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Rumer Willis

At Demi's House

During 911 Emergency

1/27/2012 1:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rumer Willis
was at her mom's home when Demi Moore went into a semi-conscious, convulsive state.

If you listen to the 911 tape -- around the 00:54 mark -- you'll hear the caller ask, "What is the address Ru?"

What's interesting ... Demi was clearly smoking something and, we're told, inhaling nitrous oxide with her daughter right there.

Rumer, who is 23, was partying with Demi just 2 weeks ago in Hollywood.


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good as gold    

You must be suicidal if you do any man made drug concoction. Stick with pot Demi because the side effect is hunger, and you definitely need to put on weight.

810 days ago


Does Bruce have any kind of relationship with his daughters? Someone needs to step-up and take control of everyone before Demi and her daughters all die.

810 days ago

the sea    

Put your cell away and call on the landline phone. Well, maybe even rich people don't have them anymore. The 911 operator would know exactly where you are calling from.

810 days ago


Stop sharing with mom, Ru

810 days ago


That's nice. Partying and drugging with your kids. Wow..Dummi is such a "cool mom"....NOT!

Dummi and Heather Locklear need to get their shiat together, come to terms with aging (we ALL go through it), sober up and act like grown up women and not teenage party girls.

810 days ago

She's baaaack    

Way to be a good parent Demi!

810 days ago


There is a small section of Beverly Hills bordering LA that is actually in the hills. For Beverly Hills to get to it, there would be a HUGE response time. It's the way the roads were layed out at the time. The LA section that is in that area was also a problem for LA, but the residents fought for 25 years and were able to get LA and Beverly Hills to agree for BH to annex it. However, the BH side does not want to be called LA so they won't go along. So, guess what? You might die of a heart attack because you think being in "Beverly Hills" keeps your property value high even though they have to pay LA to service you for public safety. Tough!

810 days ago

get real    

Smoking something, Not Pot? Doing oxicide... Shes doing stuff high school age do.... She is an addict and something set her over the edge. Who Knows how long it was going on. What makes me wonder. 4 different people got on the phone to 911. Hanger on ers. They were there at Demis home, Watched her get F ed up? Nice Friends.

810 days ago


I hope she is OK, but Demi really needs to grow the hell up. She is a mother and should not be partying with her kids. If I were Bruce, I'd be going after any of their daughters under the age of 18.

810 days ago

Hannah Claret    

Whats up with these 50 year old women acting like idiots! At their age they should be comfortable in their own skin and role models to their young daughters, what a bunch of losers!

810 days ago


OK, Demi is a tard, but please, stop with the nasty comments about the kid - she can't help having a big jaw. So what? GROW UP - people making nasty comments about the poor kid during a time like this obviously have some issues of their OWN to address!

810 days ago


These are all legal drugs she was doing you can buy that s*** at 7-11 or any little smoke shop that sells cigarettes, and order whip-its from Amazon or any restaurant supply that sells cream whippers. So even though it is stupid..!! I remember back when the Ashton/Demi news broke , he made one quick statement that not many paid attention to.
Had to do with ...He left her because it was "tough love" and "she is doing something that needs to stop"
guess that was quite an understatement by aplusk.

810 days ago


I wouldn't be surprised at all if Demi's daughter Rumer was the one who brought home the whip-its that they were doing. Maybe a bunch of other drugs like marijuana too.

I cannot imagine doing drugs with either of my parents. Way too weird. What if they really liked the drugs and wanted more? Way too bizarre to even think about.

810 days ago


Rotten excuse for a mother. Didn't realize D. Moore was such a loser. No wonder Bruce and Ashton dumped her. Rumer has to be one of the ugliest girls I've seen.

810 days ago


Rumer?..Jay Leno?..Rumer?..Jay Leno? I do know one step that Demi can take to sober up. One look at Rumer. But be might cause blindness.

810 days ago
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