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Madonna's Super Bowl Show

Bring On the HATERS!!

2/1/2012 12:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna is a condescending, out-of-touch megalomaniac ... and that's exactly why she might be the PERFECT act for the Super Bowl Halftime show.


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I'm pretty sure I banged Lindsay Lohan.. Who is Madonna??

993 days ago


Madonna is soooo old! Yikes! There are younger grannies! She has sort of been past her prime for the last 20 years. Is she doing this for free?

993 days ago


**** tmz every one of you ***gots are a bunch of brown nosing losers that need to get a life an a real job instead of postin people's business for the world to see you're all a bunch of sad sad disgraces of mankind

993 days ago


The only thing that could make her performance exciting is if she has a heart attack on stage.

993 days ago


Madonna is the smartest woman showbiz has ever known.
I F-ing love Madonna! Eat it haters!!

993 days ago


Who watches the half-time show?? I mean really? Yea the Black Eyed Peas was just an atrocious show, blame it on whatever but they friggin SUCKED!!!

As for Madonna, I love how living in England makes her "British" now. Fact check, you need to born in England to be british, being a citizen of a country you're not native too, does not make you the nationality of said country. My wife was BORN in England, she is English. Madonna was BORN in the US, she is American. Stop trying to pretend your "royalty" just because you have stupid money and live close to the royal family. You will NEVER be invited to an official royal function unless you're royalty or part of the caste, ie Lord, Lady, Duke, etc.

993 days ago


She still has the tight bod and big breasts..can probably still do a decent stage show still as well. The attitude part is a shame, the real young Madonna would probably hate the older version of herself.

993 days ago


Madonna needs to grow up and act her age, not act like an old hooker.. She has more mileage on that old a** then my 2001 Cadillac. It's time to be classy not slutty at her age,.,.

993 days ago


I just find it ironic that the Superbowl is the primest of prime time television, featuring the two best football teams, the highest price advertisements with the highest creativity, and then there's the halftime show featuring losers and wrinkled up has-beens??? I just DON'T GET IT!

993 days ago


The only people who care about this old gas bag is the latino men that she dates, gay men and her record company geeks who placed her on the show to begin with with hope that she can sell cd's. Other than that its just another day in paradise.

993 days ago


F*ck Madonna.

993 days ago


Between Roger Goodell's latest comments on 60 minutes and the hiring of the arrogant Madonna as half time entertainment...I've decided to go to a movie on Super Bowl night. That's two less and my wife.

993 days ago


Screw Madonna. GO PATS!!

993 days ago


Just knowing everyone is there for the game and not her is exciting. Theres alot of moving around at halftime anyways. Especially @ house parties. And at the games its time to run for your drinks and food. She has gotten worse at her concerts over the yrs and us older generation understand how she has tried to make a comeback and has failed. You got to sing your songs and not let the sound screw up and all of of sudden your busted for lips moving but nothing comming out. I'll never forget it! And you pay a fortune for this! What a sad day for the superbowl this yr.

993 days ago


Well I turned the channel last year with the SUCL Eyed Peas played and will do the same this year. Madonna and The Super Bowl shouldn't even be used in the same sentence. They went from KISS and The Boss and The Stones and The Who to the BEP and Madonna. Someone at the network is smoking some really bad drugs.

993 days ago
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