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Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry

It's Nail-Biting Time

2/1/2012 10:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0201_halle_gabriel_SPLASH-x17Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry are going about their business today ... but they are both on pins and needles waiting for the judge in their custody case to lay down the law on how they will be parenting 3-year-old Nahla.

Halle was walking on crutches with BF Olivier Martinez in West Hollywood this AM, while Gabriel was taking Nahla to school.

The judge is about to decide a number of critical issues in their custody war -- including whether Gabriel should be stripped of contact with Nahla while police investigate him for child endangerment, whether the nanny should be fired, and whether they should be forced into mediation to work on co-parenting issues.


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Every time I see a pic of this kid, she's being carried. Why? She's not a baby. Can she not walk by herself? This whole family needs therapy. Everything about them rubs me the wrong way.

998 days ago


NO, Gabriel should NOT be stripped of custody, YES, the nanny should be fired and neither of them should be able to hire one without prior approval that the nanny is completely subjective, and YES they all need to continue counseling and Ms. Berry needs to also take parenting courses on how to parent with an ex and how dangerous parent alienation is to the children they use. Team Gabriel!

998 days ago


Dear Whatever. I suspect when they are being surrounded by paps that a parent may instinctively pick up the child to protect them and also to move faster through the camera flashes.

998 days ago


Does she have gangrene? Kinda looks funky!

998 days ago


Hasn't she been on crutches for 6 months now? What gives?

998 days ago


This beautiful child is only 3 years old it is going to be a LONG 15 YEARS of endless court battles unless they learn how to co parent and so the judge should force both of them in to mediation to work on co-parenting issues. When Halle made a conscious decision not to go to a sperm bank and she had this baby with this man she should have considered the fact that this man might want to stick around and be a father to his child. Halle grew up without a dad and so I guess she expected Aubry to bail like most men do but much to her surprise the man wants to be an active father in child’s life. As annoying and inconvenient as it is having Aubry around when he makes less money than her she should be thankful that her daughter has a dad who really loves and cares for her. It must be hard knowing your child spends some nights in another home and you are not the first person she sees in the morning or takes her school some mornings but this is the risk she took when she had this child with him. If she wanted to be the person who calls all the shots she should have gone to a sperm bank. That nanny should also be fired. how would Halle feel if Aubry had a nanny who didn’t like her or brought up charges against her? Would she be happy or comfortable knowing that this person irrespective of who is right and wrong was looking after her child? I don’t think so.

998 days ago


lisa: 4 minutes ago

I agree! Clearly she is using her money and celebrity name to get her way! Someone should investigate her...I mean, she obviously has men "issues" and it seems like she is passing her phobias and insecurites on to her daughter...we will not know the aftermath of her decision making on behalf of her daughter until she is older...A child needs both parents!! She is being selfish and this poor guy who wants to be a dad is being sabotaged every time he turns around! how blessed you are to have a father willing to spend time with his daughter! embrace that! Likes 0 Dislikes 0 Clear Vote

998 days ago


------------------------------------------------------------NEVER saw so many young and healthy rich people getting seizures, broken parts etc. Seems they can't walk AND chew gum at the same time Syndrome?

998 days ago


i still can't believe they are leaving every thing up to a judge, they both need to put their grown up pants on put that little girl first, and sit down and figure out how to get along for the child sake! and stop the diva act, cuz it's not about them!

998 days ago

kim purdy    

Halle is no spring chicken. Why would she bring this crap onto a child. She needs her head examined

998 days ago


If I was Halle, I would charge him with child abuse and endangerment ... he doesn't want to acknowledge her black side and says she is just white ... he's a racist and THAT is child abuse. By the way I am white... so don't go there with me.

998 days ago


Halle sooooo should have just gone to the sperm bank. Girl has zero luck with men but wanted a kid. In this day and age I really think people would have judged her much less than for this foolery.

998 days ago


You know, people do not have this much animosity unless there has been an infidelity. Did Gabriel cheat on Halle? Because that would explain her total hatred for him and trying to keep him from his daughter. I just have a weird feeling that Halle has been cheated on, and this is her vendetta.

998 days ago


I honestly think these hollywood stars are very disturbed, and Hallle leads the top of the list, she has more husbands in her than a hooker. Sick women.

998 days ago


I honestly think that this woman is too jacked up to have a child in her custody. Always the victim, always someone else's fault, Oh Poor Pitiful Me! I just really think that this girl would fare better with her father.

Lets not forget, she has not had a relationship that has not ended badly - and she blames her ex partners. Plus, when Gabriel dated someone else, she had a hissy.

998 days ago
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