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'Fear Factor'

Donkey Semen Episode

Off the NBC Schedule

1/30/2012 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Donkey semen will not be served on network TV tomorrow night -- the"Fear Factor" episode featuring the stunt has been yanked ... at least according to a website where NBC posts its media releases.

The controversial episode is entitled, "Hee Haw! Hee Haw!" An NBC media release teased it by saying the contestants will eat "the unimaginable."

But the NBC website no longer lists that episode as airing tomorrow ... and instead lists a repeat of an episode entitled "Snake Bite" -- which first aired on January 2. 

We also checked two channel guides -- one in LA and one in NYC -- and both now list the repeat instead of the one with the donkey semen stunt. Additionally, promos for the episode are no longer posted anywhere on the Internet.

TMZ broke the story ... NBC had given 'FF' producers the thumbs up on airing the episode -- but according to our sources honchos at NBC and its parent company, Comcast, started having second thoughts after TMZ published details of the challenge.

We've made several calls to reps at NBC, Comcast, and Endemol -- which produces 'FF' -- but so far ... radio silence.
The good people at the peacock just got back to us -- NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt says, "I reviewed the episode late last week and decided it was a segment we should not air."

Sources at the network tell us Comcast was not involved in the decision.


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I never intended to watch this sick show. I also am now aware how perverted NBC is so I will likely avoid the majority of their programming in the future. We have a DVR at home and can record anything we want at any time so we do not feel compelled to watch filth like this at ANY time. Good luck with your losing, perverted network, NBC. Maybe a company with some class will buy you out and you can disappear entirely now ("Hope" and "Change" means no more disgusting liberal programs on TV). Also, "Saturday Night Live" sucks worse than ever and needs to go the way of an aborted fetus also.

967 days ago


At first I thought it must have been a coincidence that of all the animals on earth, the producers picked donkey semen. It took a moment or two to catch on that the donkey is the symbol of the "D" party.

Then it hit me that NBC honchos originally approved the show based on the fact they are so used to drinking "donkey semen" direct from the jackass in the White House that they just assumed it was a normal thing to do.

967 days ago


Way to Kill it TMZ

967 days ago


Oh man! Would really suck to be a contestant that went through the filming only to find out it will never be shown...

967 days ago


I stopped watching this show because its not about fear any longer. I'm not afraid to eat a bulls penis, or even drink urine or donkey semen. I'm just not stupid enought to do it. Fear and stupidity are not the same thing.

967 days ago


No donkeys were hurt in the making of this episode.

967 days ago


Oh thank God! A tiny, sliver of hope for the world.

967 days ago

Uncle Rufus    


967 days ago


Actually, Chris Matthews drank it all before the show taped so they had to cancel until his 'boyfriend' could re-charge.

967 days ago


Whats wrong with Semen? Is it because they produce so much every time they ***... Work it donkey

967 days ago


NBC has lost their friggin' mind. Shocking, I know..

967 days ago


Perhaps letters like mine to the FCC and NBC started some thinking and discussion. Maybe not but this FF episode should have never been approved for airing over public airwaves.

967 days ago


Well there goes the only job Obama created, the guy who had to choke the donkey's chicken...

967 days ago


utterly disgusting this is how depraved the public has become.Whats next telivised rape and murder? or perhaps sucking a bulldog off? America has no morals left we have become an abomination.or obamanation?

967 days ago


Send the drink to the "Fair and Balanced Network." Share it with all the bimbos. Sound Fair... and Balanced it with Bill O'Rielly and Hannity,Gutfeld,Kilmeade...Fox News. very fair and balanced

967 days ago
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