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Demi Moore

Secretly Attended Miley's

Penis Cake Party

2/3/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Moore and Miley Cyrus
Just 9 days before her whip-it induced medical emergency ... Demi Moore partied under the radar at Miley Cyrus' BF's birthday bash in L.A. ... you know, the one with the penis cake ... more evidence that Demi was desperately clinging on to her fading youth.

Multiple sources who were at Club Icon on January 14 tell us ... Demi was hanging out with her daughter Rumer and some young friends ... mostly kickin' it in the VIP section.

We're told Demi was drinking Red Bull all night ... a drink she's been obsessively sucking down for years. We're told she left with Rumer sometime after midnight. 

A few days later, Demi was seen clubbing with Rumer around Hollywood ... and on January 23rd, she was hospitalized after inhaling nitrous oxide in the form of whip-its, a drug that's super popular with high school kids.

People familiar with the situation tell us ... it's not hard to connect the dots. The woman who became famous for what people thought was eternal youth became a believer in the illusion, and it manifested itself in various ways -- partying with her daughter and her 20-something friends, obsessing over her body image, and finally using drugs that appeal to people more than half her age.



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When she herself is caught making a fool of herself, funny how it's rehab time.

994 days ago


Ewww it's starting to look like she's an ephebophile, like Mary Kay Leterneau. Her daughter should start thinking about a career now that mommy's is finished. What a horrible role model Demi is with the Red Bull guzzling. I doubt rehab will work, but she will still go on Oprah and claim it did and just do the duster huffing in the closet.

994 days ago


People like Helen Mirren are doing ACTION, for pete's sake.

Oh, God, how dare you compare Helen Mirren to this wreck and silly woman. Mirren is a great actress, and has never done or needed plastic surgery. She's perfectly comfortable in her own skin and age, nothing like this train wreck of human called Demi Moore who has mediocre talent and no brains to boot.

994 days ago


Wow, Demi is sinking to some serious lows here. The fact that she OD'd doesn't really surprise me. What kind of shocks me is that she was hanging out with a bunch of teens and 20 somethings. The woman clearly has lost her sense of class, if she ever had any

994 days ago


to me 99.9999% of all white women are like Demi and Miley
Oh, god, we will all lose sleep

994 days ago


Somebody get that old hag a sandwich or a piece of bird food or something!!! Doesnt she have any mirrors in her house,,such a beutiful women thrown to s#@t because she is afraid to act her age,,drop the stem and pick up the baloney!!!

994 days ago


And yet it's perfectly fine for some old has-been geezer actor to get some 20-something bimbo pregnant and start a family again at 60 or 70? Where is the condemnation for MEN who can't stand to loose their looks or try to hold onto their youth dating women 30 years their junior?

994 days ago


Look, Miley, that's you in 25 years.

994 days ago


Where is the condemnation for MEN who can't stand to loose their looks or try to hold onto their youth dating women 30 years their junior?
Most men don't care if they lose their looks. Look at Hugh Heffner. They can buy young chicks with money. And like it or not, nature still allows them to reproduce up to 65 years of age.

994 days ago


I dont see how she does it I hate red bull
THe HIGH LAST FOR ALL FOR AN HOU T HEN YOU CANT SLeep all night.I guess this means miley is whip it fan too?
Thats pathic for demi to go to a teenagers party.

994 days ago


I am the same age and would not even consider "partying" with teenager or children.. Grow up Demi, you are aging. Unfortunately not well, get some CLASS..

994 days ago


Too bad she feels that way. There are lots of actresses approaching 50 that still look great. Heck, look at Valerie Bertinelli. She's nearly 52 but could easily pass for early 30s. All Demi needs to do to keep looking good is gain a little weight. I'm not saying she should get fat, but as you get older if you stay super thin you will look older than you are. Gain a few pounds, just enough to plump up your face a tad, and you can look much younger than you really are.

994 days ago


Why did Liam have a Penis birthday cake?

994 days ago

Lilly Pad    

This is soooo pathetically sad,....Demi, honey,....have all the work done that satisfies you, but know this, Father Time DOES NOT stop.You're an attractive, and a very talented actress. Acting shameful and less than a lady,.....girlfriend, this is really bad form and no doubt embarrassing to your daughters. You're a grown woman,...start acting like that.Living on Red Bull,....
r-e-a-l-l-y? Look at the damage you are doing to your body, and because of that, you may be pointing yourself in the direction that may take your like. Is this what you want for your daughters,....leave them without a mom. Grow the fu*ck up,....doing that, maybe you could get a really great acting role, that could maybe bring you an Oscar, a grownup woman,......stop trying to be something you're not,....a child.

994 days ago


This is so sad. Partying with her 23-year-old daughter and daughter's friends? Pathetic. Age gracefully, Demi! Pull yourself together, girl!

994 days ago
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