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Lindsay Lohan

I Don't Owe That

Betty Ford Worker a Dime!

1/29/2012 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan and Dawn Holland
It took her six months, but Lindsay Lohan has finally fired back a response to the Betty Ford worker who claims LiLo assaulted her -- and to no one's surprise ... Lindsay is pinning all the blame on her. 

Lindsay allegedly got into it with Dawn Holland (now going by Dawn Bradley) back in December 2010, while Lindsay was in rehab. Bradley filed a lawsuit last July against Lohan for the alleged incident, claiming assault and battery.

Attorneys for Lindsay filed their response in Riverside County Superior Court on January 10, claiming the entire incident was provoked by Bradley ... so Lindsay shouldn't have to pay her a cent. Lohan claims anything she may have done was done in self-defense.

Lohan also wants the court to force Bradley to pay for her court costs, plus any other relief the court sees fit.



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The events that night and the tape speak for themselves. She got busted sneaking back in and because she was only ten minutes late, and because she thinks no rule ever and anywhere applies to her, gets pissy when Holland starts questioning. If I'm in that situation and get busted on my way back in after getting my hair done in the middle of the night because they were slow, I take that breatalyzer. She knew she was fvcked. She wanted Holland off that phone so bad that she went after her for it and the fight ensued. I don't think any kind of verbal language from Holland asking her if she wanted to be sued would get it tossed or go in Lohan's favor. She has to check herself in that kind of situation, but she didn't. Betty Ford has been around quietly for 30 years, thousands of others in and out of the place, and and this narcissistic pig gets there and all **** hits the fan. Good job again Linds.

936 days ago


Get in line, NEXT!!!

936 days ago

AGENT smith    

WOW......I'm not surprises that this has turned into a hate fest.........Lindsay jumped the wall, so what, that doesn't give the night lady, a right to assault her and than fake a injury. Is Ms Holland working now or living on federal assistance? She was fired by Betty Ford, after they reviewed he arrest record and saw that she was in rehab five times in for crack cocaine addiction, I'm sure that was an easy decision when she sold confidential information to TMZ in an interview for 25K or whatever it was.....

936 days ago



It doesn't matter to me what you or anyone else thinks, it still doesn't make your interpretation true. The judge will have ALL the facts. For now all we have is Dawn Hollands side of story and one comment from Lindsay months ago. Don't forget, Lindsay made that call and Dawn Holland interrupted her call, why? that doesn't sound like someone in control.

936 days ago


And let's not forget this gem:

Michael Lohan has come forward to confess that it he was him, not Lindsay Lohan, who bribed the now-fired Betty Ford employee Dawn Holland in exchange for her silence.

And before anyone says Michael did this on his own, this was during the time that he and Lindsay were talking, going to the movies together, etc...

936 days ago


All Dawn has to prove is on that tape.....Dawn was doing her job ...Lindsay was refusing to comply and interfering in Dawn doing her job....You here her on the tape telling the other girl not to go with her...again showing who is being uncooptive...she wall the police and starts to spin a lie about whats going on...Dawn takes the phone to let the Sheriff know where the phone call is coming from that is not a agressive move ..Lindsay goes off and trys to grab the phone back, the aggressor, then hits Dawn as she does...Lindsay say something about "sue or sueing" Dawn answers back 'You want to get sued" and so on ...listen with your ears open ...
What happened after words does not matter in this suit...whether she got fire or suspended or money or not it does not come into play her...
Lindsay has a right to be afraid of this one...LOL

936 days ago


Hearsay? There is the audio of the 911 tape, which is NOT hearsya, and there are plenty of witnesses. Everyone forgets that Dawn isn't the only employee there at the time, there is also the other gentleman there, on the phone, and there is also the person who caught them climbing the wall, and who called Dawn to come there to take the breathalyzer (who might be that gentleman). No one has heard from those people, but I am sure they will be in court. There are also the other people who were said to be drunk also, but who knows how credible they will be considering they were drinking.

936 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Dawn Holland dd not violate any HIPAA laws. She did not release any medical records, she sold HER copy of an incident report. The incident report would have been stored in another location, not in Lindsay's medical files. The incident report contained no medical information regarding Lindsay's treatment and no identifying contents. Dawn Holland was fired from Betty Ford for breaking Betty Ford's PERSONAL code of ethics, not for a HIPAA violation. Upon finding out that Dawn had sold her copy of the incident report, Betty Ford immediately notified the proper authorities of A POSSIBLE HIPAA violation, and no action was taken because no HIPAA violation was found to have occurred.

936 days ago


Were beating a dead horse here. That trick could commit MURDER on video tape, have a dozen witnesses who say the same thing, and these nitwits will claim its a 'set up', 'not her fault', was 'provoked', whatever. Its never Blohans fault, NEVER!

936 days ago


When crack heads be on they high they get super human powers maybe it goes the same way when they are trying to kick the habit she may have beat that as* because if this lady let little bitty lohan whoop her then she should take her as* whoopin like a woman

936 days ago

big bamboo    

lohan has to fork over half of everything she ownes..bye bye vintage underware,,bye Ali

936 days ago


I don't see anything, do I need to get glasses, or is that chick just an opportunistic ho.

936 days ago


I believe that California Justice has been leaning toward Loony's favor because Judges & DA are kissing her ass. Hell, someone without money & fame would have been sentenced to 4+ years of the BS that Loony did since 2007. Loony! Beware! Don't F'cKed up here in Florida....Law don't kiss ass here!!

936 days ago


There goes Gloday, calling everyone names, because she has not other way to defend this!

936 days ago

Alan Carver    

Here is Lohan living life with no regrets! What a JOKE! She is so broke she can't afford to have someone take her to court, but by-god she will make sure anyone who does something wrong to her even if it is does not stand up in court, she has become as delusional as DINA-LING! What a travesty Lohan ... once again the only press you can muster these days are these pathetic 'court-proceedings' and filings you get caught in all the time because of your PAST! You never learn, you never will, Hollywood said goodbye to you 7 years ago when you first started getting into trouble with the law, which clearly you have made your career now-a-days. You are ridiculous anymore and EVERYONE KNOWS IT! Just go back to crack-smacking, pill-popping, booze-addled ways that you only know now since NO ONE CARES ANYMORE ABOUT YOUR WORTHLESS FORMER LIFE AS A CHILDHOOD ACTRESS ... you blew it for a few highs! I hope it was worth all that you have paid and sacrificed ... but thank god you did ... EMMA STONE IS HERE and has readily replaced you already ... Emma Stone is to you what YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN! LOOK AT YOU NOW - L O S E R!!!!!!

936 days ago
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