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'Basketball Wives'

Police Report Filed

After On-Set Scuffle

1/28/2012 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A peaceful day of filming "Basketball Wives" at a racetrack in Florida ended up in a fight between Jennifer Williams and an assistant for Evelyn Lozada ... and it's all detailed in a police report obtained by TMZ.

Sources close to the show tell TMZ ... the girls were all in a VIP suite at the Gulf Stream Race Track in Hallandale, FL last Saturday. We're told Nia Crooks -- who is Evelyn's assistant and to be friends with Jennifer as well -- called out Jennifer ... who the other girls feel has become "too big for britches."

According to our sources, the two got face-to-face and Nia pushed Williams in the face to get her away. In the police report, Williams described it as being "intentional struck by Crooks with an open hand to the left side of her face."

Williams told police security from the production company then stepped in to intervene. Our sources say that's true ... but that security also grabbed Lozada to keep her from jumping in after Williams.

In the report, the officer states he saw no injuries on Williams and told her she could file a misdemeanor complaint with the state attorney’s office if she wanted to pursue the matter further.

The police report also states Williams believes the entire incident was captured on video.

Calls to VH1 were not returned.


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I saw that looser of Evelyn Lozada screaming at Jennifer i am going to hit your F!@#$ face if you don't shut up...who she thiks she is she is a buly she has to be quiet ,someday she is going to find another one lik eher ans is going to the real thing ,I can't stand it her she is such trash bully bioach ! she thinks she is the best in the show she is the captain , the lider ... well it is time for someone teach her a good lesson! and soon please! she is with ocho cinco for money she is a GOLD DIGGER !

973 days ago


Evelyn only likes the women who follow her like puppies and don't have any opinion of their own ,someone who agrees with her not mater what ,she is a egomaniac who needs Anger Management soon she think she is a Diva ,not she is a piece of trash disgusting with low self steem and a big EGO someone has to stop this nasty phsycho!

973 days ago


Evelyn is nothing but a hood rat,anyone who sees the **** that she does can agree.Suzy needs to fix her teeth and stop ****ting through her mouth.By the way all of them is a bunch of want to basketball wives.

969 days ago


My grand daughter was watching this show the other night. She will never ever watch this mess again. This woman actually said something about her (yes madam) between her legs, on nation wide TV. I wonder does she realize their are young teens watching this. She was talking with a man at the time. Maybe we need to start complaining to have this show removed from the airways. It's awful, ladies watch your mouth you don't have to do this for rating have some sort of pride and respect for yourselves.

967 days ago


I love evelyn,i think she makes the show good and interesting.Her age has nothing to do with how she acts,she just doesn't take no **** from nobody and thats just the ay she is,it doesn't matter if she was 18 or 48 thats just her.!..This show has over 3million viewers watching so obviously her and the rest o the castmates are doing something right

963 days ago


I used to watch this show, but when you have grown women (supposedly) act like ghetto hoodrats its so embarrassing. Evelyn's attitude and mouth is disgusting. What is she trying to prove always talking about beating someone up, its not cute sweetie, and it makes you look real stupid. What does Chad see in her? I hope her daughter had a better role model. Good thing she is on TV with that attitude and mouth because if she talked like that in the street, she would get her A$$ beat.

962 days ago

Cookie Lockhart    

Evil Evelyn can dish it but she can't take it. Chad or Ooocho is a media whore and the truth hurts. Evil Ev is not a white girl either and from Ooocho's past shows I think that is what he prefers. You are just another way for him to be in the spot light. I know you may have high hopes but you gone find low ground and I hope you still have a friend somewhere.

961 days ago


Jennifer Needs to file a lawsuit against Shaunie for having her walk into these situations and every time that LOUD MOUTH OLD LOOKING EVELYN Come near her she need to TAZAR and Pepper Spray her OLD GOLD DIGGIN A$$, Because she ONLY had that BOY's Sprem Frozen so she could get Another MEAL TICKET !! She has a daughter in College what kind of message is she sending and Jennifer need's to know that none of those Back Stabber's are her friends.She had A Husband which Ms. Evelyn helped her get rid of.Notice how she flipped the script after the DIVORCE. SHE IS A LOW Class Wanna Be And Chad-O better watch out and get his Little fish back.His next football pass need to be away from that OLD Chica,she is NOT The Next Good Thing and how does MAMA BEAR SIT BY and Let Jennifer get Pounced On ,She is going to have A short lived career, Jen you need to leave all those Loosers alone and START YOUR OWN SHOW,JUST LIKE GLORIA did BUT NAME IT SOMETHING ELSE and Shut Ms.Shaunie Out Just Like They Have Done You.and I will come work for " A WOMAN WITH CLASS ". Meeka and Royce are Better Friends than Shaunie and Tammy. Best Wishes Jennifer.

