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"Home Improvement" Kid

Taran Noah Smith

Busted for Drug Possession

2/1/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Taran Noah Smith
Taran Noah Smith
, the youngest kid from "Home Improvement," was arrested early this morning for alleged DUI and possession of drugs -- hash, to be specific.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... 27-year-old Smith was arrested in LA County around 1:00AM. Cops believe he was under the influence of marijuana at the time of his arrest -- and we're told they also found a stash of hash ... a type of marijuana.

Smith, best known for his role as little Mark Taylor, is still in custody ... currently being booked for the DUI and the drug possession, which is a felony.

Sources tell us ... Smith was behind the wheel of his 1998 silver Honda Accord, which was parked at an angle in front of a fire hydrant when an officer decided to investigate the situation.

We're told the officer smelled a "strong odor" of weed and believed Smith was under the influence.



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Jake the snake    

All you people go **** your moms in hell **** u hatters get a life worry about your own life an suck a big black **** **** all of you

942 days ago

Jake the snake    

**** tmz **** all of you suck a **** get a ****in life that's what's wrong all you stupid Dum **** people worry about everyone eles problems an not yours it remember this I will laugh when this happens to you or a loved one well I hope they die so I can piss on there grave!!!!!!!!!!!!!

942 days ago


You would think 8 seasons of Home Improvement would get you better than a 1998 Accord

942 days ago


what a beautiful woman...

942 days ago


jeez. give the dude a break!
nothing wrong with smoking some hash, weed, or watever people here call it.. its the herb!

942 days ago


How stupid our laws are! Hash and/or marijuana should be LEGAL for heaven's sake. They're plant based. Only side effect is wanting to chill out and eat something. JOIN NORML TODAY!! Our prison-industrial complex society is feeding like a fat pig by having innocent tokers locked up. It's a waste of our tax dollars! If the gov. legalized it, they could tax it as well -- GOODBYE DEFICIT!!

942 days ago

Mo K    

It's not too surpising to read when you look at the picture that they posted. Not sure when that picture was taken, but he has NO pupils in the pic. That isn't just from bright flash bulbs, lol.

942 days ago

Brian Chapman    

Dude should of made millions from Home Improvement...He is driving a 13 year old car? Somebody jacked him. Probably a combination of his parents and exwife. Too bad

942 days ago


He's dumb for 2 reason... 1. Don't drink and drive.. its lame.
2. Gettin arrested for hash in California- for $50 and 10 mins of your time, you could of got "medical" hash. and been legal.

942 days ago


HAHA, @harveyisanidiot:

Uhhh, YEAH IT IS. You sir, are the idiot! Hash is made from the THC of Marijuana. It is compressed into what is called, "hash." Dumbass!

942 days ago


actually hash is made from the resin glands that contain thc cnb and all the other stuff that gets you f'd up, it is highly concentrated weed in lamens

942 days ago


Looks like he was on more than a few drugs the day that photo was taken.

942 days ago


I'm glad I've read these comments because I've always wondered what the difference is between hash and normal pot, so thanks for the info! (~PSA music~ "The More you Know!").
He was cute on Home Improvement, I'm sad that after those years of stardom, he was arrested in the same car that my 17-year-old bought while working 10 hours a week at The Gap. That's just sad.

942 days ago


lucky he got busted in LA, they just issue warnings to celebrities.

942 days ago


This is so silly how they treat a harmless herb smoker to the same dui punishment as an alcoholic who might kill people. This kid is the sweetest guy- in the last 10 yrs, he's done countless positive art, social, and environmental projects. Police lately have been busting people for dui who aren't even driving or in the driver's seat at all. Beware designated drivers, the police may go after you if your passengers are drunk. Officers should stop harassing regular folks and instead stop malicious crime.

942 days ago
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