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Hey, Gisele Bundchen

Show Some Faith in Tom Brady

2/2/2012 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Gisele Bundchen must think Tom Brady can't handle the Giants on his own -- why else would she fire off a prayer chain email? Then again ... maybe she's just the hottest, most supportive wife ever? Damn you, Brady!

Also, Harvey is furious about plastic surgery for pets! It's becoming a thing in L.A. -- and you gotta hear his response to owners who put pets under the knife ... purely for vanity.

Plus, Donald Trump endorses Mitt Romney ... then tells us he'd be down (our word, not his) with a cabinet position -- if Romney wins.

(4:45) Gisele Bundchen asks her family to pray for Tom Brady -- lack of confidence, or just the hottest Patriot fan on Earth?
(8:15) Donald Trump calls in to explain why he's in Mitt's corner.
(11:30) Trump defends Mitt's statement about focusing on the middle class -- and not the poor or rich -- Harvey wonders if Trump's backing on the heels of the statement sends the wrong message.
(17:25) Trump would totally take a spot in Romney's cabinet ... and calls the current people in charge a bunch of "clowns."
(18:37) Harvey hates the idea of pet plastic surgery. HATES.
(20:30) Dax doesn't see a problem with giving a neutered dog some fake testicles.
(25:10) The craziest story to come out of Florida since yesterday -- a man adopts his 42-year-old girlfriend in order to protect his millions from a lawsuit.
(33:35) Deion Sanders divorce war -- worse every day.
(39:00) Armie Hammer -- the nicest guy in Hollywood?


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Romney is out of touch with reality. A lot of the "middle class" considers themselves poor. He seriously f**ked himself with the comments he made about poor people. $50K-$60...K per year is not much these days. Ijs

993 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

How deep could Harvey have his nose up Trump's ass. Geez that was ridiculous.

993 days ago


S***my!! He is just trying to find some legal loophole to protect his millions. For crying out loud, he killed someone. He has millions, and he should pay!!! It won't bring back thier son, but at least it will make them feel like he was sorry for what he did.

993 days ago

janis Bunting    

What Donald know money? How many times did he file bankruptcy?

993 days ago


Will you please put up a vote as to who is cuter, Rev Olsteen vs Rev, Eddie Long. Thank you!

993 days ago

Stan Giesea    

Would someone on the staff please correct the spelling of "anything" in the "Cosmetic Surgery for People" poll?

993 days ago


Trump said there is no middle class because they got wiped out by the housing market. Than who is Romney going to help then. He must be going to create a middle class again.

993 days ago

Trix LaRue    

Is Harvey's zipper down?

993 days ago


Can the murderer in Florida now be prosecuted for incest?

993 days ago

Trix LaRue    

It is! Harvey! XYZ....

993 days ago


I don't think his zipper is down. It's the cord coming from his mic going under her jersey and then further down.

993 days ago


another ass hole who should have called 911 could have possibly saved this persons life, he is trying to hide his money by adopting his whore,(which is sick,sick,sick)and how any court in this country lets this pig get away with not paying the family of that kid that went in the canal ,there is something wrong with our justice system.this pig waited ! hour before calling for help,that kid could have possibly been saved.another injustice for the victim and the judges and the lawyers involved in this mess,just reminds me how low a lawyer will go to protect the s*** of the earth.

993 days ago


I'm my own grandpa

993 days ago

Eleine Nunez    

Plastic surgery for pets is effin insane!That's animal cruelty!No dog or cat wants to be put through that!I have two dogs & i would never want to put them through that pain or even risk their life!I think anyone who does that need psychological help.On the real!

993 days ago


While the guy was obviously being wrong for riving drunka nd not immediaitely calling 911, no victim's family should be able to clean out your life's assets in a civil suit, its different if the court fines you a $ amount. People shouldn't get a payday when a family memeber dies because the rich guy killed them, it doesn't bring them back.

993 days ago
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