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Are Celebs More

Screwed Up than Us?

1/28/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With all the celebs in crisis -- the latest of course being Demi Moore and Heather Locklear -- we started to wonder how the life of a celebrity stacks up with yours.  Is it better?  Worse?

So we gotta ask ...


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I answered yes to all questions, but i draw the line at anything to do with donkeys.

998 days ago

Deo Rant    

Well the camera isn't in our face 24/7, but if it were you find that we indeed our just as ****ed as them, even more actually, invading there space at all costs just to get a photograph, posting personally stuff like 911 calls. We're the screwed up ones

998 days ago


What is this? Us ****ing magazine? Get rid of this

998 days ago

I am Spartacus    

66% of people are lying about wanting to be a celeb. You're telling me you wouldn't want to have stuff given to you just for being famous, make millions of dollars and work 1/2 as much as normal people throughout the year and actually be able to retire young?

And celebs aren't more screwed up than normal people, it's just that people aren't publicizing everything we do. There are plenty of screwed up people in this world who aren't celebs.

998 days ago


I think that everybody has their sh#@ to deal with. But with celebrities the entire world is watching and discussing that celebrities private business. Everybody gets gossiped about. It's just more amplified with the celebrities. We all make mistakes and deal with demons.

998 days ago


If by 'US' you mean as in TMZ and it's staff then sure. NO!!!

998 days ago


I honestly don't think celebs are more screwed up than us. It's just more public than the average person. If you took a camera and filmed middle America, I'm sure you'd find issues just like the ones they have. You just won't see them on TMZ 24/7 lol.

998 days ago


We're all screwed up. You are and you are and you are.

998 days ago


Funny that this survey is here today because just last night when I heard that Demi Moore's father abandoned the family early on and that Demi was NOT on speaking terms with her mother until her mother was on her death bed, all these questions in your survey went through my mind!

WHENEVER we hear about the stars' families or family life when they were growing up, it seems as if they ALL came from screwed up families! Then, living in an atmosphere where people are telling you ALL the time how wonderful you seems to have an ADVERSE affect on them. They end up living in a fantasy world! Who's drinking, who's drugging, who's cheating, who's divorcing etc. What a CRAZY life. With all the money they have and they make and their multi-million dollar homes, NONE of them are happy OR sane! ALL they care about is THEMSELVES! Then, to make matters worse, they have all these kids by all different fathers and then hire NANNIES to raise them so that the kids don't even have a deep relationship with the parents!

I guess money really can't buy happiness OR sanity! They can keep their life, their cars, their homes etc. I'll keep my happy, sane, quiet life!

998 days ago


Who is that in the upper right of the picture?

998 days ago

Yes, definitely

998 days ago


I don't think celebs are any more unhappier or happier than the rest of us are it's just they have access to a lot more money and they are famous which means other people will cater to them and kiss their ass to get them out of trouble so they can't learn from their mistakes. It doesn't make them happy or unhappy it just makes them weak minded because they think they can get away with anything. The average 9-5 person deals in reality and the majority of celebs don't because they have other people to handle real live situations for them.

For instance:

1)If one or the other parent is tired after working or can't pick up the kids they can hire a nanny to do this. How many mothers/fathers can do this?

2)If one or the other person in a relationship is done, one or the other can move in a high end hotel or to their second home to get away from the other or hire a first class attorney to handle the divorce. They don't have to be bothered with all the paperwork, etc. I had to go to legal aide to get my divorce and did much of the paperwork myself.

3)If a celeb is in a car accident they can hop right in another high end car and keep rolling that same day. How many of us can do that?

4) Go to jail for drugs, alcohol, get bonded out, show up in court and NEVER if ever, go to jail or if they do it's in one hour and out the next. That will not happen to any of us.

5)Look at Charlie Sheen. He lost his job due to drugs. His breakdown and insane rantings were all over the news worldwide yet he's getting ready to star in another sitcom. That would never happen with us, talented or not. No private employer would touch us. Same with Lindsey Lohan. And so on and so on.

All celebs are not this way but IMO the majority of them are.

998 days ago

northern gypsy    

nothing has changed about our "stars"...
what's different is our instant access to information...
that my friends is a double-edged sword !!!

998 days ago


Its all about morals.When you are famous the object of life is to keep your name prominent,whether by drugs,marriages,affairs.To the famous these things come and go without a conscience.They know they are famous.Criticism doesnt faze them.No conscience,no heart.

998 days ago


demi lovato is the only one who ppl feel sorry for from those celebs in that pic. she punched a girl in the face but just because she has an eating disorder and is bipolar everybody's like "poor demi. she's so brave. she's been through so much"
what a manipulator

998 days ago
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