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'Fear Factor' Contestant

Threatened By Show

1/31/2012 11:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Claire Odioso and some donkey semen
The honchos over at "Fear Factor" are threatening contestants with possible lawsuits if they dare speak out about the donkey semen contest that NBC refused to air.

Claire Odioso -- one of the contestants who drank a glass of the sperm on the show -- got a threatening call this AM, after execs saw a video of her talking about the stunt posted on our website.

We're told the exec put the kibosh on Claire appearing on TMZ Live today, and further told her if she dared to say another word about animal spunk, they would enforce the confidentiality agreement and sic their lawyers on her. 

And we're told ... the other contestants on the show have been warned not to utter a word.

What exactly did "Fear Factor" producers expect -- when they make contestants drink donkey semen, it generally becomes a topic of conversation.


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That's screwed up! Those people went on Fear Factor to be on TV, and did a disgusting stunt for airtime, NBC doesn't air the stunt, and now NBC isn't letting those people talk about the stunt? That's screwed up!

994 days ago


I haven't seen their contract but if NBC had already disclosed information about the stunt, then as long as she does not disclose more than NBC, there is no case against her. In fact the only thing that she would be prohibited from disclosing is who won, or perhaps the exact time it took her to drink it because that is germane to the show. On the other hand she might have a cause against NBC, intentional infliction of emotional distress, for making her do something with the assumption that it would air (and would potentially make her famous) but then they don't air it.

994 days ago


Oops!! I think she has something on the corner of her mouth.

994 days ago


So when does Vivid offer her $1,000,000 to do it again? Can't wait!

994 days ago


EATING BUGS IS KILLING innocent animals for entertaining and drink animal products is atleast not .
I hope they sue NBC if they didn't get the money otherwise its not a big deal

994 days ago


"My girlfriend cut off her toe! She thought we would be getting million dollars! It's not fair!"

994 days ago


The actual footage will leak onto the internet before long, then there won't be anything confidential to protect.

994 days ago


I understand these contestants sign up for stunts and they do some pretty disgusting things. The producers and everyone involved in that show are making BIG bucks compared to the contestants. How dare they be so gross and put this as a stunt and they KNOW some contestants REALLY need the money. I guess the producers have no empathy for people in need of money...shame on Fear Factor.

994 days ago


I like Fear Factor. I like to see people doing some seriously crazy azz ****. I can't really watch them eating stuff...triggers my gag reflex, but the other stunts are cool. I think they should have aired it...I mean, it can't be much worse than drinking a cup of cow blood with live maggots in it! If people are willing to do this stuff, other people are more than happey to pay them to, and still others are happy to included.

994 days ago


since they say its not bestiality then could someone please tell me how did the donkey semen came out of the donkey into the cup???? did the donkey voluntarily said hey i am going to look on some donkey porn and masturbate then poor my jizz into the glass? wasn't there some interaction with a human for that? just saying. ask questions that matters TMZ!!

994 days ago

annie may    

oh god the sperm issue shouldnt even be at the top of my lips i could talk politics or everyday mumbo jumbo but ill say drinking sperm so totally wrong. was it porn? no just plain old nastification...who wants to go around drinking sperm for entertainm,ent??? someone who is desperate for her few minutes of fame

994 days ago


The twins just need to do porn the girls will make more than 50k each to drink a full glass of semen

994 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Boycott NBC. First the Jay Leno debaucle, now this. Watch Community, but nothing else on NBC.

994 days ago


They've already broken the confidentiality agreement, so I'd be suing them if I were NBC. Furthermore, I can't even fathom why these nasty biotches would want to talk about doing some disgusting crap like that!

994 days ago


This is what is wrong with America today. No standards or values. Who publicly admits to drinking a pint of donkey sperm? Only an American.

994 days ago
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