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Lindsay Lohan

Calls BS on Boozing Story --

Threatens to Sue

2/2/2012 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0201_lohan_x17_exLindsay Lohan says there's NO TRUTH to reports she was boozing at a SAG Awards after party this weekend ... and now, TMZ has learned, she's threatening to SUE the media outlets that published the story in the first place.

A source close to the actress tells TMZ ... Lindsay is already exploring her legal options with her attorneys ... because she feels the false stories are sabotaging her effort to save her career.

Lindsay acknowledges she WAS at the party at the Chateau Marmot hotel in Hollywood Sunday night ... but insists she was sitting with Alan Cumming the whole time and ONLY drank water.

We're told Lindsay's also pissed over reports about a recent gas station makeout session with Dennis Hopper's son Henry (pictured above), where she allegedly purchased Red Bull and vodka.

Sources close to LiLo tell us the actress is adamant the two are just friends ... NEVER MADE OUT ... and the only items she bought were soda, chips, and cigarettes.


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I think society is doing to Lindsay..
what the french revolutionaries did to Marie Antoinette.
marie was self absorbed grubing scoundrel..while people starved and had nothing marie had 1000s of designer shoesand the top clothing...
so in retrospect people get too materialistic something has to crumble.
Like FU!

983 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

So many buses eagerly awaiting YOUR arrival and departure.

983 days ago


Rouge Wearer Rouge Wearer
It’s Sunday, you know
But you’re not in that place
Where your neighbor-folk go

Instead you’re online
Doing all that you can
To make Linds seem redeemable
Can’t. She’s “Lohan”

983 days ago


Ok, 'second shift' arriving for duty. I know, I know, late AGAIN, but I'm here. Caught up on the comments, what, we get a new 'sandbox' FINALLY! WHEN?

983 days ago


Well Vin, you were wondering who'd hit the 1000 mark and wouldn't ya know, it was fvckin Smitty!

983 days ago


"But judge with a small "j" it WAS a business trip ...I had to take two clients a hour to pay for my family's living expenses for this month....thats the reason I need your little old help with the CS hours...I will REALLY appreciate it and make it worth your while.....You know I am trying sooooooooooo hard and swear I have been why sobber as a judge....."

983 days ago


No illicit drugs were found in Whitney's penthouse. There was a disproportionate amount of Xanax, Dilaudid, Adderall, Percodan, Oxycontin, and Desoxyn. But no illicit drugs, so it's all good. There was also reportedly a quantity of Risperidone, but "sources close to Whitney" scooped them up before the medics could pilfer them. Linds says they have a cool "downer" buzz.

983 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Hey H8rs, how are your 501ks performing???????? You all sound like a never ending fartriloquism act.

983 days ago


oh no. bobbi (daughter) just rushed to the hospital

983 days ago


On twitter they have a new poll "celebs that look like they stank"...guess who is leading the pack?
she is way above michael moore CelebritiesThatLookLikeTheyStank Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, Precious, Owen Wilson, Lil Wayne, and LINDSAY LOHAN at #1. #StankHitList lmaoo

983 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

THIS IS JUST DOWN RIGHT OUT SCARY! WTF Does she or anyone around her not see whats going on??

983 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I've got great news for the H8rs regarding our upcoming snorkeling trip to Aruba!!!!! We've secured plenty of xanax to ease any fear you may have of getting in the water with Jaws...... You can rest easy tonight knowing it's almost over.

Oh yeah, LINNOCENT biches.......

983 days ago


DUIna says Linds is "devastated" by the passing of her best friend Whitney Houston. "Linds is beside herself over this loss. They hung out every day" rasped DUIna, "and she's so upset that she even refused the little "pick-me-up" I offered her to make herself feel better".

"Why do bad things always happen to us?" continued DUIna in between tequila shots. "Linds is an AMAZING, caring unselfish wonderful girl, and the world is out to get her. I don't know why. Whitney was very greedy doing what she did. We know she was only trying to hog the spotlight and take something away from Linds. I can't stand greedy people".

Meanwhile, Linds and Esther were scouring the hotel looking for Faegtrick. Linds needs to start her 6-hour fakeover and select the appropriate scarecrow wig for Whitney's memorial service.

983 days ago

Rogue Warrior

Look at how hot Lilo really is douchebags and douchebagettes, aka, bag lady and ball sack bullies!!!!!!

I'd eat at her Y any day.

I gotti roll, more will be revealed!

983 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

One last thing, let's just hope that Dilo has an RX for xanax and likes to take frequent baths.....

983 days ago
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