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Donald Trump

I Would GLADLY Join

Mitt Romney's Cabinet

2/2/2012 2:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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Donald Trump says... if Mitt Romney offered him a position in the President's cabinet, he would take the gig in a heartbeat ... and would do a MUCH better job than the "clowns" currently in place.

Right after Trump endorsed Romney for the Republican nomination earlier today, The Donald called in to TMZ Live ... and Harvey asked if he would consider switching professions to work for the President of the United States if Romney was elected.

Trump replied, "I love what I do ... I love the real estate business, I love building things ... but I love the country even more ... if i can do anything to help, whether it's [under] Mitt Romney or anybody else ... I would love to do it ... if it's good for the country."

Trump added, "I will say this ... I'd rather have me negotiating against China, against OPEC and against lots of other people that are laughing at how stupid we are ... I would  rather have me negotiating for us than the clowns that are negotiating right now."


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Plz. Donald stick to real estate, hotels and making $$$, you had your chance to run for president and you backed down. If you want to be heard, stick your neck out and run for office

941 days ago


what this country needs is RON PAUL. he is the only one that cares about the rights and liberties of ALL THE PEOPLE. the only one that cares about the CONSTITUTION. the rest of these douchebags are just going to keep plucking your freedoms one by one till you're all screwed. don't let it happen America. go back to your roots. RON PAUL 2012!!!

941 days ago


Trump is an arrogant wind bag who never should be in cabinet!! Please wake up America!! The rich have no idea how hard it is for regular folks to survive these days!!

941 days ago


theres the answer...he wants a job...maybe newt could not promise him a job...oh oh..mitt..looks like trump OWNS YOU NOW !!!!!!! he will constantly be telling YOU what to' the pres????????

941 days ago


So TMZ is now combining stories Donald Trump was Nuetered and then Dr. Ray gave him the tiniest of fake testacles he can possibly give. Hey Donald Who is the clown the current administration or the person who gives fake endorsements or tells people he has big annoucement but nothing really behind it.

Tell us Donnald the American people the truth the only way you can deal with china is try to go into bankruptsy. OPEC we all know there is nothing you can do there how else will you be able to fly your brand new plane and your helicoptor. Stay in realstate because you not only cannot handle politics, but it is out of you league.

941 days ago


I want to see a copy of trumps tax returns he keeps claiming to be a billionaire, but i think the american people deserve to know the truth what is trump hiding.

941 days ago


He can be the chief of Bad Hair-do.

941 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

So Mr. "fake bankcrupty, creditors and contractors can f*ck themselves while I play golf" Trump thinks he'd be an asset to the government? The Chinese and OPEC would do what Ivana did, take whatever they want from him and laugh their butts off about the dead cat on his head.

940 days ago


Hed be words than Cheney, only looking after his own interests.

940 days ago



940 days ago

All I can say is this: After observing news people who make it..People of United States has no morals.No shame.How many lies will face book have to till? I know lot of people who don't get on the face book account every day.The rich thinks...they are above the law..they can't do anything wrong.This is one sick society we live in.Our children have NO! future.Politician lie and manipulate public for their vote. What's next?

940 days ago


Yeah, that's what we need. An egotistical know-it-all who can't even handle his own money, in a position of power. Go away Donald. You're best putting your efforts into a new hairdo. Oh.....and take Romney with you.

940 days ago


Donald stick to making $$, hotels, real estate and firing people. You had your chance to do something and you backed out, like a front runner.

940 days ago


Why does anyone care who Donald Trump endorses???

940 days ago

karl anglin    

The Donald will probably take
either Secretary of State or
Secretary of Commerce.

940 days ago
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