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Golfer Phil Mickelson

I Have No Bastard Son!

2/1/2012 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Phil Mickelson
Golf pro Phil Mickelson says he has NOT been sinking his putts where it doesn’t belong … and now he’s sicking his lawyers on the people who’ve plastered the Internet with accusations he fathered an illegitimate child.

Mickelson was pissed when he learned some jerkwad or jerkwads using the screen names “Fogroller” and “Longitude” had been posting scurrilous claims about him and his wife on a message board … which implied the Mickelsons are BOTH screwing around on each other Tiger Woods-style.

Phil claims he was able to track the I.P. address to an Internet service provider in Quebec. And now, he wants a Canadian judge to force the ISP to hand over any information which could identify the mystery poster – so Phil can tee up a defamation suit against the offender.  

In the docs, the San Diego golf champ claims the allegations are vicious and absolutely untrue -- and worries the claims could damage his “impeccable reputation.”

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Jesus Christ    

Phil, take a DNA test to prove it wrong

933 days ago


Several years ago I heard some rumblings about Phil Mickelson from some PGA insiders. The rumor was someone was going to come out with a tell all book about him. Some of the details were supposedly that he had a child out of wedlock, that he and his wife Amy are supposedly swingers, and that he was supposedly in the hole to Vegas casinos for a cool $30 million dollars. Another tidbit that I heard was that when he signed on with Callaway Golf, it was reported that they didn't give him any money but supposedly paid off about $9 million dollars of his purported gambling debts. Now that this one rumor has leaked into the public domain, I find it very interesting. Especially since I heard about these rumors many years ago.

933 days ago


While I appreciate Phil's efforts to catch the clowns doing this, he's not going to get that information out of Canada.
Canadian Service Providers can't be compelled to provide personal information about owners of IP addresses, they way they can in the US. That's the main reason the US can and does go after people who illegally download music etc. They just compel the ISP's to give up the names and addresses of the people involved. Those privacy rights are protected in Canada. It's going to be the same when Phil tried to get that info. Even if they involve the police, I don't believe they can get that info either.

933 days ago


I agree with previous comment. Take a DNA test and prove them wrong and move on!

933 days ago


It's probably Tiger Woods!

933 days ago

V Kint    

I've heard roundabouts from two PGA pros that there is a mixed-race love child in the Atlanta area...but it's probably just a nasty rumor.

933 days ago


He should get a grip. Why does he care about what someone says on an message board? If he and his wife trust each other and he knows tha it is false he should just ignore it. Going to such lengths because of rumors of a child is ridiculous. It is not like he is being accused of engaging in illegal activity. Doesnt he have anything better to spend his time on?

933 days ago


I can just see tiger woods sitting behind a computer in Quebec typing away about phil mickelson banging broads tiger woods style.

933 days ago


He has also been through a great deal the past few years with both his wife and mother suffering with breast cancer at the same time. He and his wife also have a Foundation that takes kids shopping for school supplies, etc every year....and he really is a nice guy and well liked

933 days ago


Hell Yeah... Go get em!

932 days ago

Tigers Wood    

Okay, my name popped up on Google Alerts. Hey it's me, this is the only username that I was able to select to match my name.
Phil is my special buddy! We had a lot of fun together. Phil does not have a love child, so you haters quit saying things about him, or he will use Google alerts and track you down like he is doing the ones in Canada and sue you all!! I can see a bunch of you getting sued in the near future.
Wish me luck in my next tournament so I might win, good day to everyone.

932 days ago

mike green    


932 days ago

mike green    

I have heard that Phil has a multi-racial love child and major gambling problem from PGA insiders for many years. I was surprised that Tiger got caught first - Phil must have been very relieved. It was bound to catch up with him eventually.

932 days ago


"NOT been sinking his putts where it doesn’t belong … and now he’s sicking his lawyers..."
Do you mean sticking his putter...? Do you mean siccing? Do you use the same illiterate writers as Perez HIlton? Has there ever been a gossip site employee with a high school diploma?

932 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

I hate big government and I hate to say this but he's right, anyone's rep from no one's to presidential candidates and back again are smeared all day long and it's desensitizing the country from being civil in the least bit and foreign agent provacateours are mostly the culprits fomenting hate pretending to be right and left Americans. So don't fall for it.

932 days ago
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