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Deion Sanders

I NEVER Offered Cash for Ass

2/2/2012 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Deion Sanders
says his estranged wife is straight up LYING ... telling friends he NEVER offered her cash for sexual favors ... and insists Pilar is simply trying to extort him for millions.

TMZ broke the story ... Pilar just filed an emergency motion in Texas, claiming Deion is holding her as a "financial hostage" ... cutting off her cash flow ... and only offering to give her cash in exchange for X-rated activities. 

Sources close to Deion tell us the accusations are entirely untrue ... and claim the NFL legend recently sent her a cashier's check for $10,000 ... which Pilar REJECTED.

Pilar's lawyer, Larry Friedman, tells us she refused to accept the money because Deion presented the check as a "partial payment" towards the prenup ... a prenup she believes is invalid.

We're told Pilar was only promised $1,000,000 in the prenup ... but Friedman believes she's entitled to MILLIONS more ... saying, "The offer does not reflect the assets in the estate and does not account for the time, effort, devotion, and faithfulness Pilar has invested in the marriage."

A close adviser to Deion tells us ... "Pilar has continued to make false statements in an attempt to extort additional money, in spite of the generous pre-nup that she voluntarily signed. Deion is going to allow a judge to resolve this privately, then he looks forward to setting the record straight publicly at the appropriate time."

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No Avatar

Tom Cruise    

So sick of these whores. "Entitled"...entitled to what? Take you million and go look for the next sucker. If you signed a prenup, guess what you need to stick to the deal.

903 days ago


team Deon 100%!! a pre-nup is a pre-nup. get over it!

903 days ago


This nobody doesn't deserve anymore money - not a nickel more - than the prenup she signed. The prenup is valid. 'Better find a really big box of tissues Pilar.

903 days ago


two classy peeps here. i honestly don't know how these people get dates after they behave like this through a divorce. it's mystifying really. you're both a$$holes. shut your mouths and settle things privately...

903 days ago

The Judge    

You signed a farking pre-nup you classless, disgusting parasite !! The reason for a pre-nup is so someone can't do ridiculous ****e like this. Stop dragging this man's name through the dirt !!

903 days ago


If you get paid for just being nice to people then i should be one of the most filthiest f--king rich men in the world...
You were a partner in marriage, not a life-time employee.Take the pre-nup agreements and get a job. Her ego needs to be shaved a bit anyways

903 days ago


Deion's smart enough to get a prenup, don't think he would be stupid enough to offer cash for sex to her. Every athlete should take note of this. When things go bad, a gold diggers gonna do, what gold diggers do. Get that prenup!

903 days ago


You sign a prenup for a reason dumb bitch

903 days ago


I'm calling it if now one has already. I bet there will be droves of women that come out and say he's paid. Come on Dion???? He can't say he's never paid for ass (I agree with AlwaysOnTimeB), there is ass out there with Dion cash, that is for sure. No matter how religious he is, he is for sure not perfect and I think this was all a ploy to get him to react and get him hook line and sinker.

Do we have our first paid Dion Ass yet???? If not, I"m sure we won't be waiting too long.

903 days ago


"now I ain't sayin' she's a golddigger but she ain't messin with no broke..."

903 days ago

BB in CA    

MEN: Pay attention to this. DON'T get married if the prenup is now meaningless. Most marriages DO NOT LAST.

903 days ago


Now we know you're a liar because he offered you $10K and you rejected it. I find it so unbelievable that in all the years of marriage, she didn't open an account in her name and put some money away. I mean, she knew the pre-nup she signed, so she knew EXACTLY what she was gonna get if this went south and still didn't plan. It just boggles my the mind!

903 days ago

Throwback kid    

Pilar doesn't understand a complex playa like Prime Time, he should have dated Devin Deray instead

903 days ago

brown dynamite    

If this were in Cali the prenup would probably get thrown out, but since it ain't I think he has a pretty good shot to make this one hold up.

903 days ago


Ummm Pilar, just because he asked you to f&^k off and offered you 10k doesn't mean he was paying you for sex.

903 days ago
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