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Mel Gibson

Tires of Eco-Lawsuit

Settles Up

2/2/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Things are rubber ducky for Mel Gibson ... we've learned he just settled a bitter lawsuit over recyclable tires. 

Gibson was sued by a dude who claims -- at the behest of Mel -- he invested his life savings in a company called Green Rubber, which developed technology to devulcanize rubber so old tires could be recycled. 

Nader Sherif claimed Mel promised the guy could sell his stock back to the company at any time and get his money back, and he further claimed Mel promised to personally write him a check if the Green Rubber refused. Yes, you guessed it. Sherif wanted his jack back, the company refused and Mel told him to pound sand.

Sources tell TMZ ... Mel paid Sherif something, but we don't know exactly how much.

2012 is starting out to be a very Goodyear for Mel.


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A thought to consider:..... Sometimes, people go to court/sue over the AMOUNT that is owed, NOT whether or not money is owed. -- Perhaps the guy wanted to still make a profit on his lost investment and that wasn't what Mel agreed to do. -- But Mel ended up settling because the cost of seeing it out in court would be more than what the guy is agreeing that he will take. -- Just an idea. -- There are ~so many~ possibilities about what the true details might be.

962 days ago


beater-boi was driving too drunk when he tried to knock off Nadir @ the bakery
dude will never learn

962 days ago


@Cug - because I think Nada the boob made his own bed and I don't believe Gibson set out to screw him. You choose to believe Gibson did that but we are both just guessing. We don't know. Nada the boob made a bad investment and cried like a baby. No pity from here. Sorry.

962 days ago


Cujeaux: 4 minutes ago
Tell why would you feel LESS sorry for the guy who got fleeced than for the con man who fleeced him? ESP when the con man is rich and shouldn't have to resort to that?
And if Nada is a boob for believing a celeb, what does that make the fans of said celeb?
Just sayin...
Personally I think Gibbo used the money to make OG's 1st installment knowing full well Robyn was about to clean his clock.

962 days ago


Tellthetruth59: less than a minute ago
@Cug - because I think Nada the boob made his own bed and I don't believe Gibson set out to screw him. You choose to believe Gibson did that but we are both just guessing. We don't know. Nada the boob made a bad investment and cried like a baby. No pity from here. Sorry.
If it were nothing more then a bad investment and Nada cried like a baby...WHY would Gibbo pay him back? Makes NO sense at all. If it were me, I'd tell crybaby to go suckle on his bottle.....but Gibbo coughed up the cash which makes no sense.

962 days ago


The amount of the loss incurred due to poor investment was probably much less than the billable hours charged by Mr. Gibson's high powered and high buck attorneys to fight the case. Cheaper in the long run to settle the nuisance case. Happens all the time. Doesn't mean it's right or fair, only more cost effective.


962 days ago

get ur NAMES RIGHT tmz    

I went to the TMZ story 'Mel Gibson Accused of Pastry Meltdown!' about Mel allegedly running down this same guy outside of a Costa Rican bakery, and they spelled his name Nader SHARIF in the whole article. In this one, it is spelled Nader SHERIF all throughout. Ugh. Lazy faux journalists. Get it together on the professionalism, would ya?

962 days ago


I disagree with the giving money to be Mr Nice Guy...that wud make him a total sucker and open himself up for more of the same.
If this were a legit investment and Nadar had been given all the info on the risks involved there would be no court case. Investments are always a risk and you roll the dice as to whether or not you'll make money, break even or lose completely.
Theres more to this then TMZ is reporting

