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Halle & Gabriel ...

Nahla's Not the Problem

1/30/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


All hell is breaking loose in Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry's battle over Nahla -- he's taking anger management classes and 3-year old Nahla needs therapy? But maybe the only people who need therapy are Halle and Gabriel. We're thinking the judge should put them in therapy.

Plus, should Jerry Sandusky be allowed to see his grandkids? We think the answer is ... yes. Let us explain. Also, Prez Obama's invitation to sing on "American Idol" -- Charles says it's a horrible idea, but Harv thinks it could put him back in the White House!


(2:30) Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry's nuclear custody war takes another turn for the worse.
(4:00) Mike says Nahla isn't the one who needs counseling ... Halle and Gabriel do.
(10:04) Breaking news -- Newt Gingrich sued for using "Eye of the Tiger" on the campaign trail.
(12:01) Should Sandusky be able to see his grandkids? Evan argues that he's innocent until proven guilty.
(17:50) Harvey's debate skills trap Charles in a corner.
(21:02) The saddest story -- a struggling actor puts his dog to sleep -- then feels so bad about it he commits suicide. 
(27:01) Yep, talking about donkey semen again.
(28:20) NBC pulled the "Fear Factor" episode -- why?
(47:00) Harvey says something so ridiculous ... Charles has to walk it off.


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Not that I think he should be around children per se, but there is a difference between pedophilia and incest. He is probably perfectly fine with kids he's related to - it's those he's not who should beware!

963 days ago

Beth Bunn    

Hey, why arn't you guys reporting on the Christina Aguilera "running down the leg thing". That is priceless!

963 days ago


Its okay for Sandusky to "see" his grandkids. As long as there isn't any touching involved.

963 days ago


This issue is only between the Sandusky family and other people should but out.

963 days ago


wow I can't hear the name Jerry Sandusky anymore I'm scared to death just to hear the name of this sick@Sssrepublican/whitetrash/ And Halle Berry you're a SHANK plz get a life God why are you so mad B**** ur mixed ur rich and u do not represent black women sorry I mean you're almost as dumb as Freaking Kim K!!

963 days ago


Mike, STFU! damn dude saying well I'm a parent, how old is your infant? how long have you been a parent?
You have NO frame of reference at all!

963 days ago


NBC cancels the airing of the Donkey Episode. The US has a policy that they no longer condone torture. Perhaps NBC should adopt the same policy and stop torturing game show contestants by cancelling FEAR FACTOR, AGAIN!

963 days ago


(1)Nahla doesn't need protection from either parent. These two are no different than any other baby mama/daddy situation. They hate eachother and need parenting classes. (2)Celebrities are entertaining and will never lose appeal. (3)Can't believe they pulled the footage. Those girls drank nut for no reason.. smh (4) no comment. not even worth the time. (5) I would never put my child at that type of risk. My dog is smaller than my arm and I would never own a pet that could overpower me. But it's a personal choice. To each its own...

963 days ago


One of Sandsky's grandkids has also accused him of molestation!! No way should he be around kids!!

963 days ago

And another thing!    

The ONLY way Sandusky should be around his grandkids is if there is a court appointed supervisor present. In a case like this YOU MUST side on the side of caution when it comes to children. You just have to when it comes to kids. It's better safe than sorry. It's part of his bail. Deal with it. It won't be forever and it's not like it's just one count. It's 50 counts.

963 days ago


So what happens to the prize money for the winning team in the FF donkey semen episode? Is there a clause that prize money is only earned if the episode airs?

963 days ago


With all the pit bull/dog communities available online, this guy couldn't find someone to take the dog on an adoption basis. AND, if he believes he is being singled out, why would you want to live in such a place? This guy had issues beyond his grief for a dog.

963 days ago


Nick Santino had obviously decided to take his life before the dog was put to sleep and was probably afraid the dog wouldn't be properly cared for. Sad sad story.

963 days ago

Stan Giesea    

Terribly sad that this man gave into pressure and euthanized his dog. I understand his grief, but suicide is certainly no solution. The man had some kind of mental illness unrelated to this issue. I agree with Max that it is a selfish act.

963 days ago


so sad about this... I had moved out and call the dog whisperer Ceasar ! I am really shocked.. I would never put my dog asleep caus someone said so... it was a healthy dog...I could never do that.. I have a dog and I would do everything to keep her... even move.. sad sad

963 days ago
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