959 days ago


cant belive these haggs care getting paid for this dumb ass show i see anyone can go get a show now a days without haveing any talent they need to grow up the most chatty chicks ever running around pretending to be friends talking behind everyones back please take this off air

955 days ago


These ladies are so free with the word Bitches, if they truly knew the meaning of the word they would just not say it . They have daughters , they would noe like anyone to call their mother or daughters by such an awful word.

947 days ago


I hope evelyn gets her butt kicked if you dont want to be bothered with jen then why hire one her firends. Then she hits jen. Eve u look so stupid trying to get someone to do your dirty work because u want her character to look bad like yours. Jen i am glad you filed a case against these trashy no respect having want to be a wife but cant stop being a h** type of women. They deserve what they get and i hop you find happiness even after being hit for no reason.

926 days ago

Tracy Jordan    

Ladies, you all have really gotten messy! Who wants to watch your show if you guys are always having drama. I think this a damn shame. Grow up, for real. We do not need drama all the time. You ladies need to be making yo paper stop the little high school ****. It is trouble all the time with you ladies and you know who you are. Also, the he say she say ****, sad. All I am saying is grow the f***up

922 days ago

kenya coles    

Listen and dis comment goes to evelyn,shaunie,and tami you 3 bitches are thee worst kind of women god could have ever created let me start with you evelyn this keisha from across the bridge from liberty city bitch if i ever run across you hoe ima beat you for the old and the new you slimy trashy hating ass prostitute bitch it look like you on crack hoe how your jaws cave in tami you hella phony i wanna be down clown and last but not least shaunie you alien face ass bitch you ****in common thief thats just why shaq lefted you now bitch you the prime example of a bitch throwin rocks and hiding there hands all you bbw straight ****ing animals and slut buckets i can't wait until they cancel the show on you bitches

918 days ago


Everybody wanted to know what was up with the warning letters that were sent to everyone before the outing. Does what Nia did answer their questions? Actually I'm pretty sure even the viewers knew. I mean these women can't sit down for lunch, without a fight breaking out. Evelyn and Nia were setting the stage for what was to come... Then they proceeded to hook up with Tami and the puppetmaster Shaunie,to set the stage for what followed. Then for the four of them to pow wow, to discuss how they each planned to confront Jen. Nia talked to Evelyn earlier and allowed her evil and hateful ass to really get her worked up. So by the time they sat down to eat. It was on. Nia came to fight, she is Evelyn's assistant. I don't remember her calling Jen after Evelyn went after her at Shaunie's b-day dinner, and asking if she was cool. Nia knows what side her bread is buttered on. How could Jen talk to Nia when she's got her head buried so far up Evelyn's ass, she can't hear a damn thing.I don't care how cool Jen and Nia were,it was starting to sound like somebody was jealous Jen's success, but that's just me. And if that's the only way Nia knows how to ***municate, by behaving like Evelyn,then Jen should sue her for hitting her. It's getting so everybody thinks it's alright to just punch somebody because their mad. Not that Jen smacked her first. But because she didn't like what Jen had to say. But seriously, did she really think Jen was interested in how she felt, when she was cuss'in the girl out. Then ask'in "well what's your problem with me?" How bout the s**t on the tip of your nose Nia.

917 days ago


I don't watch Basketball Wives because it's not entertainment. It saddens me. These women have nothing better to do than tear each other down about nothing! Life is too short. There are more serious issues in the world to consider. These fake females need to crawl out from under the rocks they live under and take a trip to the middle east or certain regions in Africa where Sisters have no alternative but to protect & empower each other. SMH!!

917 days ago
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