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Madonna's Super Bowl Show

Bring On the HATERS!!

2/1/2012 12:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna is a condescending, out-of-touch megalomaniac ... and that's exactly why she might be the PERFECT act for the Super Bowl Halftime show.


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She is one of the smartest women in showbiz ever! You should consider her as a business woman more than an entertainer! Her new movie and album is coming up which she got paid over $40 million! Do you think she gives a fu...k what you think about her? That's called "PROMOTION" and "MAKING A LOT OF MONEY"!!!

996 days ago


They should have her sing the national anthem (with british accent) then have the jets that do the fly-by pick her off with .50 cal machine guns.

996 days ago


Excellent description of her TMZ! She is a bi*ch with a capital B! If she wasnt such a smart a** people would like her a lot better. She really thinks her sh*t don't stink. Got news for ya honey - you are so over you better get rid of that attitude. No wonder she cant keep a man - who wants to live with a b*tch like that??? Enjoy your solitude.

996 days ago


Everytime I see to this pompous, self righteous, has-been with her fake British accent , i want to throw up. I'm with Elton John in my opinion of Madonna

996 days ago


We are really happy to have the SB here, but the entire town is seriously DISTURBED by the NFL's choice for halftime. EVERYONE BRING HYDRANGIAS to throw at the stage

996 days ago


Yeah she is a BITCH and she can be. She is the QUEEN. Sorry but she has it going on.

996 days ago


I love Madonna and I think she will bring it. As far as being self-involved, I can't think of any celebrities who aren't somewhat full of themselves. Part of the package. What is kind of disgusting is that all the haters want to hate her because of her age and that is just truly moronic.

996 days ago


This is exactly why I never watch the Super Toiletbowl, the game itself has become a distraction to the ads and pretentious over-the-hill celebrities.

996 days ago


I want to follow up from my last comment...I don't think people would deny the fact that she has made contributions to the industry, but she is NOT for today.

996 days ago


dear advertisers:I will not watch the half time show period this old worn out bi slut turned her back on this country except when she wants money so f her and her fake accent

996 days ago


Just the image of every gay guy and cross dresser in the world will vogue at the same time...ouch....i guess its one way to get them to watch football....vogue at halftime of a football game...i'd rather see janets boob than saggy madge

996 days ago


MADONNA is from MICHIGAN....that's the Midwest for all "smokers" LaLaLand. She must have learned NOTHING in the Midwest about values, morals, respect etc.
MADONNA came about many DECADES ago! She pushed and tested her perverted reality and now instead of saying "Thank You" fans and riding off into the phony world she lives in...she thrusts herself on the SUPERBOWL.

996 days ago


If you are being sarcastic, its not funny. It sad that you guys post crap like and the stuff that's written about her, is pretty pathetic. I'm never coming on TMZ again. Harvey you are pretty old yourself but wait, you are a guy so its okay. Sod off.

996 days ago


Madonna IS totally pretentious, but I don't think that's how she sees herself. Her fan base is, for the most part, gay men...not that there's anything wrong with that. I will paraphrase another poster and say that Madonna of twenty years ago would HATE the bizarre creature she has become. Halftime will indeed be time to eat.

996 days ago


Jumped the shark decades ago!

996 days ago
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