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Demi Moore 911 Call

Filling in the Blanks

1/27/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The Demi Moore 911 call paints a picture of what was going on in Demi's house the nght she was hospitalized -- including the fact Rumer was there. Authorities redacted some key parts of the tape, but we have all the details.

Plus, Hillary Clinton says she's quitting politics -- but we think it's actually the ultimate setup for her to become president in 2016! Also, the "Fear Factor" donkey semen challenge -- would you drink it in?


(0:00) The Demi Moore 911 tape was released today -- and reveals that her daughter Rumor was present at the time.
(2:30) We break down the most shocking parts of the call -- as well as the stuff that was cut out of it.
(12:30) "Utter confusion" in the call -- dispatchers couldn't figure out who was supposed to handle it.
(21:00) A Jewish temple tries to shame Mel Gibson into donating money ... and Harvey is totally on Mel's side.
(30:01) Time to talk about donkey semen!!!
(36:30) Want to know how to chug that much semen? Kelly's got you covered.
(41:30) Brandi Glanville says she knocked boots with Gerard Butler -- you gotta hear what he said when we asked him about it.
(44:00) Hillary Clinton -- on track to be the first female president? You better believe it ... if she doesn't quit politics first.


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okokok..I'm not saying Demi Moore has been/is self-medicating with illegal substances, (for all we know everything/anything has been prescribed), but she doesn't look okay.

Any way you slice it..(or smoke it, cut it, eat it)..she looks like someone who hasn't eaten any food for a very long time..who has survived on sheer adrenalyn and direct stimulents for a period of time..has been grinding her teeth, likely staying up all night and sleep deprived..and been fueling the insantity, vs trying to calm down. She appears to be extremely agitated, and, well..crack-head-ish. Sorry, but if it looks like a duck..walks like a, it's pretty much a duck.

963 days ago


Of course what disturbed me the most isn’t Demi convulsing on the floor clutching the Emmy she never got to win but that windpipe talking to the operator in the other room doing her best to avoid coming clean with what it is that Demi has gone and smoked. If you’ve ever watched a high speed car chase, this was it but in slow motion.

Of course you had to applaud the 911 operator who by now was texting TMZ to let them know that he had Demi Moore on the other line strung out on some wicked potion, and wondering when they would paypal him his pony money. Geesh....

963 days ago


That one guy is not well educated because nitro is highly addictive...example: look at Steveo from Jack Ass hello! Also who cares about Demi's age, drugs are drugs and people are people period!

963 days ago


This Spice or insense is killing people but our society refuses to do anything about it, it needs to be outlawed and anybody making and distributing it should be behind bars. They substitute real pot for this crap, real weed never killed anybody but it's illegal so people smoke this crap instead, Demi if you read this I hope you make it your passion to get this stuff off our shelves and those responsible out of work. I've tried, I had a similar experience, but no one listens to a nobody, your somebody , please help ris our country of this poison....

962 days ago


I was just watching your TMZ Live 1/27/12.
Everyone was freaking-out about the donkey semen.
Has anyone stopped to consider the fact that millions of bodybuilders take that stuff into their system, quite often. I have personally heard bodybuilders talking about drinking horse semen, donkey semen and bull semen to help them bulk-up.

962 days ago
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