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Lindsay Lohan

Goes Into Storage

1/31/2012 3:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Moving truck in front of Lindsay Lohans Venice homeLindsay Lohan was so spooked by her recent run-in with a trespasser at her home ... she has decided to move out of her Venice Beach pad for good, TMZ has learned.

A moving van showed up at Lindsay's house today -- and we're told all her stuff is being taken to a storage facility, until she figures out her next move.

And get this ... we're told by sources directly connected with LiLo ... the move could be cross-country -- she's seriously thinking of living in New York City when her probation is terminated at the end of March.

In the meantime, Lindsay is living at the swanky Chateau Marmont -- made famous by John Belushi who OD'd there in 1982.

It's pretty pricey ... but Lindsay's got Playboy money.


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Delmar has a good point,i would think the paps would get video and ask questions...*tapping my finger on desk*,hmmmm.

960 days ago


It must be getting harder for her to turn tricks in CA.

960 days ago


Here is my very late theory, which tiptoes on the edge of unbelievable yet is still highly entertaining:

All of these recent "stalker" stories, with special emphasis on the unwanted doorknocker guy, were premeditated media moves by the Lohans.

Many people said at the time that some of these people could have even been paid off to pull these basically non-threatening, yet still semi-creepy stunts in order to create some drama and sympathy for Lindsay. At the time many of us chalked it up to staying in the headlines, but now in retrospect, it has established a motive for her Big Move.

I think sometime before/near Christmas, a serious assessment was made about the financial and professional solvency of Lindsay Lohan by her people. I think it was the reality of this assessment -- the lack of funds, and the lack of job offers in Hollywood -- that led to this move.

Fortunately, she can still save face and pin it on the old crusty crazy dudes that want to diddle her dirty bits, or whatever.
(I just made myself somewhat ill)

960 days ago


Lohan has already been turned away from all the NY 'hot spots' in the city. That's not going to change. She's on the do not enter list.

Lindsay Lohan is also considered "libel proof". She did so much damage to herself she can't blame anyone else for that (sueing for money).

NY is not CA, there is no special treatment, NY couldn't care less of jail over crowding, no paps, no cameras.

960 days ago


TMZ you are truly a bunch of morons. It was new tenants moving into 415 Venice Way, the house next to Samantha's unit. It wasn't Lindsey. Do you guys do any research? Is everyone at TMZ this stupid?

960 days ago


I bet she swipes half of the fixtures, lights, and door knobs on her way out of that place. Note to landlord...get the hell over there!

960 days ago


You guys do realize your talking about a famous gorgeous millionaire actress?

960 days ago

Dr. M    

Hi ya Lindsay:

Nosce Te Ipsum
Shalom Aleichem

Dr. M

960 days ago


She's done this before, paying rent on one place while actually living at the hotel. Way back in her teens, she was sharing a place with Raven. Lindsay stored some stuff there, but Raven says she showed up briefly only 2 or 3 times. Once Raven almost called 911 because she didn't know it was Lindsay... She kept up her share of the rent, though. Strange but true.
A while ago there was a picture of Lindsay in a hotel room. The picture was tight but it didn't strike me as showing a huge place but rather made me feel it was a very small room. Not sure if it was the hotel here - but I wonder if it has some small rooms that are enough cheaper that it really would be less expensive than the Venice place. Lindsay obviously feels very comfortable at that hotel. Years ago, she mentioned in an interview that she liked being able to be go out of her room and be around people any time of the day or night at the hotel (she has trouble sleeping alone). What kind of accommodations did she have there in her teens? (Why can't I get the image of Eloise at the Plaza out of my head?)

960 days ago


The Daily Mail has a ridiculous article about Lindsay "dating" Henry Potter (son of Dennis Hopper). Lindsay is papped walking with him going to purchase liquor they claim. There are pictures of Lindsay in a odd looking floral design tight pants and her driving and Alexandra is with them. There's another shot of the truck from a little further away.

960 days ago

big bamboo    

smith is going to ride underneath the truck all the way to its destination. like robert deniro did in the movie "Cape Fear"..they can run but they cant hide..
Max Cady smitty: "Lindsay! Come out, come out, wherever you are!"

960 days ago

Jenifer Ansley    

I was not impressed with the Playboy cover!

960 days ago


@ Super-crazy
Dipsh!t, being born in a HOSPITAL doesnt mean she lived there, God your stupid! Dina and Douche bag daddy NEVER lived in the city. If you had any brain cells (which I doubt) you dont have to live where your mommy gave birth to you. I cant believe I'm answering a retard back

960 days ago


LOrd some people are dense !!!! ......Of course the picture is faked the truck is a you see the diver anywhere were are the loaders they would usually have two and why is the doors in the back not open and like Delmar said if this was a moving truck the Papz would have pushing the dam movers over to get a shot of her panties in a box !!! or something else as discusting........ and in about 499 more hits Harvey will have another little tidbit to the neverending tales of Lindsay Lohan......======================================================
@spectial I have to give it to you look beneath the obvious ....and your theroy is not to bad...just needs a few twicks thru....and here my tweecks......
Lohan Inc fell apart in New York at Christmas time..a big falling out...She high tails it back to CA early and pissed big time...The Moneys gone and is was never as much as Lohan Inc reported it to be. and shes facing her lease running out so she has to cover her leaving so she and her sidekicks does the stalker story...she goes back to her old working grounds and old bed buddys at the CM and starting paying her rent on her back..Ali , Pootie and Enor leave no free rent for them...but the story must go on...Dina in NY is not the head of Lohan Inc and has not been for a while...She is getting entirely too much blame and credit for Lindsays botched plans...I despies the woman but I will not lay this at her door ..She is Lindsay convenant scabgoat anytime things go wrong which is all the time...and I'm tired of it ..Just like blaming Micheal Lohan ..I despies him but he is not to blame or involved
This is all Lindsay and her circle of idiots she calls managers and agents...They are the biggest Dam Fools in for TMZ they or in this for one thing Only....MONEY and how much they can make off of her ASS...they are prosituting her antics as much as she prositutes her body.....GEEZ

960 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

I knew Delmar would find the photos!

960 days ago
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