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Steve-O & Elisabetta

Confirm Relationship

... with Their Mouths

1/31/2012 9:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Steve-O and Elisabetta Canalis kissingThe mystery is over ... Steve-O and Elisabetta Canalis are DEFINITELY more than friends ... and yesterday they engaged in a little mouth-on-mouth PDA to prove it. 

There was a fierce debate in our newsroom ... some people felt that Elisabetta's decision to date the "Jackass" star is a step down from George Clooney. Others think she's decided status symbols don't bring happiness ... and since she might be happier with Steve-O, it's NOT a step down.

So, we gotta ask ...


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george clooney is a liberal douche who thinks he is wiser than all other politicians and everyone else for that matter.

992 days ago


to each their own, but with a man like Clooney you think Stacy Keibler is his forever girl? It's only a matter of time when he dumps her for someone else, same thing with Torrie Wilson & A-Rod.

992 days ago


how do you take a step UP from Clooney is MY question...

992 days ago


I would never ever date that woman. She is like a cow in a field of bulls.

992 days ago


I read once that George Clooney only dates women that he feels are not equal to his superior intellect. I don't know if that is true or not but if it is he sounds like a real a**. Besides who are we to judge these two. Maybe he is really good to her. We don't know.

992 days ago


ahahahahahahahahahha AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, OMG, this ho is digging deep in Hollywood! She got dumped by Clooney and apparently, no other Hollywood male with talent wants to getting second digs but she is dating this STUPID MTHRFKR? Yuppp thats the whole story! :) Fkn ITALIANS! hate em

992 days ago

Susan Donem    

Another confused semi-decent girl throwing away her heritage and integrity-because the controlled media is constantly and subliminally indoctrinating and brainwashing impressionable, weak minded individuals like her into accepting their "program" to homogenize-on the lustful advances of an individual who is many rungs lower on the social ladder of society than she is. Of course that picture is show-cased.It's another exposure used to indoctrinate those who are susceptable to jump on the socialist band wagon.

992 days ago


Does she know where his mouth has been and the amount of crap,pee and bodily fluids that have been there!!!

992 days ago


The question asked is rude #1 and I can't stand George Clooney. I like Steve O,he's cleaned up his act and I hope their very happy together.

992 days ago

ALoha Brad    

The lady is looking for a cash cow! Steve O Rocks,the guy came from a hard childhood (Clooney was sucking on silver spoons)Steve went up the ladder the hard way HARD WORK AND BALLS hope this "cant"(English accent) is for real..Right on Steve o

992 days ago


How do you go from Clooney to SteveO - she should be embarrassed..yuck

992 days ago

ALoha Brad    

To the Bell end Super-Al
you comic book ***, what do you know about Steve o! you wanna Be
naked cowboy no talent having POS take yer mask off and fook off (English Accent)just sayin....

992 days ago


She is getting old, so she is trying to cash whatever is left from her value, before it goes down.

992 days ago


WTH is she thinking?

992 days ago


step down? it's a skateboard trip down the exorcist stairway, blind folded with a mouth full of razor blades wearing only a backwards jockstrap...

992 days ago
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