962 days ago


2idiots: 4 hours ago
Bad Hare Bunny: 5 minutes ago
Haters are too stupid to see any pattern or logic.
They go on and on about Mellers bringing OG into everything--but look who it is brought her up here and go look at the last threads who it was going on and on about her the most. They go on and on about 'not having any interest one way or the other in MG or Og' yet they sit on these threads as if there weren't any others waiting to attack anyone with a different opinion than theirs. Haters stink like rotten meat and that odor reefs thru cyberspace to all.
We see his pattern alright:
- hit OG - pay her off
- terrorize Sasha - pay him off
- attempt to run someone over in Costa Rica - pay him off, oops I mean pay someone off for giving bad investment advice --- why would MG do that anyway? If you make a bad investment you make a bad investment....COULD there be more to it?
hi bunny
you right on it and here is a pattern
Mel is strong and not giving up
in this extortion from anyone
-hit OG (so she said) -not paid to her
-terrorize Sasha (so she said) -not paid Sasha
-Sharif Nader settle -
well, well, well good for him
we know how Oksana settled with Mel right?
I would believe that Nader settled same way as Oksana did

962 days ago


Flock dismissed this as frivolous and was wrong again. Told ya. No attorney would have agreed to take on Gibby and his sharks unless they knew they had a slam dunk. It wouldn't cost Gibz that much to proceed with the case. He had to pay his attorneys to look at it anyway. It wasn't that elaborate so it wouldn't have required weeks of litigation. Plus Gibby could have countered it and won if it was just a 'nuisance' case. Plus if he settled it for a small amount he would have found a way to disclose it to the public. You know this flock. You may be dumb, but you're not stupid.

962 days ago


Also, the way Gibby's money has been hemmoraging out of his acct these days, it wouldn't surprise me at all if he was desperate to come up with the installment to Ox by any means necessary, as 2is surmised. His assets were frozen, his real estate was under water the Riley money was too risky to dip into. He even has to sell his Lakers box seats because of how he pissed away that fortune.

962 days ago


Of course they've dismissed it! Oddly you'd think the attorney for the rubber company would have fired off a letter to Nadar saying "hey, here are the investment risks we disclosed to all investors....take a hike" or Mel's attorney would have done something similar.....or even the person handling the investors....why did that person NOT remind Nadar that he was given the risk info.
Somethings not right here.

962 days ago


Bottom line: Whatever Nada got paid, Gibson pooped out in the morning. Who cares. Certainly not Gibson. Nada's attorney likely got a nice percentage though...

962 days ago


2idiots: 27 minutes ago
Theres more to this then TMZ is reporting
of course it is
read this lines?
"....Mel paid Sherif something, but we don't know exactly how much.
...2012 is starting out to be a very Goodyear for Mel..."
in another words
Mel Gibson WON
and paid something to the Sharif LAWYERS
but pssssss
you can not say that LOUD!

just to refresh your memory

Mel Gibson Sued for Trying to Run Over a Man
September 21, 2011 15:41:24 GMT
Nader Sharif said in his lawsuit that he bumped into Gibson at a bakery and was almost struck by the actor's car when following him outside.

A man is trying to cash in on Mel Gibson's violent reputation by claiming the actor has tried to kill him with a car. Nader Sharif had once tried to fork out money out of Gibson in June, filing a lawsuit in which he claimed Gibson swindled him out of $200,00 for a recyclable rubber company investment. Sharif is filing a second lawsuit.

This time, Sharif said he ran into the actor at a Costa Rican bakery and Gibson got violent, calling him "vile and offensive names". Gibson allegedly threatened Sharif to leave town before storming out of the bakery and entering his car.

Sharif said he followed the star outside but Gibson "accelerated the car to a high rate of speed" and aimed the car at him while flashing the middle finger. Sharif said he managed to jumped out of the way and saved himself.

This should be an easy case for Gibson because many witnesses would testify against Sharif. One witness told TMZ that Gibson was in the bakery to enjoy pastry and coffee when Sharif confronted him. Gibson asked Sharif to leave but the man would not budge. Gibson then left the store and, unlike Sharif's story, drove away without aiming the car at anybody.

962 days ago


youre right that is the bottom line but WHY. Why did Gibbo just cough up the cash. Anytime you invest you get info on to just pay up and make it go away sure lends itself to suggesting a scam or something.

962 days ago
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