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'Fear Factor' Donkey Chicks

It's NOT Animal Porn!

1/31/2012 8:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The chick who chugged donkey baby batter on "Fear Factor" tells TMZ ... the act DOES NOT constitute bestiality ... despite the sexual manner in which the elixir was harvested.

TMZ spoke with Claire -- the smokin' hot chick at the heart of the donkey controversy ... who tells us she and her twin sister Brynne are "proud" they rose to the challenge on the show, even though NBC pulled the episode. 

We asked if there's a difference between the FF stunt and bestiality porn, to which they replied, "There's a large difference ... no sexual acts involved."

When we asked Claire (who drank the semen) and Brynne (who drank urine) if they would do it again ... they answered, "Probably, we are proud of what we did." 


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Jay W.     

It's a damn shame these two did not forfeit on that stunt. lol

After reading some of these comments these poor girls are despised.

996 days ago


I think they're trying to milk it for all it's worth....I wonder if they've been contacted by anyone in the Adult Film Industry?

996 days ago


Claire certainly has the better complexion. Pay attention ladies!

996 days ago

Vicki Peters    

Hi. Brynne and Claire's mom here. You know, these girls are 22 years young. They went out to LA to be on Fear Factor thinking they might have to eat a few ****roaches, and when the stunt began, only then did they find out it was donkey urine and semen. Since they went with the attitude of accepting the challenges, they decided to go through with it. Yes, they put themselves in the limelight, I understand that. These are beautiful girls, inside and out. They are kind, respected, and sensitive to others. They are trying to handle the media blitz as best that they can. We all can't wait for their 15 minutes of fame to be over. And, yes, I am proud of them. So are the rest of their family and friends.

996 days ago


2 girls 1 donkey

996 days ago


These girls make the Kardashians look like nuclear physicists.

996 days ago


How effin desperate for fame does one have to be to drink donkey sperm and urine for television? Maybe they can roll the dice and get Dr. Phil to book them...

996 days ago

buzz kill    

Forget about AIDS, when you swap fluids with a donkey no telling what disese you will get, sorta like a box of chocolates.

996 days ago


They can guzzle my man juice anytime they want!

996 days ago


Usually girls in the Porn Industry don't suck off donkey's until the end of their careers.
These girls said heck with that and started at the bottom.

The only 'Hollywood' job these girls will ever have is porn movies. Twins in porn = big bucks.

Sadly when they decided to swallow the cup of jizz it ruined ANY chance they had a a career.

996 days ago

Hey Now    

Even if you win Fear Factor you get 50k before taxes. I wouldn't do half that crap even if you paid me a million bucks. Stay classy, people.

996 days ago


I'm not surprised to see a story about sperm guzzling on TMZ. It's jizz funneling central around here.

996 days ago


This is straight from a Jack-Ass movie stunt. How could FF ever think this might get on the show??

996 days ago


After all of the hype over this show and the bump in ratings that would come with it....NBC cancels it?!? The execs should be made to chug the same stuff...

996 days ago


'Hot chicks' are often the most disgusting beings on Earth. They make out with dogs, they do drugs, and have STDs. Now they drink donkey juice as a hobby. That is why I feel sorry for these guys who think they won the lottery when they sleep with 'hot chicks'.

996 days ago
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