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Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry

Counseling for Everyone

1/31/2012 7:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have been urged to get some serious counseling for the benefit of Nahla, but their marathon court hearing today was contentious and largely unproductive ... law enforcement sources connected with the case tell TMZ.

We've learned the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services submitted more than a dozen recommendations to the judge, including mediation ... in which a 3rd party would sit with Halle and Gabriel and try to figure out how they can peacefully raise their child.  We're told Halle was receptive but Gabriel wasn't.

And our sources say ... Halle agreed to continue her individual counseling, which will help her deal with what has become an impossible situation.

As for Gabriel, he's agreed to counseling for his anger issues.

And, as we first reported, both parties agreed today to send 3-year-old Nahla to counseling.

We're told the judge did not make any decision on the fate of the nanny, whom Gabriel wants fired.

And the judge hasn't ruled on Halle's request to keep Gabriel from Nahla until the child endangerment investigation runs its course.

Sources say Gabriel has objected to most of the recommendations and the judge is on the verge of holding a full hearing -- similar to a trial -- so he can firmly call the shots.



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That poor kid is going to need counselling for the rest of her life.

996 days ago


Now, I completely agree that Halle is crazy as a loon and is trying to alienate Gabriel from his daughter. However, I also think it is not in his best interest to reject the recommendations from Children and Family services, they can make your life miserable if you fail to go with their flow. They know how to make Mother Teresa look like an abusive parent. The best thing to do, is do whatever it takes. Learn how to agree with the absolute absurd request of a crazy mother and intrusive family services. It will hurt him in the long run to seem like he is stalling the process or disagreeing with every recommendation. Look at the crazy train mother, she is agreeing, she has that part down anyway. I sure hope the authorities can see through her disgusting act of trying to alienate the father from his beautiful daughter. Gabriel deserves to see his daughter without spies paid for by the mother around 24/7. If he needs a nanny, he should be able to hire one himself, pay for it, and have that nanny sign a confidentiality agreement keeping Halle out of the mix. If Halle demands a nanny, then she should give him the cash, he should find and pay the nanny himself so that way it doesn't create a "fly on the wall" situation.

996 days ago


That poor child...

996 days ago


@ Mary P...totally agree with you. Clearly that Cheyenne chick is part of her PR team. And that Jenejnejen woman is stil furious with her ex, so no surprise she constantly sympathized with Halle in post after post. Fact is TMZ always back the celebrity with $ who line TMZ's pockets. (look at their Kim K's azz licking)

If Halle can speed off from a victim she hit - and lie about it-she will def lie about her baby's daddy.

If Halle can sit in a her car in a garage with the exhaust running, about to commit suicide over her break up with David Justice (and this came from her mouth), AND have her innocent 2 dogs with her to kill them, too...sorry she's nuts. If you want to kill yourself, fine, but don't murder your dogs, you psycho!

996 days ago


I know Gabriel, he's from my town. He is not crazy.
Halle is Crazy!
He told me some stuff that people would be shocked to know.
He got sucked into her world of HollyWierd.

995 days ago

Truth 4 Ever    

LeeLo and Throwback Kid,
I agree with both of you. Halle has entitlement issues, she feel like she is the star and I'm finished with you now go away. Also, there is nothing wrong with Gabriel except he is mad as heck, all her money and people around her are lying on him, she is trying to take away the only relative he has in life and Halle is just using that baby as a pawn. I've seen so many women do that and thought that Halle had enough class that when the relationship ended, she would still let him be a father to his daughter. She's black listed him, she has people to pick her or him, she has ruined his name and tried as hard as he could to break him, Yes, that man is mad, for the sake of his daughter I hope he can find some peace, so he won't be bitter the rest of his life and never trust a women again. Halle one of those women who does everything trying to get her way and then when it doesn't work she says okay we can be friends now.

969 days ago
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