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Hey, Gisele Bundchen

Show Some Faith in Tom Brady

2/2/2012 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Gisele Bundchen must think Tom Brady can't handle the Giants on his own -- why else would she fire off a prayer chain email? Then again ... maybe she's just the hottest, most supportive wife ever? Damn you, Brady!

Also, Harvey is furious about plastic surgery for pets! It's becoming a thing in L.A. -- and you gotta hear his response to owners who put pets under the knife ... purely for vanity.

Plus, Donald Trump endorses Mitt Romney ... then tells us he'd be down (our word, not his) with a cabinet position -- if Romney wins.

(4:45) Gisele Bundchen asks her family to pray for Tom Brady -- lack of confidence, or just the hottest Patriot fan on Earth?
(8:15) Donald Trump calls in to explain why he's in Mitt's corner.
(11:30) Trump defends Mitt's statement about focusing on the middle class -- and not the poor or rich -- Harvey wonders if Trump's backing on the heels of the statement sends the wrong message.
(17:25) Trump would totally take a spot in Romney's cabinet ... and calls the current people in charge a bunch of "clowns."
(18:37) Harvey hates the idea of pet plastic surgery. HATES.
(20:30) Dax doesn't see a problem with giving a neutered dog some fake testicles.
(25:10) The craziest story to come out of Florida since yesterday -- a man adopts his 42-year-old girlfriend in order to protect his millions from a lawsuit.
(33:35) Deion Sanders divorce war -- worse every day.
(39:00) Armie Hammer -- the nicest guy in Hollywood?


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Sonya in Tx    

Update us on Heidi and Seal.....thanks!

971 days ago


The drunk 48 yr old millionaire crashed into & pushed other vehicle into drainage ditch filled with water, car submerged & millionaire DID NOT call 911 for ONE HOUR! Victim may have been saved but DROWNED, thus wealthy killer hiding assets from BIG lawsuit ahead.

971 days ago


One of Sandusky's grandsons is accusing him of molestation, he should not get visitation with any of them. jmo. link below.
Why is it that Sandusky is out on $250,000 bond and the L.A. elementary teacher Mark Berndt is being held on $23 million bond?? Shouldn't Sandusky be in custody too, with 50 counts of child rape, etc, pending??

971 days ago

Stan Giesea    

I've always wanted to ask; what's the deal with the giant french fries container in the middle of the newsroom?

971 days ago


Jezelle, whatever her name is asking for prayers?..this coming from the chick who thinks she is mother of the earth by criticizing mothers who don't breast feed, and saying they are fat or something like that..these hollywood people know nothing about trying to walk in the path of God, hey Jezelle, why don't you just try to buy a win, you will have better luck with that than your selfish request to God who does not hear such greedy requests.

971 days ago


I want Max to tell us about the Van Halen show last night at Henson Studios his name is all over twitter saying how much fun he had

971 days ago


Can you weigh in on the fight between Adam Carolla and Kevin Smith?

971 days ago


What if the animal has arthritis and needs to shift weight before it can be treated? I would liposuction my dog if it's weight was exacerbating it's arthritis. But implants and unnecessary surgery? no way!

971 days ago


P.S. more shots of the guy in the cap please! His face makes my day better =)

971 days ago


So... if they boink, is it incest?

971 days ago

Stan Giesea    

Considering that it's going to have ZERO EFFECT, feel free to pray all you like. They might as well pray for him to sprout wings. Same result.

971 days ago


It is a statistical impossibility for Newt Gingrich to win the nomination, because he's not even on the ballot in 5 states, eliminating over 500 delegates from the total remaining.

971 days ago

Silverado Mom    

BOTH. I say it's smart but also unethical. And Gisele is asking for prayers so he doesn't get hurt. That rates an "AW" from me.

971 days ago


Its not legal if it done with the intent to protect his assets and cir***vent a judgement. Harvey knows this. Yes its s***my, and it will take the Judge thats deciding about 2 seconds to rule agianst it.

971 days ago

me me    

The "girlfriend/daughter" is the winner here. She gets a chunk of his money, without marrying him, & he goes to jail for up to 30 yrs! She never has to see him again because, sorry, "I don't have conjugal visits with my dad." Sidenote, did her parents just give her up for adoption?

971 days ago
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