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Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry

It's Nail-Biting Time

2/1/2012 10:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0201_halle_gabriel_SPLASH-x17Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry are going about their business today ... but they are both on pins and needles waiting for the judge in their custody case to lay down the law on how they will be parenting 3-year-old Nahla.

Halle was walking on crutches with BF Olivier Martinez in West Hollywood this AM, while Gabriel was taking Nahla to school.

The judge is about to decide a number of critical issues in their custody war -- including whether Gabriel should be stripped of contact with Nahla while police investigate him for child endangerment, whether the nanny should be fired, and whether they should be forced into mediation to work on co-parenting issues.


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It was reported this morning that the court had already ruled not to change custody arrangements and that the investigators had reported no foundation for the accussations of abuse by Mr. Aubry. Has this changed?

993 days ago


I'm rooting for you, Gabe! However, if the judge gets blinded by Halle's money, take solace in the fact that Nahla will one day know that you fought hard to be a good father to her and a significant part of her life.

993 days ago


Do you notice how every relationship Halle Berry is in, it ends horribly? 1 was "abusive", 1 was a "sex addict", and now this 3rd relationship ends with Aubry "endangering the child". Maybe something is just wrong with her?? I truely believe that. How can 3 guys be nutcases and she is a saint? Just sayin.

993 days ago


The sad thing is Hallie is so wrapped up in her hate and trying to keep Nahla from her daddy that she is missing the bigger picture.

1. She is damaging her daughter in the process

2. Olivier is taking this all in. She may not notice but he is watching everything she is doing and saying to Gabe.

3. His body language above is telling. Normally you would walk along side the person you are walking with. Not leaving them behind like Olivier is subconsiously doing. In his mind he's thinking I could be next. He is already starting to put space in case the viper turns on him.

993 days ago


Do people actually care about this story? Halle is a wackjob no talent pain in the A$$ and there is a reason why she can't keep a man and they all seem to run as fast and as far as they can from her. As for this wimp ex-husband? Loose this pansy already TMZ! Nobody gives a rats A$$!

993 days ago


HATERS ONLINE in 3,2,1...............

I still say 'better safe than sorry'.

I would rather be thought of ALLLL these names when it comes to my child. A situation that WAS NOT caused by Halle Berry, but instead was between HIM AND THE NANNY somehow becomes her fault???? LOVE the LEVEL of thinking in the room.

He wants to have some control, than again HE SHOULD NOT HAVE AGREED TO THE CUSTODY AGREEMENT ! ! All and sundry want to claim that because she is famous that she is getting partial treatment....ok, aren't you folks the one who said he was some kind of model. That he was a model BEFORE he met her? IDK, but i've seen it in comments here......So why wasn't he a person in his own right? Or a 'star' or whatever?????possibly v-list.....;o)

Hate that chick all you want to. The same way you saying that she laid down with him......HE RAN UP IN THAT AND SPLASHED ! ! ! So he should have thought of that before also. It's probably also her fault that he hasn't worked as much since they broke up too, right? Heck stretch it and the economy is her fault too.........*sigh*

993 days ago


Also in the picture above it looks like Olivier is looking at his watch saying, "Oh look what time it is, gotta go". See ya! As she falls behind. LOL

993 days ago


You know you are a selfish C U Next Tuesday when a judge has to tell you how to parent your child. - I see it all the time. Disgusting. These people need to get over themselves and before they screw this poor child up for good they need to do what is in the best interest Nahla. It shouldn't take a judge. Spiteful losers.

993 days ago

Oh well    

Bull, teach her to walk.

993 days ago


My guess because I don't know Halle's background would be she was sexually molested when she was young or the casting couch and all those fat smelly old men crawling all over her made her hate men in general. Husbands said they cheated because she wouldn't put out. Boyfriends leaving, why? Over and over she says it's their fault but it always comes back to one thing. Sex. She uses her body to her advantage by showing it off but gets mad when men want to do something about it. That tells me she has hang ups with sex which leads us back to maybe she was abused.

993 days ago


I do not like this chick anymore, I am so glad her career sucks now. Look how he is walking way ahead of her.

993 days ago


That's who she left Aubry for. Her new man looks like a crackhead and has no respect for her whatsover. If he did, he wouldn't let his woman walk 2 feet behind him on crutches. What a douche!

993 days ago


If I were Olivier, seeing how she's treating the Father of her child (who's clearly loves Nahla) I would run as fast as I could to get away. She's like a harpy with claws ready to swoop down out of the sky and destroy any man that gets in the way of her agenda.

They should BOTH be made to take parenting classes. And I truly believe Gabriel should have equal rights of visitation with his daughter.

993 days ago


I wonder what Olivier will morph into in 2 years time? Jack the Ripper?

993 days ago


It's interesting that he is supposedly the bad guy in all of this, but every time he is photographed, he is holding his child. I have never seen a photo of her doing anything defence of either, but it seems telling just a bit.

993 days ago
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