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Adam Lambert

Big Queen

... Announcement

2/3/2012 11:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He's paid his dues ... time after time ... and now Adam Lambert says he's been chosen to replace Freddie Mercury as the new lead singer of the legendary rock band Queen!!!! (Maybe not. See update below.)

Lambert KILLED IT with the band when he rocked out a rendition of "We Are The Champions" with the guys at the "American Idol" finale back in 2009 ... the first time he ever met the band.

30-year-old Lambert explained, "The intention is to pay tribute to Freddie and the band by singing some f*cking great songs. It’s to keep the music alive for the fans and give it an energy that Freddie would have been proud of.

So, we gotta ask ...

Lambert took to Twitter to say the reports of him taking over Queen weren't exactly true and his quotes were "taken out of context" and he hasn't confirmed any guest appearances. He went on to say, "That being said, I'm truly flattered by your jump to such glorious conclusions mr journalist!! :)"


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I love Queen but just because your gay doesn't mean you can be Freddie Mercury. He was the absolute best

961 days ago

Robert Nagyhasi    

Labert is a super ***,.

961 days ago


NOBODY can ever replace Freddie. Why try? Start your own original band.

961 days ago

James Brenner    

Lambert's career has stalled - Queen has been absent for the last 30 years - this may help both out with some hype and synergy

961 days ago


Mercury was very outlandish and flamboyant (sp?)-- he made QUEEN become what it was. Lambery is another very outlandish, flamboyant entertainer and a fantastic singer. He should be able to take on QUEEN and help keep Freddie Mercury's memory alive. These two are so much alike in so many ways. Just hope Lambert learns from Mercury's health issues and protects himself from sexual diseases.

961 days ago


This guy is extremely sick and needs some help. Homosexual behavior is NOT OK. It's deviant sexual behavior that is unnatural. We should not be embracing perverted behavior. We should encourage these people to seek help!

961 days ago


This is great news. I'd buy a ticket for this.

961 days ago


I liked Freddie.....I love Adam Lambert. Those of you who continue to perpetuate this creepy fixation on someone who is dead rather than respecting his memory by respecting the remaining members of the band and their choice singing collaborators....well you need a wake up call. Adam Lambert is a terrific talent who is so above all of your trivial and rude comments. He doesn't deserve the disrespect.

P.S. In response to the blubberers regarding how Freddie can't be replaced....of course he can' more than Elvis, Michael,Jimi,Jimmy,Janis,and all the 'late' greats. Who said they were going to replace him? Not Queen,not Adam....just the media and those who can't read and comprehend. NOW hang onto to your lunch......Believe it or not,there are people who think Adam is better than Freddie. I am one of them. There I said it. I LIKE ADAM LAMBERT MORE THAN FREDDIE MERCURY!!! What are you going to do about that?

961 days ago


Queens not cool anymore,, now!

961 days ago


TMZ you should shut the comments off like Yahoo had the decency to do the other day. Where does this hate come from? Adam Lambert has an amazing rock voice, don't judge anything by an American Idol clip where he HAD TO HOLD HIMSELF BACK IN ORDER NOT TO TOTALLY DROWN OUT POOR KRIS ALLEN HAHA. Check out the EMA performance, he has the voice, and the showmanship. Freddie would love him.

961 days ago


No No No No No No adam lambert + Queen is a no. When Adam sings he screams and yells with no tone, it is just screaming to scream it just dosen't sound right. there is hitting high notes when someone sings and it is sung with melody. and adam dosent do that.

961 days ago

Grouchy Smurf    

Replace Freddy Mercury? That pitchy little misfit couldn't replace Freddy Mercury if his life depended on it. Go back to the island of misfits toys where you belong, Adam.

960 days ago


No way!!! There is no one alive that has the talents that Freddie Mercury had. He was beyond amazing. Wish he was here.

960 days ago


I can't believe the blatantly stupid comments on this site....oh right it is TMZ.....doesn't really attract too many of the intelligent types....if you know what I mean. Geez I thought Freddie Mercury would have a more sophisticated following and not so many narrow-minded mean-spirited fans. I'd be willing to bet that many of the people posting here don't have a clue who Adam Lambert is (and Freddie for that matter),have never listened to Adam Lambert's music and are simply hell bent on spitting their crap because they simply don't like Adam Lambert. Always the haters' MO.....

And to the crays who can't seem to live without Freddie......he's dead....admit it....he's not coming back...but if you're really missing him,you could go to him....From some of you comments it appears that life has no meaning since he's been gone....which is over 20 years now!!! So much that you actually can't stomach that there is ANOTHER incredible singer alive today who has NEVER compared himself to Freddie,NEVER will... and his only intent, should he do a couple of engagements WITH THE REMAINING MEMBERS OF THE BAND will be to honor the memory of one of his idols. What is so sinister and wrong with that!!! Of course I don't expect you to understand what I just makes too much sense and you're just not about sensible....just hate.

Get over it people! Adam NEVER SAID HE WAS GOING TO JOIN QUEEN. THE MEDIA IS RUNNING WITH IT. Please learn to read and research.....and for God's sake.....let Freddie lie in peace. He was an incredible performer,he had his time....he would be extremely embarrassed by the 'type' of so-called loyalty he is getting. Imagine how Roger and Brian must feel. They are still a band and yet a bunch of misinformed fanatical 'can't let Freddie RIP' fans are trying their darndest to undermine their decisions and the future of the group!! My word!!! What a bunch of crap fans Freddie has. I'll stick with Adam Lambert....his fans make room for other artist....dead or alive. And if they don't appreciate an artist,they don't log onto sites to spread hate. THEY JUST DON'T BOTHER WITH THEM!


960 days ago



You're a complete idiot if you think Adam Lambert has no tone!!

Freddie Mercury is dead. Let him go already. You and half the people on this site have an obsession with him that goes beyond creepy. I'm sure the remaining members of Queen would not appreciate your unfounded and stupid comments!

960 days ago
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