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Elephant Man

Arrested on Rape Charges

2/1/2012 9:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elephant Man
Hip hop star Elephant Man -- the guy behind the 2004 hit "Jook Gal" -- was arrested in Jamaica Monday on suspicion of raping a woman at his St. Andrew home last month.

According to local reports, police launched an investigation after the alleged victim filed a report.

One Jamaican media outlet says E.M. -- real name Oneil Bryan -- was questioned with his lawyer present ... and after the interrogation, officials decided they had enough information to charge the rapper with grievous sexual assault and rape.


11:22 PM PST -- Elephant Man has been released from custody after posting bail, which was set at 400,000 Jamaican dollars ... roughly $4,637.95 in American currency


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No dis intended, but look at him and tell me nobody but me saw this coming??!!

997 days ago

Bill Leslie    

"Hip hop star Elephant Man" -- hahaha, no really, who is this guy, hahahaha, stop kidding, what, who, haha, you can't be serious, haha ...

997 days ago


It's Jamaica, mon. Down there that's called foreplay.

997 days ago


Let's just call it $4638.00 to make it easier on those of us who failed math.

997 days ago


omg can't beleive elephant made tmz funny everybody because he is not even popular here in jamaica...NEXT

997 days ago


Jesus TMZ, he is a reggae artist NOT a hip hop artist.

When are people going to get it right? They are not the same genre.

Quit smoking pot and pay attention.

997 days ago


He's actually a dancehall artist from Jamaica. He was signed to Bad Boy record couple years ago. Not certain if he's still affiliated with that company. But apart from "Jook Gal", he also recorded "Pon Di River". I think that was his first international single. But yeahh, he looks like a clown, a scary one too. :(

997 days ago


he's not a rapper. he's a reggae artist. VERY well known among the reggae community

997 days ago


He is NOT a hip hop artist, he is a Reggae artist

997 days ago

Keisha C    

Elephant Man is a REGGAE ARTIST/DANCEHALL Not a Rapper or a Hip Hop artist. Do your research before putting up your story it's not hard to find.

997 days ago


Ummmmm since when is he a hip hop artist. Hes a Jamaican dancehall artist tmz.

997 days ago

MS LAR    

Come on people......I mean I certainly don't condone his behaviour..He desrves wahtever they throw at him, but Hip Hop Star?..Rapper?...He is not-- A Reggae Dancehall Star yes....TMZ get it right

997 days ago


Funny to read these comments from these country/teen pop folks here. To all who thinks he's a "rapper" that you never heard of, he is not a "rapper". He's been in the music industry for over a decade. There are people out there who are more diverse then just narrow minded, focusing on only Justin Beiber or Taylor Swift. If you don't know the man then search for your Glee, and leave a comment there.

997 days ago


Well, I am sorry to hear that this man is forcibly spreading the "gift" that he has acquired through years of irresponsible sex and raping women without regard because he feels he has nothing to lose. Afterall, according to his myopic thinking, he can afford the meds that now sustain him, unlike many of those unfortunate women. I hope he gets some prison time, but that too will be another laboratory to receive and spread the strains of this deadly gift.

997 days ago


Why do you call these people whom nobody has ever heard of celebrities? I'll be not one in a thousand people has ever even heard of this guy.

997 days ago
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