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Mitt Romney

Butchers 'America the Beautiful'

Obama Wins Song War

1/31/2012 10:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mitt Romney has a better chance of beating Barack Obama by sticking to the issues, because in the singing competition, Romney is JV all the way.

Mitt's version of "America the Beautiful" in Florida last night was -- well, to be generous -- pitchy.
Obama blew everyone away with his abridged rendition of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together."

It seems to us ... Romney played right into Obama's hand by exercising his vocal cords.  So we gotta ask ...

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Painful Pipes


No Avatar


It wasn't great, but it wasn't "butchered" as claimed. He's just trying to mimic Obama after he sang some Al Green. Romney should have sang the Ray Charles version if he wants to compete on karaoke night.

1004 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

Now we know where NBC got its idea for the donkey semen:

Harvey + Obama

1004 days ago


I'll happily take Romney over the marxist Obama.

1004 days ago


Should stop singing and tell us why he abused his dog and terrorized him for hours?

By the way did the dog die afterwards?

1004 days ago


This is an entertainment site, NOT the news!! They are just asking your opinion about their singing ability.

1004 days ago


"abridged rendition of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together."
Five friggin words worth. As overrated as anything else Obama.

1004 days ago


So, Obama goes to Harlem, where there have been 244 shootings in a 23-month period, with at least 91 of the victims CHILDREN under the age of 19,, and instead of addressing the black-on-black carnage that is destroying the lives of innocent black children, or addressing the 15.8% unemployment rate for black Americans, he sings a few lines of a song and gets thunderous applause (AND manages to maintain a 90% approval rating among blacks). See what liberals can accomplish by brainwashing an entire race of people? Any white middle-class voters who are thinking of supporting Obama in 2012, just know that the long-term socialist goal is to eventually get ALL Americans to be the kind of non-analytical, mindless sheep that black Americans have become.

1004 days ago

kk md    

At least he committed to the Whole Song. Obama sang a few words, a line?
As usual no follow through. Just going for the "cool clip" Sorry but the country needs someone who can commit to more than a song and some stars and basketball player.

1004 days ago

Just Reading    

If the election where based solely on singing ability...Romney could just go home now. Instead of "cool" points he managed to get "fool" points. Just saying.

1004 days ago


I loved it that he had the guts, humility, and modesty to do it. He's not trying to act like he's too cool for everyone, so that was cute. His voice isn't bad either.

1004 days ago


I do remember Obama not putting his hand over his heart during the pledge. Don't care whether or not any of the candidates can sing. At least Romney sang a patriotic song. Not sure if Obama could or would have sang it better. I give Romney cudos for his selection of songs to sing.

1004 days ago


Then I guess Obama should consider trying out for American Idol rather than seek a second term!! I don't want a president who can "sing." I want one who can run this country!!!

1004 days ago

Andreas Moser    

In a world exclusive scoop, I can reveal the TRUE identity of Mitt Romney:

1004 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

I do not believe that this country id ready for a Rich, Mormon Cultist to get elected to a diverse nation as America!!! He has such a huge , egotistical sense of entitlement , Its scares the hell out of me-- He should go to UTAH and govern his own Polygamist Tribe!!! Obama is no better- leading us down the road to Socialism - Newt is right on most issues--But has a lot of "baggage"--America has a problem- we need someone to fix it--BUT Mitt and Obama are not the ONES!!!

1003 days ago


Why isn't anyone pointing out that President Obama only sang about 3 words? It is not difficult to make that sound good. I don't care about either of them singing, but at least Mitt had the guts to really sing. Why are we so eager to praise the President for every little thing? It is kind of degrading to him that we don't seem to have high expectations of him so we over praise silly stuff. It is what one does with a little child.

1001 days ago
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