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Lindsay Lohan

Calls BS on Boozing Story --

Threatens to Sue

2/2/2012 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0201_lohan_x17_exLindsay Lohan says there's NO TRUTH to reports she was boozing at a SAG Awards after party this weekend ... and now, TMZ has learned, she's threatening to SUE the media outlets that published the story in the first place.

A source close to the actress tells TMZ ... Lindsay is already exploring her legal options with her attorneys ... because she feels the false stories are sabotaging her effort to save her career.

Lindsay acknowledges she WAS at the party at the Chateau Marmot hotel in Hollywood Sunday night ... but insists she was sitting with Alan Cumming the whole time and ONLY drank water.

We're told Lindsay's also pissed over reports about a recent gas station makeout session with Dennis Hopper's son Henry (pictured above), where she allegedly purchased Red Bull and vodka.

Sources close to LiLo tell us the actress is adamant the two are just friends ... NEVER MADE OUT ... and the only items she bought were soda, chips, and cigarettes.


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Good riddance!    

Yeah, right. Let's see her voluntarily submit to random drug tests for a month or two and that would shut this Liarhan right the hell up and make her go away!

971 days ago

Be a little inappropriate~    

lmfaooooooo gurl please, saying Lindsay Lohan was drunk is like saying the sky is blue.

971 days ago

You're a Flame.    

This Bitch wants to sue over everything.

971 days ago


If Lindsay was so drunk why are there no pictures? You know that someone would be snapping that up! I don't believe these stories coming out. She has her moments but I don't buy these last couple stories about her drinking and drugging.

971 days ago


bahahaaa went to the lick lick to only by soda, chips and cigs???????? lol, this broad is a **** and a half.

971 days ago


I have my own theory and this is really mostly against the notion that Lindsay is high at parties. I think sometime in December her manager had Lindsay focus on meeting, greeting and schmoozing with actors, directors, people in the movie industry. She has been mostly in the fashion industry and not paying attention to her acting much. Her NYE was with Diane Keaton who said she was beautiful and others said that attended she was sober. She shortly moves to the CM artist studio suite and attended mostly Weinstein after-awards parties. Two were at the Chateau and one was at another hotel. At these events she's schmoozing, networking, talking personally to people and trying to represent herself as tidy and professional. She's getting an idea of who she may work with if and when she gets out of her legal obligations. That's primarily what I think she's doing there. Not clubbing and dancing and acting wild or using it as an escape which she did previously.

If she is using, and that's a big if, I think she has some challenges. Do not forget that Aliana lives with her and is staying at the Chateau. People may not realize this but Aliana does not just sit around and think it OK if Lindsay uses and if what I've learned is true, calls Lindsay on using and informs her brother and family and others about it. So Lindsay would try to do it when Aliana is not around and I think would be doing it privately in her room maybe with friends when she's with her own thoughts and Aliana is off somewhere else. Maybe the therapy she's doing helps her not turn to drugs, maybe it doesn't, but there's really no way of knowing what she is doing in private. I think her appearance is her sedated with medication, not illegal drugs. This may sound naive to some of you but this is based on real accounts of Lindsay, not tabloid sources and I'm not trying to whitewash or sugarcoat who Lindsay is. I'm looking at Lindsay now, what she's been doing, and while I hope for the best I know she is ill I think having both psychological issues and substance abuse. But I wouldn't come to the conclusion that she's actively using right now and doing it often. And she is not misbehaving simply because she is at the Chateau. There are no accounts of that whatsoever or anything like what we heard she did at fashionweek in NY which included throwing drinks at people, snapping at people, grabbing their cell phones and cameras and being a general mess.

971 days ago

Good riddance!    

So, this idiot is saying that she up and did what years of countless professional rehab trips, court ordered drug tests, and constantly screwing herself up in public couldn't failed to do and she magically quit drinking and drugging and she is soooo good at sobriety that she can continue hanging out in clubs, drug den hotels, and non-stop partying without incident? The people who are even bigger idiots than her actually buy this ridiculous new spread of bullcrap that is being spread. What kind of brain damage is this pantload?

971 days ago


...and we totally believe you honey. now, could you just come over here and take this SUPER quick blood test? thaaaaanks you're a peach.

971 days ago


I've never seen a gas station sell Vodka before. The story is obviously false.

971 days ago

Good riddance!    

Maybe Liarhan can use her untold wealth from all the top tier acting jobs and movies she is staring in to cure a long standing medical ailment that plagues people of her 'type. She can assemble a 'crack' team of specialist to finally cure her of the constant itchy white flakes that shower from her beak known as Nose Dandruff. Then they can work on a cure for her incessant diarrhea of the mouth and brain! Good luck with that!

971 days ago


HAHAHAHA "Sabotaging her career" needed NO help from us!!

971 days ago

Who Knew    

She says no booze, what about cocaine or other drugs.

971 days ago


lohan is considered "libel proof" she herself has destroyed and ruined reputation so badly sueing would be a joke.

971 days ago

Ghost Rider    

To all the people who read my posts and call me crazy,
How can I be crazy when I went to my parents schools, there churches, there counselors, when sometimes all I want is a pepsi, ONE PEPSI!

971 days ago


She can't sue for defamation -- she has a public record of DUIs. It's hard to defame a public figure as it is, but one with multiple DUIs who says that reports of her boozing are harming her reputation? Pfffffftttttt. (Also, as for libel if its true, doll, and in any case there too she'd have to show the reports harmed her reputation when her reputation already is shot with multiple DUIs.)

971 days ago
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