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Newt Gingrich

Sued for Using 'Eye Of the Tiger'

at Political Events

1/30/2012 1:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Newt Gingrich is being sued by the company which owns the rights to the 1982 song, "Eye of the Tiger" -- claiming Newt had no right to use it as part of his campaign.

Rude Music Inc. -- owned by a member of the band Survivor -- filed the suit today in federal court in Illinois ... claiming Newt has jacked the song made famous in "Rocky III" to push his political agenda.

According to the lawsuit, Newt has been using the song at various political events since 2009.

In the suit, Rude Music claims Gingrich used the song at the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2009, 2010 and 2011 ... as well as the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in 2010.

RMI claims Gingrich -- along with his campaign team, Newt 2012, Inc. -- recently  used the song during a campaign event in Doylestown, Pennsylvania ... claiming, "Mr. Gingrich entered the packed Moose Lodge for a speech as the song 'pulsed,' according to the the Newt 2012, Inc. website."

RMI is also suing the American Conservative Union -- claiming it has republished various clips featuring Newt and the "Eye of the Tiger" song without permission.

RMI is asking a judge to order Newt and his team to stop using the song ASAP -- plus, the company wants unspecified damages.

Gingrich isn't the first G.O.P. candidate to be sued for using music -- back in 2008, Jackson Browne sued John McCain for using the song "Running on Empty" in a political ad.


A rep for Net's camp tells TMZ ... "It is my understanding the band wants $200,000 because someone played their song.  That's one expensive concert ticket."


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Pretty funny how conservatives always want to use pop music of artists that can't stand them. Better stick country and Ted Nugent if you want to stay safe. The all time best was Regan wanting to use Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen. Look up the lyrics if you don't get the irony.

995 days ago

In Depth News    

The Suit Against American Conservative Union Sounds to be a Reckless Suit based (Maybe) on their left leaning Ideals.

If a Music Group does Not want a Political Party or Movement to be played at events (from conservative ,free market capitalism OR liberal collective, socialist events) The Music Group SHOULD Put On their Record Label or Album a Disclaimer that 'more or less' Reads "This Music Group .... does Not Support this Ideal...", Therefore It Would Be Fair For ALL PARTIES Involved (This Music Group and The Party or Ideal)..

The Consumer then can make a decision to Buy the Album and the Music Group has the Right to Discredit that Political Party or Ideal from Using their Music.

995 days ago


TO: kristen who wrote:
"sued by the DEMOCRATS!"
You say there's a reading problem in the Republican Party, and/or a problem telling the truth? Both, probably.

995 days ago


These frivolous suits are getting old. It's about time we conservatives start standing up to Hollywood. We need to let them know that if they're going to play politics, we are too and will no longer spend our money on their products. Having your music played by ANY politician at an event should be considered a compliment.

995 days ago


These GOP ( Grand Old Party ) candidates are a train wreck I don't mind watching:) Obama / Biden 2012

995 days ago


Why can't these guys ask for permission to use the song? Is it really that hard?

995 days ago

Dan Bowen    

Has a Democrat ever been sued for the same thing?

995 days ago


Survivor should be happy anybody would play that song I would not vote for anyone who played that song I wouldn't vote for Obama Biden that would make me dumber than the average TMZ reader.

995 days ago


This song makes me want to punch Gingrich.

995 days ago


It doesn't matter who you vote for... the little people are equally screwed no matter whose in office. But Gingrich is an ass. He cheats on his first wife, cheats on his second wife, is having affairs on his wife during the time he's preaching family values and chastising Clinton's infidelity, and then blames his own infidelity on patriotism. He's pure s***.

995 days ago


What a bitter old liberal the guy must be - exposure for the stupid song is GOOD, you idiot!

995 days ago

arale norimaki    

To Newt English should be the language of the USA. Then why do you have spanish political ad?

I am Newt Gingrich: I’m not a hypocrite

995 days ago


SOPA didn't pass, so they are going to go after whoever they can however they can. The industry is a messed up place right now. I doubt anyone has lost any money because of his stupid slogan. I hope that I didn't just accidentally type a string of words that happen to be in a song. I'd hate to affect someones crack habits.

995 days ago


Just when I thought Newt couldn't get any dorkier, he hijacks a rock song to make himself seem hip. Fail!

995 days ago


He should use a Michael Jackson song. BEAT IT.

995 days ago
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