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Halle Berry

Locked and Loaded

for Court

1/30/2012 7:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0130_halle_INFHalle Berry just arrived at the L.A. County Courthouse ... ready to do battle with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry.

Halle is trying to get a restraining order ... prohibiting Gabriel from having any contact with Nahla until the child endangerment investigation targeting him is resolved.

Sources tell us ... it's possible Halle will be required to testify today. Gabriel is trying to get an order firing the nanny ... something Halle doesn't want.


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He pushes the nanny holding his child into a wall and he's the victim? He may want to be in his child's life, but so do a lot of drug dealers and child molesters. It doesn't mean that's what's best for her at the present time. I wouldn't want him around my child neither!

997 days ago


She'd probably take a turkey baster to court.

997 days ago


Of course she doesn't want him to have his way. She has NEVER wanted him to get his way in raising his own child. I hope Halle just pizzez the judge off and he doesn't grant her a darn thing. She is despicable and doesn't deserve the title of mother.

997 days ago


Oh yeah, totally looks like a man who abuses and yells at his daughter. She looks sooo scared of him. In the mean time Radar Online has other photos of Nahla giving Oliver Martinez a kiss. Yep. Halle is definately trying to rip custody from Gabriel, so Halle, Oliver & Nahla look like a happy family together.

Gabriel better step up harder & faster than Halle ! Halle is clearly trying to make sure their little girl has nothing to do with her daddy.

Halle Berry is a B***h !

997 days ago


I just read on another site that all of them are required to take counseling not just Gabe...I wonder who's stories are true...

997 days ago


I find it so fascinating that most of the evil, mean comments about Halle Berry are coming from women. The racist, misogynistic, psychopathic women on this site like to forget that people who worked with Gabriel Aubry said how he was unpleasant, and how he had a temper, his ex-gf said how he was racist, and now the nanny, a separate individual is saying how he pushed her, and all of a sudden the nanny is lying, and Halle Berry is paying her off...Did Halle Berry pay off his co-workers as well, his ex-girlfriend? And yes if you know even a little bit about psychology, some women DO PICK ABUSERS OVER AND OVER AGAIN. It's not some type of myth, and it doesn't mean they're to blame, or they're crazy.

997 days ago


How about the court orders both parents have monitored visitation with the kid, that would be fair.

997 days ago

Pebblebeach a sickazz control freak...and about to get on my last nerve...

997 days ago


Finally a picture of Scary Berry, the face only her ex's got to see until now.

997 days ago


She looks bat **** crazy.

997 days ago


She already played the race card, now she's gone nuts.

No wonder she can't keep a man.

997 days ago

Joan K    

Looks like this girl could grow hair on her teeth, scary looking.

997 days ago


It's interesting how most here seem to assume Halle is somehow to blame for this. A court does not arrange for supervised visitation unless there are issues. Gabe apparently has some since the court previously ordered supervised visits. I'm not saying Halle is perfect. And for those of you who assume she was somehow lucky to get him...b**tches, please.

997 days ago

Spencer B in MD    

I never used to have any opinion of Halle as a person (except for the Hit and Run she was convicted of doing a few years back). But now I think she is El B*tcho Supreme! That look on her face says it all! She thinks her "S" doesn't stink! She definitely can get in to uncontrollable rages! It's right below her surface! Run, don't walk away from her! No matter who she dates, it's guaranteed to end HORRIBLY!

997 days ago


this woman needs "HELP" she is off the hook.

please someone get her some help before she does something real bad.

god what is wrong with her?

everytime you hear anything about her it's something wrong.

nem stalking her, people looking in her windows, the mailman made a pass at her. ghost chaseing after her, ET. keeps calling her and won't stop etc.
when will it stop?

what the hell is wrong with her?

is she really "CRAZY" ?

come on halle get it together it's not that bad.
next thing we know you are engaded to Osama bin Laden cousin.

please judge get this fool some 'HELP".

997 days ago
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