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Are Celebs More

Screwed Up than Us?

1/28/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With all the celebs in crisis -- the latest of course being Demi Moore and Heather Locklear -- we started to wonder how the life of a celebrity stacks up with yours.  Is it better?  Worse?

So we gotta ask ...


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That's bull, that you guys think Celebs are more screwed up than regular people. Their problems are just magnified more in the media. Trust me, I have met my fair share of people with legal problems, addiction problems, and marital problems just in this year, that would blow your mind. These people don't have a pot to pee in. You guys are just over critical of them, but you don't realize that you are just as screwed up as them, just that nobody cares about your problems.

966 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

It's very simple: The more opportunities to misstep are presented to you, the likelier a misstep becomes. It's easy to be a saint in the desert.

966 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

I think because it is a long time between movies/music CD's, celebrities must get bored and use drugs because of the 'idle hands' phenomenon.....

966 days ago


They say money doesn't bring happiness. I wouldn't mind testing that theory if anyone has the money. I think you can have both money and happiness. Don't know what's wrong with celebs they never seem to be satisfied.

966 days ago


No it's just that we only read about then when they do something stupid, loads of actors etc are very popular but are never in the tabloid media because they never act like idiots

966 days ago


You wanna screw a person up? Give em everything they want on a silver platter... What a person wants and what a person needs are two different things... We are imperfect human beings that have to have a balance in this life... Perpetual joy, happiness and contentment comes if and when we make it to heaven and not before then...

966 days ago


Celebs are definitely more screwed up than us. Judging by each and every poll in this post, this is obviously due to their lack of any type of value system, i.e., blind support of homosexual marriage, abortion, etc. I actually feel sorry for them because they're so detached from reality.

966 days ago


if I were a celb I would want to be a obscure one nobody would recognise like a voice actor or a author...but hey I wouldn't mind a celbs money anyday

966 days ago


I wouldnt want to be famous. I would like their money, however. I would like the freedom to whatever I want and money can allow that.

PS. Celebrities are more shallow than the average person. They are part of an industry that emphasizes "youth and beauty" and they are treated as "living gods." The have money, power and sex at their disposal and it's too much. They overindulge.

966 days ago


Celebrities aren't really more screwed up. It's just that their problems are in the spotlight-it's easier for unfamous people to hide their problems because people aren't searching out our dirt.

966 days ago


The caption should read: Are Celebs More Screwed Up than We?

966 days ago


Celebs are no different then us. The only difference is their lives are in the spotlight and scrutinized. Non-celebs have just as much probs!

966 days ago

Dom The Mover    

If your looking at Celebrities as a whole, I'd say No, what TMZ does is focus mainly on a few wacky A-listers, A few Zany B-Listers, all the wacky reality celebrities than shouldn't even be considered celebs, and Nobody would even pay attention to the has-beens if TMZ didn't go out of their way to drag them back in the media attention, then its not only actors, its sports celebs, and political, and then look at the so-called regular people on Jerry Springer or Maury, I would say America is just a bunch of retards!

966 days ago


lol at MJ on that picture, he's shaking his fist at you up there in the ether.

966 days ago


Celebs are like everyone else they do the same thing non celebs do. only different we hear about celebs doing things. you do not see tmz talking about joe smith taking drugs or anything like that. celebs are just ppl we are all screwed up.

965 days ago
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