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Madonna's Super Bowl Show

Bring On the HATERS!!

2/1/2012 12:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna is a condescending, out-of-touch megalomaniac ... and that's exactly why she might be the PERFECT act for the Super Bowl Halftime show.


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I still can't believe she was hired to do the half time show. I mean, really? My opinion, they should have signed Kid Rock, or Metallica, or anything fans can relate to...not this washed up "pop" star. I have a feeling more toilets will flush during this half time event than ever!

994 days ago

Matthew Rettenmund    

Madonna's condescending and out of touch? Why, because she doesn't want you to post pictures of her pooping? I think you're confusing being sophisticated, intelligent and having discerning taste with being a disconnected snob. As for the haters, get a life; if you hate her, why would you waste your time making multiple comments here and everywhere else about it? Do what normal people do and spend your time on things you LIKE.

994 days ago


I thought she moved to the UK and didn't want anything more to do with evil America. Damn phony.

994 days ago


Ah, Maddona... The most commercially successful mediocre, marginal talent in music history. I would rather watch paint dry than watch her perform.

994 days ago


Probably the most overrated artist of all time. All image and corporate backing. Does whatever it takes to stay relevant. Pop, country, rap, evita, whatever is "in" she will do it next. Weak.

994 days ago


Can I buy a policy against "wardrobe malfunctions" just think of it,"Hag tits"

994 days ago


Its going to be good. She is going to gay it up. But whats funny is she might not be the GAYEST thing on the Super Bowl - between the commercials and the players Oh Vey - Check it out

994 days ago


Looking forward to her performance. Why do we always see stars from the 60s, 70s and 80s still performing? Because there is no new talent good enough to take their place. Example, that chick on SNL a few weeks ago.

994 days ago


Can any female star get old with grace and style? No matter how much plastic surgery they have they are still old and should know better we are all on a clock. It doesn’t stop for no one; Embrace your winkles with pride that you have made it in this world this long. Start with roles and songs age appropriate.

994 days ago


Madge is too old to be doing this.
She will lip-sinc the entire program.
Weird choice for Super Bowl show.

994 days ago


That's a big stage for a Halftime Show that no one is going to watch. Two bad one's in a row. Come on NFL!!!! FIND SOMEONE GOOD!!!!!

994 days ago


To me, the only talent Madonna has an incredible gift for self-promotion. You gotta hand it to her - she's stayed in
the public eye for 30 years and can't sing, dance, or act, plus she is an utter *******.

994 days ago


FOR GOODNESS SAKE, MADONNA, you are an entertainer of the old school of pride and dignity, so, quit squeezing your breasts out of your garment to make them appear larger, ridiculous! That is for today's trashy Kim Kardashian and her idiot followers. You are better than, they!

994 days ago

moe l.    

Madonna?!?!? Really?!?!? The Super Bowl has a habit of showcasing has-been's performing badly at half time. This year should be no different.

994 days ago


Who wants to see a 60 year old dressed like a 2-bit hooker onstage? MADONNA, YOU SHOULD RETIRE GRACEFULLY, NOT GO OUT AS A LAUGHINGSTOCK. Can't wait for the boards on Monday to see how may people totally rag on her!

994 days ago
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