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Deion Sanders

I NEVER Offered Cash for Ass

2/2/2012 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Deion Sanders
says his estranged wife is straight up LYING ... telling friends he NEVER offered her cash for sexual favors ... and insists Pilar is simply trying to extort him for millions.

TMZ broke the story ... Pilar just filed an emergency motion in Texas, claiming Deion is holding her as a "financial hostage" ... cutting off her cash flow ... and only offering to give her cash in exchange for X-rated activities. 

Sources close to Deion tell us the accusations are entirely untrue ... and claim the NFL legend recently sent her a cashier's check for $10,000 ... which Pilar REJECTED.

Pilar's lawyer, Larry Friedman, tells us she refused to accept the money because Deion presented the check as a "partial payment" towards the prenup ... a prenup she believes is invalid.

We're told Pilar was only promised $1,000,000 in the prenup ... but Friedman believes she's entitled to MILLIONS more ... saying, "The offer does not reflect the assets in the estate and does not account for the time, effort, devotion, and faithfulness Pilar has invested in the marriage."

A close adviser to Deion tells us ... "Pilar has continued to make false statements in an attempt to extort additional money, in spite of the generous pre-nup that she voluntarily signed. Deion is going to allow a judge to resolve this privately, then he looks forward to setting the record straight publicly at the appropriate time."

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No comment    

Hey Havey, how often are prenups considered invalid for the reason Pilar gave? Does it happen? What good is a prenup if it could be later found invalid?

I must say, Deion was much smarter than Kobe on this matter.

992 days ago


Deion you need to shake her off of you,quickly! I clearly remember seeing Pilar on a TV show called Single Ladies. It was on VH1 ,anyway what happen to to money she made doing that show? Pilar is all in your pockets...She should have money. Stop playing game hoe games with that broad,throw her out! Don't be a fool because she's hiding her finances....

992 days ago


This SKANK can't take her $1 million dollar payout and be happy? Wow.

992 days ago


Signs Pilar's is greedy ::: trying to get money out of someone when you signed a prenup last time I check a prenup states what every you came in with your leaving with so stop trying to get a free ride, take what you have and whatever you made when you were with Deion and leave...

992 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Wait, now she's asking for millions of his favorite Deion dollars so, how much gold, platinum and diamond encrusted Queen-of-the-Nile quality ass for cash are we talking here? HA!

992 days ago


When she claimed he wanted ass for cash, she prolly had a flash back to how she was making a living when they met. Think about it.

992 days ago


Article says, "We're told Pilar was only promised $1,000,000 in the prenup..... The offer does not reflect the assets in the estate and does not account for the time, effort, devotion, and faithfulness Pilar has invested in the marriage."

Well that may be true but she's the dummy that signed it and now she's getting the short end of the stick. People are on this site calling her a goldigger and yada yada but I think a goldigger knows better than to sign a prenup like that lol.

992 days ago


Yes Deion has moved on to someone else--- maybe younger but I seriously doubt that she is hotter. PILAR body and looks are on point I CAINT LIE

992 days ago


She is a gold-digger, no doubt. Have some dignity, accept the pre-nup of a million (plus other support), and find another sucker. She signed the contract, her fault for not negotiating (wrong in itself), and she should not get anymore money than in their pact.

992 days ago


It's an absolute "SHAME" when people "REFUSE" to see the "HANDWRITING ON THE WALL"!!! Deion Sanders is going to vigorously defend the "legality" of the prenup they both signed in "GOOD FAITH" and Pilar is going to be forced to hand over the $1,000,000 divorce settlement she was guaranteed to receive according to its terms to her attorney to pay her legal fees. The more ridiculous motions her attorney files, the more it's going to cost "HER". It wouldn't take long for a competent forensic accountant to figure out where she's stashed her own cash and the court isn't going to look kindly upon her filing "frivolous" motions when she does, in fact, have the means to pay her "OWN" PERSONAL EXPENSES. She just doesn't want to touch her "personal" stash but she may have no choice in order to push her lawsuit to invalidate their prenup forward.

992 days ago


These prof players sure know how to pickem. Time and time again. Even if they married a rich woman they would have to have a prenup, more so. Batter up.

992 days ago



992 days ago


Team Deion all the way...Take the Million and get a job just like the rest of us Ms Pilar...

992 days ago


Both of them should be embarrassed for airing their dirty laundry such as this all because of money!

992 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

Quit groveling like a baby. You signed a prenup, now live with it. Noboody held a gun to your head. Pre-nups are usually iron clad because both parties are represented by attorney's and they are signed WELL before the wedding. This is to make sure nobody can pull one out of his pocket and ask his beloved to sign on the dotted line 5 minutes before the wedding & then the other one claims "I signed under duress. There were 300 people and a priest waiting at the church for me to walk down the aisle. I had no choice but to sign".

The biggest gold digger buster of them all is Donald Trump. He would only marry that dummy Marla Maples after their kid was born and then only if she signed a pre-nup giving her one million dollars. One million is nothing to this man. This dummy signed it and got just that, which I'm sure she has blown through long ago.

992 days ago
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