd be handsome.

945 days ago
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