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Soap Actor's Suicide

Condo Board Member

Accepts NO Responsibility

1/29/2012 6:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A member of the condo board that Nick Santino said pressured him to euthanize his pit-bull -- a decision that drove him to suicide -- says the condo board is NOT responsible for his death.

Board member Marilyn Fireman says she is sorry that Santino is dead, but says it has nothing to do with the building's no-pet policy. She tells the NY Post, "You just assumed that [his suicide] was a result of a board’s decision."

Fireman did concede Santino routinely complained about the building’s anti-dog policies.

Santino's sister tells the paper the family is holding off on funeral arrangements until the dead dog's ashes are brought home ... saying, "They'll be buried together."

Santino had his beloved and healthy pit-bull Rocco put to sleep on Tuesday, Santino's 47th birthday. A few hours later, he overdosed on pills.


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"I don't care if Santino's dead. As long as he put his dog down is all that matters to us" said Marilyn Fireman.

Cold, heartless bitch.

964 days ago


Geesh, such compassion on this board!!! Most of you don't get it or understand.
I've never lived in a condo, but I do have a cat and he was grandfathered in when I moved to one apt for another in the same building. After that the landlord made a no pet policy but allowed me to keep my cat.
Let me explain about depression, for you uneducated and ignorant people on here. When you are depressed, YOU DON'T MAKE RATIONAL DECISIONS. It is a CHEMICAL thing in your brain. Depression is also a very self centered disease.It is all about you and what pain you are in.
Obviously, there is still a stigma about this disease.
This condo board can say whatever they want, but they are PARTIALLY responsible for his death and that of his dog. And as for moving, maybe there was not any apts available that took pets, or in the case of living in New York, one that he could afford. It did say he was unemployed. That hits a man hard when that happens. It is one of the main reasons that MEN commit suicide, a lack of employment. Men are validated by what they do in life.
I find it very offensive that people see this as a character flaw, him being depressed. It had nothing to do with being a "coward". When you get to that point, all you care about is the pain to BE GONE. I know, I have come close several times to ending it all but pulled back and got some help.
This Marilyn lady is going to get her's someday. What goes around comes around. Firm believer in this saying.

964 days ago


Why didn't the idiot just move? It's a good thing he killed himself if he chose killing his dog over selling his condo. Pathetic.

964 days ago


I can't believe people are defending this guy. He had plenty of options: move, give the dog away, or if you love the dog so much go and live on the streets with the dog. I wouldn't euthanize my children because of a no child policy by a condo group. This sicko killed the dog for no reason, then killed himself. Take responsibility for yourselves. Always the blame game, boo hoo. I don't have an ounce of pity for this man.

964 days ago


The dog was just a convenient excuse for his suicide. While I have no doubt he was upset and in pain over the dog issue, his problems ran far deeper. There was no reason to euthanize a healthy dog. There are any number of charities to help him get the dog adopted. He could have moved. He could have filed suit.

At most, the dog issue was just the last straw for him. But it was not the reason for his suicide. It is just a convenient, easy excuse.

964 days ago


How about just moving?

964 days ago


The condo board isn't responsible for Santino's suicide. For whatever reason, his neighbors felt threatened by his 'pibull', and he was asked to find another home for the dog. Nick Santino had many options other than putting his dog down and killing himself. Something else was going on inside this man's brain.

964 days ago


rules are rules...
.but why not take your healthy dog and move??? senseless!

964 days ago


He WAS ALLOWED to have the dog. The no pet policy went into effect after he had moved in. They grandfathered him in because he already had the dog. The board continued to pressure him to get rid of the dog after the fact. YES, he was likely unstable, BUT, this was his family. He made a bad decision, but felt he simply could not live without his best friend. It is very sad. The board bullied this man. They took advantage of someone that had great compassion for a dog, and exploited that to their advantage. Are they responsible for his death? No, he is. But, is the board to blame, probably YES. Hope your time in HELL is toasty will be the time your frozen ass will finally thaw.

964 days ago


He chose to put the dog down and he chose to swallow pills. Sorry, its a sad situation, but its his own responsibility.

964 days ago


first of all, the building made the no dog rule after he was already living there. second of all, its not very easy to "just move" when you live in NYC, are a struggling actor and have a pitbull. he most likely suffered from depression but the constant harassing from the building, including making the dog take the service elevator, was disgusting! RIP Nick and Rocco!!

964 days ago

Gerald Hoffman    

The sequence of events described is truly tragic but it is simplistic at best to blame the members of the board for Mr. Santino death. He had a number of other options which for his own reasons, he choose not to take. He could have left his dogs with friends/family, put it up for adoption or simple ask for more time while he did so. Having his dog put to sleep and then conmmiting suicide is not the sign of a mentally healthy person. I am truly sorry that he choose suicide but that was his choice. The board merely inforced an existing building wide rule and clearly had no idea that his reaction would be so extreme. I think instead of accepting this as a tragice event, many people want someone to blame. This is understanadable but simply unfair and unwarranted.

964 days ago


Couldn't have loved his pitbull too much to put it to sleep. Most lovers of dogs would have given their dog to a friend and visit it a lot, not kill it! Or just moved, my family went through the same thing with a landlord who decided our dog was no longer wanted in his building so WE MOVED.

964 days ago


Does anyone think that having a pit bull in a condo or apt building to be an unsuitable place for such a dog? In my opinion med. and large dogs deserve to have space to run around and "be a dog" not sit in an apt. all day long.

964 days ago


Why couldn't this guy just move to a place that accepts animals or dogs and just be done with it? To kill your dog and then yourself, something is wrong here and it's not the condo board. Come on really, kill yourself because the authorities won't let you keep you dog in the condo? PLEASE

964 days ago
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