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Donald Trump

I Would GLADLY Join

Mitt Romney's Cabinet

2/2/2012 2:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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Donald Trump says... if Mitt Romney offered him a position in the President's cabinet, he would take the gig in a heartbeat ... and would do a MUCH better job than the "clowns" currently in place.

Right after Trump endorsed Romney for the Republican nomination earlier today, The Donald called in to TMZ Live ... and Harvey asked if he would consider switching professions to work for the President of the United States if Romney was elected.

Trump replied, "I love what I do ... I love the real estate business, I love building things ... but I love the country even more ... if i can do anything to help, whether it's [under] Mitt Romney or anybody else ... I would love to do it ... if it's good for the country."

Trump added, "I will say this ... I'd rather have me negotiating against China, against OPEC and against lots of other people that are laughing at how stupid we are ... I would  rather have me negotiating for us than the clowns that are negotiating right now."


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HRH Prince Michael    

The Mega-Wealthy supporting, The Mega-Wealthy Vs. Very-Wealthy supported by The Mega-Wealthy. Meanwhile,Gannett, Tribune, ABC-Disney, NBC-Universal, CBS Inc., and the foreign-owned News Corp., all shamelessly pandering to the well-financed benefactors -under the cunning,crafty, and treasonous guise of "News".

Be not further deceived: Election? ELECTION, as in the 2000 "Election", or more akin to the 2008 A.C.O.R.N. "Election"? The politicians, the bought-and-paid-for "pundits", and the P.A.C.S, can all go through the motions. GOD sees EVERYTHING: 2012 SELECTION.

The American REVELATION (3;7) is NOW.
Psalm2_012, is NOW, The Most Blessed Christ King YESHUA, reigns!

995 days ago


I just said yesterday, I wish that Donald Trump had not decided to run for president.

Best candidate out of all who are byeing for a chance in the upcoming elections.

Donald should run on his own and then consider Mitt Romney for a position in his cabinet.

995 days ago


Secretary of bankruptcy

995 days ago


The squirrel haired idiot will do ANYTHING to keep his tired name is the media. Set down somewhere you irrelevant fossil.

995 days ago


Republican is a must if you got common sense...and i think Trump would do well as a cabinet member, he is good with lot of money...maybe he can help us get back atleast to where Bush had us because this Obama has set the record for wasteful spending(fact..more than any president) and God knows we dont need him or a like minded socialist democrat in there again...dont you just love how democrats are pro choice and anti capitol punishment..they would rather kill innocent babys and make you pay to feed an house killers...well i dont want to live in a world like that and gay thank you...oh and im not homophobic i just think its nasty..playing in dodo..gross

995 days ago


Trump needs to get over himself--Americans don't want him representing our country.

995 days ago

buzz kill    

Instead of the cabinet, how about putting him in the closet.

995 days ago


I knew that Trump would suppose Romney, he knows a good businessman when he sees one. Poor economy and no jobs, this country needs someone with a business mind to get us out of this mess.

995 days ago


I can see Trump as Trade Secretary, maybe.

995 days ago


It terrifies me that these comments are so stupid! Our voters are this uneducated? God help us!
If we don't get mitt & trump in there. He is right china is laughing at us! Wake up people!!!!!

995 days ago


Why such a sour puss Charles?

995 days ago


Who is the biatch calling a clown. He has the clown hair, lips and nose. He is a old wrinkled cuzing dating azz. Set down Donald Chump.

995 days ago

Joan K    

Looks like somebody hit Harvey in the eye, what the heck?
Trump should take Palin and all of the Trashians and launch themselves into space never to be seen again.

995 days ago


They're laughing at how stupid we are because of freaks like you, Trumpy.

995 days ago


Trump is a jackass. He's the last thing in the world this country needs. Even Romney should know that.

995 days ago
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