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Demi Moore 911 Tape

Whip-It References Redacted

1/29/2012 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Moore
The L.A. City Attorney recommended that all references to whip-its be redacted from the Demi Moore 911 tape -- and the recommendation was followed ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us ... the Deputy City Attorney assigned to the case heard references to whip-its and felt it would be an invasion of privacy if that information was released to the public -- so it was cut out of the tape, along with specific references to other drugs.

TMZ broke the story ... paramedics on scene were told Demi had used whip-its to inhale nitrous oxide just before she lapsed into semi-consciousness and exhibited seizure-like symptoms.

Now we know the person who called 911 also told the dispatcher about the whip-its.


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How is this even legal? 911 tapes, police reports and blotters are all public knowledge. Anyone has a right to request a copy. UNEDITED!

999 days ago


It is most defiantly 'Spice' That she smoked.. probably the 'brand' K-2. I live on a military base, and it was huge here for a while. Its basically a synthetic Marijuana, yet it doesn't show in a normal urinalysis ... I had a good friend have the SAME thing happen. He ended up in the hospital, He lived, but it defiantly gave all of us a huge scare. Personally, If you are gonna get high, just smoke some pot. Spice is MAN MADE, its a chemical compound, made in a basement "lab" that is basically sprayed over herbs, and is sold as an incense

999 days ago

Mr. Bate    

Grandma will not blow out 60 candles.

999 days ago


Leave this poor woman alone!!

999 days ago


Sad story for everyone concerned. And now they say "She's doing great! They just made a big deal out of nothing." It was curious how she had gotten so skinny from her normal size. She had a long run of being an A-list popular actress, and now she needs to step back gracefully and accept roles for her age, and stop trying to compete with actresses much younger. I, for one, like to see middle-aged actors in middle-age roles (not the 4th Charlie's Angel.) Poor Demi. She needs to be a mother to her 3 daughters, not their party pal.

999 days ago


DA; got to wonder if celebrities & their PR people are paying the DA off. Why would they do any form of censoring of any nature if they weren't. I bet the average LA resident isn't afforded the same courtesy & privacy protected.... just saying.

999 days ago


I agree with everyone who thinks she needs to grow up. Grow up for her children, if not herself. This is just stupid and selfish. She sounds like she has a death wish with all these drugs.

999 days ago


when a good time turns around
you must whip it
you will never live it down
unless you whip it
no one gets away
until they whip it

I say whip it
whip it good!

999 days ago


Bitch needs ta eat some ***** :)

999 days ago


pardon my drug-related vocabulary but what the hell is a "whip-it"?

999 days ago


felt it would be an invasion of privacy if that information was released to the public -- so it was cut out of the tape


999 days ago


Give Jackson credit here, at least he "went big" with the "propofol".. no huffing whip hits for the Jacko baby!

999 days ago

karen darvin    

a whip it is a small cylander that has nitrous oxide in it, it goes into a whip cream maker to turn the cream into whip cream instantly. So if you go to Starbucks and see them putting whip cream in some thing, that is what the whip it goes into it. but some people drop the cylander in and inhale it, gives a short whirly buzz.they are legal cause they are a food product so teens can buy them

999 days ago


She is a public person, and she worked and continues to work very hard to keep herself in the public eye. Why is she entitled to MORE privacy than the average private citizen?

999 days ago


Despite what many here and elsewhere have suggested, 911 tapes that are released to the public are routinely edited in most jurisdictions to remove personal and certain legally protected information. Such information can and does include such things as names and/or address of non-involved parties, private cell phone numbers, and especially prescription drugs and personal medical information that may be protected by HIPAA. Such privacy protections supersede any public "right to know."

What is not apparent in this instance -- and what clearly suggests a likely double standard for celebrities -- is the rationale for the removal of any references to Whip-its, since they are not illegal, medicinal, nor prescription in nature. As such, it seems highly unlikely that this could be considered private and/or legally protected information. I'd love to hear the city attorney's rationale for this, because as it stands it suggests we have a city official living in fear of Hollywood actors, their publicists, and lawyers. What a surprise ... not.

999 days ago
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