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'American Idol'

Exec Producer Pitches

Obama Duet with Al Green

1/30/2012 11:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" honcho Nigel Lythgoe has balls -- he's asking Prez Obama to come on the show to do the song that made him even more famous -- with Al Green.

Seems Nigel was blown away by Obama's short rendition of "Let's Stay Together" at the Apollo Theater earlier this month.

So Nigel just tweeted the Prez, "We loved your vocal performance so much we'd love to invite you on to American Idol this Season for a duet with Al Green."

We'd watch.  But is it a good move for the Prez?


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My husband and I disagreed on this. I thought it was a terrible idea and would make the President look silly but he says if he wants to have some fun in his spare time then why shouldn't he? Bill Clinton played the saxophone at some event.
So I guess it doesn't really matter. :P Unless of course he screws it up and in fact DOES look silly.

998 days ago


This marxist "so called" President has slowly ruined this country. The only way this guy would make me happy is to just disappear.

998 days ago


Oh pleeese!! I will never watch American Idol again if this happens..If they let Obama sing with Al Green then it would only be fair to let Newt sing The Eye of the Tiger with Survivor.

998 days ago


Hopefully he will have plenty of time after Jan.20,2013! He is such a loser, Mr. Cool in Chief.

998 days ago


Obama is slowing digging the nation out of the mess Bush created after being allowed to run criminally a muck for eight years, and everyone wants to criticize Obama. I guess, in four short years, the country has forgotten about the atrocities of the Bush Administration:
1. Patient neglect at Walter Reed Army Hospital
2. Outing a CIA agent
3. Lying the country into the Iraq war
4. Hurricane Katrina debacle
5. The Patriot Act
6. Torture at Abu Ghraib
6. Numerous war crimes

Need I continue...

998 days ago


always leave 'em wanting more .. no american idol for obama .

998 days ago


Obama cares more about being a "cool celebrity" than he does about I don't know, RUNNING THE COUNTRY. And the worst part is this is exactly why idiotic americans loovvved him. Because he was "like sooo cool! Hes so hip and he dances on the Ellen show!" They voted for him because he tries to portray himself as 'hip' and 'cool' when that isn't what you're supposed to look for in a PRESIDENT.

998 days ago


To all of those who think Obama is ruining this country...

Why doesn't Mitt Romney trust in American capitalism and our banking system?? Why does he make MILLIONS of dollars off of American workers (many of whom he then fires/lays off) and then send his money to banks in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands?? What's wrong with American banks?? Why not invest it back into America instead of foreign banks??

Is THAT what you want in a president?? Really??

Give me Obama ANYDAY!

998 days ago


Way to enforce stereo types Obama... it will be a MIRACLE if we ever have another minority President again. The first and LAST black president of the United States, Barack Obama. And fyi these 'problems' existed prior to Barack taking over office. He actually has made a lot of positive moves. Just not as many as he COULD have. Maybe a little less time as a celebrity and more time as our commander and chief...

998 days ago

billy cema    

Is Nigel Lythgoe favoring the Republican party? Does he think that in america, twelve yr olds can vote?
For his part, Obama has enough trouble being taken seriously!

998 days ago


Hey Nigel, eff off. How about a duet between the President and your queen, on American Idol?

998 days ago


Why the hell NOT???? Clinton went on Arsenio Hall back in the day to play the sax and his popularity went through the roof. I think it would humanize him a bit and make him look less nerdish. I don't like American Idol in the first place, so if the ratings tanked and it went off the air,GOOD.
Besides, people seriously want that wax dummy Romney in the White House?? Him and his multiple wives, which he is hiding by the way. Or Gingrich??? Get real people.
Obama INHERITED these problems from BUSH. I know you Republicans on this board hate to hear it but it is the truth!!!! He is the one that killed Bin Laden, NOT Bush.
As for all the people on here mentioning race in their snide remarks, you just can't help yourself, can you. You just have to go to the lowest common demominator don't ya???
The problem in this country is the REPUBLICANS. You and that god awful tan man, i.e. John Boehner. You have wanted it your way all along and you think that the presidency is your birthright or something. You all won't be happy until we are breathing through gas masks, living out of cardboard boxes and eating out of garbage cans. Oh, just as long as we consume and buy things, to feed all the corporations that are in your pockets. You all make me sick to my stomache.

998 days ago


For all you bitter folks I bet every last one of you would watch if he were on the show. I have a better idea just maybe he should team up with President Bush as his back up.

997 days ago


Clinton did well with his sax.

997 days ago


Obama can sing for me anytime!

997 days ago
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