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'Fear Factor' Contestant

Threatened By Show

1/31/2012 11:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Claire Odioso and some donkey semen
The honchos over at "Fear Factor" are threatening contestants with possible lawsuits if they dare speak out about the donkey semen contest that NBC refused to air.

Claire Odioso -- one of the contestants who drank a glass of the sperm on the show -- got a threatening call this AM, after execs saw a video of her talking about the stunt posted on our website.

We're told the exec put the kibosh on Claire appearing on TMZ Live today, and further told her if she dared to say another word about animal spunk, they would enforce the confidentiality agreement and sic their lawyers on her. 

And we're told ... the other contestants on the show have been warned not to utter a word.

What exactly did "Fear Factor" producers expect -- when they make contestants drink donkey semen, it generally becomes a topic of conversation.


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Odioso means hater in spanish

995 days ago


OMG how discusting! What is wrong with people who are desperate enough to do something like that? UGG

995 days ago

Blunt & Frank    

Donkey fu***** semen, get over it people! As if some of you don't forget to swallow. Big fu***** deal. Just air the damn episode already!

995 days ago


GOOD! This is not worth discussing, it is sick and disgusting and these twins who claim they are so proud of drinking animal urine and semen are sick and disgusting. It was wrong of NBC and Fear Factor to ever promote such a sick disgusting act for money.

It is time everyone stops talking about this and shuts up and discards of the filming of such a sick act.

Immoral, inhumane and inappropriate! All of them involved.

995 days ago


Now TMZ can you move on from this donkey semen stuff, it is gross of you with the obsession you have over it.

995 days ago


Oh my gosh TMZ enough with this story, it makes me sick to my stomach, ughh enough. Move on already.

995 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

don't fall for the fackness of any tv show. She clearly said IT'S ENTERTAINMENT" Meaning don't believe everything you see.... So it wasn't donkey sperm and I bet that was apple juice...

995 days ago


What has this world come to? !! Donkey semen? I thought the original premise of "Fear Factor" was to help people get over real phobias, i.e., fear of heights, claustrophobia etc. Who in their right mind would ever dream up such an idiotic and downright disgusting activity?! This garbage borders on torture.

995 days ago


Next thing you know NBC will have contestants gargle the call letters...NNNNNNNN BE Ceeeeee!

995 days ago


Fear Factor has been simiply GROSS this time around.

995 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

whoever drank that sheit should be in therapy. whoever thought of the idea needs help. whoever approved the idea for production should be fired and criminal charges should be handed out against everyone involved. WHAT KIND OF MESSAGE was intended for the viewing public?
Whose shorter?

[_] Harvey Levin

[_] the donkey's schlong

[_] Fear Factor's future

995 days ago

some internet dude    

They are trying to get ratings, the show just barely started again and its tanking already. Remember when they had a girl suck a goats utter in a race to see who can suck the most milk into a cup.

995 days ago


Was this a celebrity episode of Fear factor featuring the Kardashians?

995 days ago


I don't understand why Fear Factor came back? It was good about 10 years ago...."it jumped the shark" during that time. There are good shows on other channels. Please pull the plug on Fear Factor.

995 days ago


This is so effing nasty :-( I will never watch the stupid show again....

995 days ago
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