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Deion Sanders

I NEVER Offered Cash for Ass

2/2/2012 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Deion Sanders
says his estranged wife is straight up LYING ... telling friends he NEVER offered her cash for sexual favors ... and insists Pilar is simply trying to extort him for millions.

TMZ broke the story ... Pilar just filed an emergency motion in Texas, claiming Deion is holding her as a "financial hostage" ... cutting off her cash flow ... and only offering to give her cash in exchange for X-rated activities. 

Sources close to Deion tell us the accusations are entirely untrue ... and claim the NFL legend recently sent her a cashier's check for $10,000 ... which Pilar REJECTED.

Pilar's lawyer, Larry Friedman, tells us she refused to accept the money because Deion presented the check as a "partial payment" towards the prenup ... a prenup she believes is invalid.

We're told Pilar was only promised $1,000,000 in the prenup ... but Friedman believes she's entitled to MILLIONS more ... saying, "The offer does not reflect the assets in the estate and does not account for the time, effort, devotion, and faithfulness Pilar has invested in the marriage."

A close adviser to Deion tells us ... "Pilar has continued to make false statements in an attempt to extort additional money, in spite of the generous pre-nup that she voluntarily signed. Deion is going to allow a judge to resolve this privately, then he looks forward to setting the record straight publicly at the appropriate time."

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Okay Deion, she didn't marry you in the first place because you were filthy rich?? Come on!!!!

996 days ago


A million dollars should be enough to support your family and yourself for awhile. It's called cut the glamorous life and get a job. This is how normal people live. You didn't make the money Deion did through years of hard work and putting his body on the line.

996 days ago


Dion, man up start paying for your kids.

996 days ago


Her and the kids are "starving" and experiencing "hardship" and she's a "hostage" but she refuses a $10,000 check. Yeah, this chick is full of that BS. I see why he's leaving her sneaky behind.

996 days ago


Gas, grass or ass, Pilar.

Nobody rides for free...

996 days ago


Is anyone surprised? Three Words: Gold Digging Hoe!

996 days ago


She signed a prenup. Case closed. Go find yourself another sugar daddy. Time to open up them legs again Pilar, momma needs a new pair of shoes!

996 days ago


You signed a pre-nup for classless, disgusting parasite ! The reason pre-nups are signed is so people won't do ridiculous ****e like this. Stop dragging this man's name through the dirt! In all seriousness, after the pre-nup is validated - I hope Mr. Sander sues the crap out of you for defamation.

996 days ago


She signed ferchrissakes. I believe that child support will be separate from the prenup deal and ongoing in the future. For herself, she should get the $1,000,000 agreed upon, less the legal costs that Sanders will have to pay to take care of this gold digger.

996 days ago


Turns down $10,000 and then complains? This woman is pathetic. Greed! Plain and simple! Get a job Pilar!

996 days ago


I THINK it would be different IF she hadn't signed the pre-nup OVER A DECADE AGO ! !

So for A DECADE (12 years) you were happy with the pre nup. You didn't mind the pre nup. NOW that man don't want you anymore IT'S UNFAIR to you?!?!?! REALLY ! !

I still want to know what this chick did with 300k within a MONTH AND STILL HAS NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT. she -like a dummy- submitted the papers.

WHERE DID THAT MONEY GO ! ! 300 THOUSAND COULD HAVE BEEN a down payment on the next spot OR a place for you and your kids to live without all this nonsense.

996 days ago


She's a filthy, gutter, money grubbing wh0re who will say anything to maintain her way of life on Deion's dime!!! NO WAY does Deion have 2 pay for sex. He's moved on to something younger and hotter, I guarantee it. You're damaged goods, Pilar. Better learn to downsize, skank.

996 days ago



996 days ago


These guys never learn, don't marry these girls, beauty is skin deep, if they want all the fancy ****, run the other way and find a real girl who really loves you and not your money or lifestyle.

996 days ago


Deion,I do not understand when you married this women why you did not insist that she works and has her own life and interests. if she did the divorce would have been more amicable. Next time Deion marry a women with a career and a grounded sense of selfworth.

996 days ago
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