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Mitt Romney

Butchers 'America the Beautiful'

Obama Wins Song War

1/31/2012 10:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mitt Romney has a better chance of beating Barack Obama by sticking to the issues, because in the singing competition, Romney is JV all the way.

Mitt's version of "America the Beautiful" in Florida last night was -- well, to be generous -- pitchy.
Obama blew everyone away with his abridged rendition of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together."

It seems to us ... Romney played right into Obama's hand by exercising his vocal cords.  So we gotta ask ...

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No Avatar


R U people kidding...a singing competition? That's exactly why this country is failing so badly, because we have a clueless leader whose only talent is a karoake rendition of Al Green's Lets Stay Together!!!! Who cares who sings better...LET'S ELECT SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT THE H E L L THEY ARE DOING in the area of leadership!

941 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

I dont know which one of these JERKS has the least brain power as president??? Obama has proven he cant handle the JOB, Romney is even dumber!!!~! This country is going onto the gutter- The American people- ESPECIALLY our young- are to involved with American Idol- Rality TV and the rest of the DECADENT Hollywood and TV Trash- Thats all they know!!! Whats important to most of the young people, is that they have a "Pot" house on every corner, a Whore house in the middle of the block and 3 Bars on the same block where they can drink themselves to bed with Different bed partners every nite!!!

941 days ago


yikes! give it up!

941 days ago


LOL at Romney dude has 0 Emotion..

941 days ago

buzz kill    

It is not about his voice, it is more about his love for this country.

941 days ago


If you can't hold a note, GOP or Dem, do not try to sing to a microphone, period.

941 days ago

Uncle Rufus    

I can picture it...some SCHMUCK in his "team" telling him to do an "Obama Apollo" moment....BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! WHAT A DOUCHE!

941 days ago


the last time i checked this is about running the country, not american idol. perhaps if obama put less time trying to be al green and more time doing his job, maybe he could help this country

941 days ago


His singing is not great (not the worst either), but I think what is more important is that, in political terms, he worked the crowd. It doesn't look silly because people joined in and cheered afterwards. If he was met by a stunned silence it would have been different, but clearly he had the crowd on-board much like President Obama did when he sang (albeit better, but that only matters if the crowd isn't on board or reacts awkwardly).

941 days ago


man, that's dumb...

941 days ago

Ratings Needed    

All OWEBAMA sang was a line which hardly qualifies him as a great singer! Let's hear him sing the entire song...he'd need a teleprompter before he could do that. Probably auto tune as well.

941 days ago


How STUPID of TMZ to put this as a "popular" move! Sheesh, at least Mitt Romney is singing America the Beautiful, as that is how he feels about America, whereas we have NO idea how Obama really feels, since he is (per his words) fundamentally changing America! MITT IN 2012~~~

941 days ago


Please don't sing in public, Willard. :P

941 days ago


at least he knows the lyrics!

941 days ago


Maybe not top 10 material but very patriotic to say the least.

941 days ago
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