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Golfer Phil Mickelson

I Have No Bastard Son!

2/1/2012 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Phil Mickelson
Golf pro Phil Mickelson says he has NOT been sinking his putts where it doesn’t belong … and now he’s sicking his lawyers on the people who’ve plastered the Internet with accusations he fathered an illegitimate child.

Mickelson was pissed when he learned some jerkwad or jerkwads using the screen names “Fogroller” and “Longitude” had been posting scurrilous claims about him and his wife on a message board … which implied the Mickelsons are BOTH screwing around on each other Tiger Woods-style.

Phil claims he was able to track the I.P. address to an Internet service provider in Quebec. And now, he wants a Canadian judge to force the ISP to hand over any information which could identify the mystery poster – so Phil can tee up a defamation suit against the offender.  

In the docs, the San Diego golf champ claims the allegations are vicious and absolutely untrue -- and worries the claims could damage his “impeccable reputation.”

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Guess he never heard of proxies, right now I'm in Germany from the comfort of my bed...he's an "athlete", of course you are going to get groupies and have an off day with the wife. The out come is imadeahugemistake.jpg...

961 days ago


This rumor has been circulating for many years. If Phil does not have a child from an affair, he should take a DNA test and put this matter to rest. I'm sure his family, friends and fans would appreciate it!

961 days ago


It is well known in the PGA that Phil has cheated on his wife before and after her diagnosis. Sickest part is that he cheated while she was getting treatments. He is also not only known for being a huge and bad gambler, but also known for stiffing books

961 days ago


This is exactly the word on the street around RSF and the golfing community in San Diego. These rumors allege Phil and Amy are swingers. That is why he was so quiet when Tiger's exploits got exposed. Many people I have talked to believe these stories are true. Time will tell.

961 days ago


Phil..... you know you are trying to be like TIGER!!!

961 days ago

Valerie Tyson    

Everyone in sports knows this to be true. Regina is correct is this ongoing saga.

961 days ago


I wonder if Phil will lose any of his endorsements or will everyone continue to look-the-other-way...

961 days ago


Phil...You Are The Father...

961 days ago


Yep, it's so easy to sit in the comfort of your little Canadian home and write lies about anyone. I hope Phil sues this person for everything they've got.

961 days ago


And for the record....Tiger and Phil HATE each other. I worked with the PGA for years....way before Tiger married Elin.....way before Phil started winning tournaments....way before Elin was sleeping with Sergio Garcia and then dumping him for Tiger. She knew what she was getting herself into when she met him.... She's no angel herself. Everyone on the Tour has skeletons in their closets. I have seen tour wives trading prescription pills, wife swapping, groupies rushed in and out of trailers.......It would make Harvey blush.

Yes he does!!!!! Just ask Jim Kahn at Golf Digest Magazine. He will tell you about the article that Sports Illustrated NEVER released because Phil and his team of lawyers and IMG threatened SI with a MAJOR lawsuit. SI wrote an article about Phil's illegitimate son and his major gambling problem. At one time, he owed his bookies a total of 10MM. Once the article was squashed, IMG stepped in and paid his gambling debt and gave hush money his son's baby mamma. A year later Phil started winning tournaments and the rest is history.

961 days ago


This is old news. Phil and his wife are known swingers throughout the golf community. Phil's wife slept with Michael Jordan in a rented house while he was playing in the 04' Ryder Cup in Michigan. All kinds of these stories were floating around well before Tiger's scandal hit the media. I used to caddy for all the big shots in that business and would over hear gems like that on a regular basis. I used to hear the Tiger stories way back then but nobody would believe it if I told them.

960 days ago


MD - I'm sure you were a caddy for all the "big shots" Your full of S!@T!! I have heard these claims for years and either there false, or PM has the best PR team in the history of the world.

960 days ago


This is all very dumb. The people commenting here who claim to "know stuff" are all just repeating these same exact stupid rumors that aren't actually real. It's like a game of telephone-- it's so easy to get a rumor going, especially amongst people who may be jealous of Phil's success. And this is precisely why, I'm guessing, that Phil is suing the haters... He's trying to once and for all show that he's not putting up with any idiots who want to continue to spread fake nonsense about him and his family. The particular troll or trolls Phil is going after have been non-stop posting mean things about Phil and his wife on a messageboard in recent months. Enough already. The most ironic thing about these rumors is that Phil and his wife are probably one of the most in love couples I have ever seen. They've been together forever and still act like newlyweds. They are down-to-earth and have a nice family. There are actually plenty of golfers who have nice families... In any industry there are people who are family men and people who are not. So what.

960 days ago


Just the tip of the iceberg

960 days ago


There is no iceberg to tip. He's just trying to put an end to an annoying clown over at the Yahoo Golf boards. If you read them, you'd understand. lol.

960 days ago
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