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Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry

It's Nail-Biting Time

2/1/2012 10:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0201_halle_gabriel_SPLASH-x17Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry are going about their business today ... but they are both on pins and needles waiting for the judge in their custody case to lay down the law on how they will be parenting 3-year-old Nahla.

Halle was walking on crutches with BF Olivier Martinez in West Hollywood this AM, while Gabriel was taking Nahla to school.

The judge is about to decide a number of critical issues in their custody war -- including whether Gabriel should be stripped of contact with Nahla while police investigate him for child endangerment, whether the nanny should be fired, and whether they should be forced into mediation to work on co-parenting issues.


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It is clear that these two have problems with each other and poor Nahla is collateral damage. For the sake of the child, the judge should force them to work things out because they clearly wont do it on their own.

932 days ago


Oliver is Halle's NEXT victim. She cries abuse every time she's OVER a guy and wants to get rid of him. I wonder what Oliver's crime will be? Halle is a disingenuous narcissist.

932 days ago


Halle's back on crutches because she has court appearances now. We've seen her walking with Nahla without them a few weeks ago, wearing just the boot. She doesn't need the crutches, it is for sympathy.

932 days ago


I wouldn't believe a word that comes out of Halle Berry's mouth or anyone that she has hired or pays. They should all go to counseling to work on things that is best for the child. But Halle Berry seems like she wants to have this fight all public (and spread lies while she's at it)
From everything that I've read she's been horrible during this whole custody fight. My biggest problem is that she said that Gabriel would say racist comment in front of her & her daughter --- though she only said this once the custody fight was going on for awhile. Are you telling me that a mother (a mother who is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood) wouldn't of kicked his a-s to the curb the first/second time he said something racist to his child. It just makes me believe that she has just tried to spread lie after lie about Gabriel Aubrey. I used to like Halle Berry but I can't stand her now that she's been so horrible during this custody fight. He has seemed so civil and all he wants is access to his daughter but she just wants her all to her self. If he was really a danger to the child she would of spoke about all these things right away -- not only when it suited her. She's a strong, powerful woman & your telling me she wouldn't of left him the first signs of him being racist, come on that's what I call bu--s--t! And I just have the feeling she's paying this nanny to say more lies.

932 days ago


Radaronline says social services recommended that absolutely no changes be made in the current custody agreement, which the judge gives tremendous weight and consideration to,” a source close to the situation tells “Halle and Gabriel essentially have joint custody of Nahla. DCFS found absolutely no basis to the claims that Gabriel physically assaulted the nanny, or has ever physically abused Nahla.

932 days ago

tabloid queen    

Nahla always looks pretty content in her daddy's arms. If he was mean to her u would think she would have a tantrum being forced to go w/him. Halle dated this guy, so if he has a temper she prob experience it first hand. So if I was in her position, I would fear for my daughters safety too, especially if I have trust issues w/Gabriel.

932 days ago


My take on this is that Halle should not have any contact with the kid because she is one crazy woman. How many men has she been through and can not seem to get along with any of them except in bed and that does not raise a child.

932 days ago


For all Olivier comments--he generally walks in front of her (Gabe used to do that a lot) most of the time including these recent pix from today/yesterday on the 'Net other than when he's helping Halle in/out of the car.

I don't see him around much in the future with the restaurant he's opening up with friends in South Beach in the near future. Doubt he's going to be dragging Halle with him constantly to Miami. LOL.

Plus I don't see him around much longer after their film comes out in March.

Think Halle's going to be in for a rude awakening when the judge doesn't rule in her favor and what's best for Nahla.

932 days ago


Why isn't the child walking?

932 days ago


She has had so much drama with ALL of her ex's. I am starting to think its not them. Maybe she is a cuckoo clock?

932 days ago


Hay there,Halle
Let's slow things down a bite alot of this is media hipe! You feel me where I coming from. They are going to make a lot of money off both of you. Can he just give you some money a month, and keep the courts and all this other stuff out of your lives. I INDERSTAND ,THE CRUCH situation. He should drop all this!! You working halle on cruches, he checking his dam watch!!! If it was me I will carry you on my back,like a horse around town. I LOVE YOU halle, take care of our nala,you both are beautiful...........

932 days ago


does this girl ever go without a boyfriend for one minute?

932 days ago


This chick seems like drama, drama, drama. And why has she been on crutches for like a year and a half?

932 days ago


The L.A. Family and Children's report, as report demonstrates a clear case of gender bias. I'd seriously recommend that Gabriel or if there's any decent legislators in the State, file a complaint against the agency and examine their records and decisions to determine a pattern of maleficence. against males.

932 days ago

Fat Mike    

Looks like Olivier is beating her up. Child Services might want to look into that.

932 days ago
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