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Lindsay Lohan

I Don't Owe That

Betty Ford Worker a Dime!

1/29/2012 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan and Dawn Holland
It took her six months, but Lindsay Lohan has finally fired back a response to the Betty Ford worker who claims LiLo assaulted her -- and to no one's surprise ... Lindsay is pinning all the blame on her. 

Lindsay allegedly got into it with Dawn Holland (now going by Dawn Bradley) back in December 2010, while Lindsay was in rehab. Bradley filed a lawsuit last July against Lohan for the alleged incident, claiming assault and battery.

Attorneys for Lindsay filed their response in Riverside County Superior Court on January 10, claiming the entire incident was provoked by Bradley ... so Lindsay shouldn't have to pay her a cent. Lohan claims anything she may have done was done in self-defense.

Lohan also wants the court to force Bradley to pay for her court costs, plus any other relief the court sees fit.



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Rogue Warrior    

The bag lady bullies need a generous serving of Donkey Sauce to calm their nerves, that's all.

They say, withdrawal is a bietch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

964 days ago


Here little Sleech here here...I've got a present for you SHAKE ......SHAKE......SHAKE.......

964 days ago


Love the 'shaker' Ketjo! lol

964 days ago


Gone gone gone? Just checking.

964 days ago

big bamboo    

to keep up with the Kardashians..Dina has issued each lohan their own personal stalker.complete with every family members telephone number, and inside info ..

964 days ago


Lindsay is a very attractive and fortunate young lady, and Dawn Holland just seems to be jealous of her. I wish I had the things Lindsay has too, so please don't get me wrong here.

964 days ago


think I will bet Sleech to bed tonight after last night its been a long day and I am whupped.....I'll leave the salt shaker in case anybody needs it....LOL
Have an nice evening

964 days ago


I went back to read the original posts on this altercation. It's true that Lindsay's people were the first to put information out there. The enablers have been stating the Dawn started this altercation first, and cited this article with the information. What is interesting is what Lindsay's people said:

We're told Lindsay feels the staffer has had it out for her for a while ... and with LiLo reaching the end of her stay at the clinic, the actress believes the staffer was looking for a final confrontation.

Isn't it interesting that in the 911 call, that Lindsay claims she's never seen this woman before, and that she was freaking her out??

964 days ago


Oh yes, anytime there is a stranger in my house, i always call my mother first...lmao!

964 days ago

big bamboo    

a fat evil guy dawning a turban and wired on cocaine does not scare lindsay..but gordon fishermen, knocking on her door asking for directions freaks her out.
and a Praying Mantis living next door that smells like cat food...while a across the alley a guy wielding a baseball bat threatening people does not frighten her the least

964 days ago


Im thinking lindz set up shop at the marmont, being her house is infested with roaches,most likely mutant and can not go lindsay.

964 days ago

Red Cloud    

Interesting poll results from the story TMZ ran on April 2, Lindsay Lohan On 911 Call -- I Told You So!
Very interesting because this is anti-Lindsay territory. Most of Lindsay's many fans stay away from TMZ and other gossip sites.
Comes off worse in the 911 call ...


Total Votes: 58,497

964 days ago

big bamboo    

when playboy came out and lindsay spawned her new fan base..
because she is not attractive anymore and looks very Attainable to freaks and unatractive people..they all want to give her a sympathy she considers them stalkers..she should bask in the 5 years even they would not put their dowadity in her cha cha

964 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


Caught you on ROL. bowing to the Queen. You freaking rock

964 days ago


(This wasn't supposed to be a reply)
@red cloud,

Where exactly do her fans come out in big numbers? You site everywhere her fans don't come out, but never where they do. I have yet to find where there is an abundance of Lindsay fans anywhere. Even on twitter, where you state she has millions of fans, when you look at the tweets involving Lindsay the majority of the tweets are anti-Lindsay.

As proof, here are the most recent 3 tweets about Lindsay:

Haha! So sad. So true. RT @KevinPlantz: Happy Birthday to the guy that ruined Lindsay Lohan. @WillyVille

4 minutes ago

Vagina Holes - Most stretched out vagina award goes to, and it's a tie, Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian. - blackatyou

6 minutes ago
lovatictiLLidieLove is louder
@DopeDemiSwag me too but if he turns her into something like Lindsay Lohan because of heartbreak then he's gunna regret it....

and the ones after this are still not favorable! They even get worse!

964 days ago
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